Antorus Healing Trinkets

All values are updated to the latest PTR patch


Antorus: The Burning Throne adds 7 new healing trinkets across 11 bosses and there’s plenty of variety; however, our options might be limited due to the power of the Pantheon trinkets that drop off Argus himself (herself? Itself?). All numbers are from the PTR and are subject to change. 


Before you go on…

All calculations are on the 945 ilvl Heroic versions of the trinkets. Some of the trinkets scale with your secondary stats and you’ll have to plug your own numbers in to get accurate values.

Our demo character (henceforth known as ‘Steve’) has the following stats:

  • 25% Crit
  • 20% Haste
  • 5% Versatility
  • +15.5% healing from artifact traits

None of the trinkets interact with Mastery, and all healing procs scale with Versatility. If you’re a Priest or Shaman you can add 5% (Priest) or 6% (Shaman) to the Tarratus Keystone and Highfather’s Machination trinkets because of your extra +Healing artifact traits.


What is a Pantheon Trinket

The Argus boss encounter drops six different trinkets which have both a primary proc and secondary proc. The Primary proc uses the same rppm system that most other trinkets do (you’ll get X procs per minute regardless of what you’re doing); however, there’s also a significant second proc that is only active when ’empowered by the Pantheon’. When four trinket procs are active at once your raid becomes empowered and all secondary procs activate. You can only equip one Pantheon trinket at a time.

Aman’Thul’s Wisdom (Arcano 2.0) now functions as a ‘wildcard’ proc which can fill in for any of the other trinkets. It also drops as a 1000 ilvl legendary and doesn’t count toward your 2 legendary limit. There hasn’t been confirmation yet on whether it drops as personal loot, or can be master looted.

Wowhead has a very good write up on the system.


Garothi Feedback Conduit

Initial Rating: B+
Drops from: Garothi Worldbreaker


The Breakdown

  • Proc scales with: N/A
  • Numbers wise:
    • We won’t know how frequently the trinket procs on low health allies until we have logs from live so we’ll start with the base 6 procs per minute.
    • At 6rppm you’ll see 1.31 stacks on average which is equivalent to 1189 passive haste.
    • If we get 25% more overall procs from the low health effect then it’s equivalent to 1580 haste.
    • If we get 50% more overall procs from the low health effect then it’s equivalent to 1977 haste.
    • A 945 ilvl stat stick provides 1397 secondaries and proc versions are often slightly lower so the bonus proc chance on low health allies is likely to be of low significance.
  • Duration is refreshed if you get a second proc / stack within the duration of the first.


  • Haste tends to rank slightly higher in Mythic+ since you’ve got frequent opportunities to drink. This is still an unexceptional but solid choice.


Verdict: It wouldn’t be a Legion raid tier without a half decent stat stick

There’s nothing wrong with this healing trinket, and if you get one and haste is a good stat for you then you should see reasonable results while you wait for one of the stronger options in the tier. Could be pushed into top tier if the bonus proc chance on low HP allies is significant but we won’t know until live.


Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter

Initial Rating: B
Drops from: Antoran High Command


The Breakdown

  • Proc scales with: Versatility
  • Numbers wise:
    • HPS-wise the shield contributes 48.6k HPS (with our demo character, Steve) which is pretty decent for a versatility main stat trinket but you really don’t pick a trinket like this for its raw HPS potential.
    • Damage wise we’re looking at about 24.3k DPS if the entire shield is absorbed.
  • The damage dealt by the shield explosion is split among nearby enemies, tempering any huge AoE damage potential it might have had.


  • You won’t need to equip this at all times, but it’s hugely useful as an additional defensive cooldown in high mythic+. If your hunter is caught without turtle for a 7m Shadowbolt Volley or Focused Lightning then this gives you a free save every minute. This could easily become a near essential item for high keys, especially if you’re bringing DPS without that many defensive cooldowns.


Verdict: Archive of Faith’s more attractive cousin

This is probably our best ‘single target life saving’ trinket this expansion. However, like Archive of Faith, it’s really hard to find a situation where you want to use it outside of Mythic+. Am I really willing to give up a strong throughput trinket for a potential save once every minute? Rarely. If you know one person is going to take a lethal hit in the next few seconds (like a soak mechanic) then you might see a little use in smaller raids but in Mythic you’re going to have better soak choices (like immunities).


Tarratus Keystone

Initial Rating: C+
Drops from: Portal Keeper Hasabel


The Breakdown

  • Proc scales with: Versatility, +Healing Traits
  • Basically a big AoE burst healing trinket that’s frankly overpriced at 53 gold.
  • Numbers wise:
    • The base healing on the trinket is 1.87 million but our demo character’s vers and healing traits will bump that up to about 2.3m.
    • This means that with 5 people in the light they’ll get 460,000 healing each. A paltry amount from a life saving perspective.
      • If a 20 player raid is stacked then each will get just over 100k.
    • Looking at it from an HPS perspective you can expect it to contribute about 2% which is on the low side, even for an on-use trinket.


  • It’s a no from me.


Verdict: Like rain on your wedding day

This is not aggressively bad anymore like the old PTR iteration but there are still no situations you want to use this.


Carafe of Searing Light

Initial Rating: A
Drops from: Varimathras


The Breakdown

  • Damage Proc scales with: +Damage artifact traits, Versatility
  • Mana Return scales with: Nothing
  • Numbers wise:
    • The mana restore is what we’re most interested in and we can assume we’ll get the full length of the DoT each time we cast it (no putting it on flimsy adds ok?).
    • With a return of 5278 mana every 2 seconds we get a total of 47,502 mana per use. This can be used once a minute and is equivalent to 3959 MP/5, slightly lower than Promises but with much more intellect.
    • The damage portion of the trinket actually contributes a somewhat significant ~25k DPS.


  • Mana doesn’t tend to be an issue in Mythic+ and the DPS contribution is lower than what you can get from competing trinkets. It might be nice to keep it in your bags for those >4 minute high Tyrannical bosses but don’t wear it for the entire instance.


Verdict: Very good. This is goodbye, Promises

This will still have to compete with some other very very strong trinkets but if you’re not stuck wearing Velens + a Pantheon trinket then this is definitely the next strongest trinket in the tier.


Highfather’s Machination

Initial Rating: B
Drops from: The Coven of Shivarra

The Breakdown

  • Proc scales with: Versatility, +Healing traits, Haste
  • This is one of those trinkets that trades overall HPS for life saving potential. These tend to perform worse than they look on paper and Highfather’s Machination is looking like one of the weakest members of its class.
  • Doesn’t proc if the target drops from above 50% to dead in one hit.
  • Numbers wise:
    • We don’t have a reliable source for its proc rate yet but WowDB has it at 10 + haste per minute so we’ll start with that and then look at what it needs to be in order to be a competitive trinket.
      • At 6 + haste procs per minute the trinket will heal for 305,616 * 7.2 = 3.67m healing per minute if all charges get consumed. While this won’t always be the case, most progression fights will drop your raid below 50% fairly frequently so we can assume that most charges will see use. Let’s take a generous average and assume 90% will be used.
      • This puts the trinkets HPS at 2.2 * 0.9 / 60 = 55,050. Remember that this has Mastery as its primary stat and so we’re expecting 4.5%+ from the proc in order to beat an equivalent ilvl stat stick.
    • This becomes very mid-tier with those numbers. Definitely not awful, but it’ll struggle to keep up with the better trinkets in the tier.


  • The stacks will be concentrated on fewer people in Mythic+ which helps make the procs feel more impactful and with a 5 charge limit you shouldn’t overcap stacks very often however it might end up too random


Verdict: Outclassed

We might need to wait until live to get an accurate proc rate for this one (and blizzard are still tinkering) but if it matches datamined values then it’ll fall squarely into ‘average’ territory. There can be value in ‘life saving potential’ but this trinket procs when they drop below 50% which happens frequently and isn’t a sign that they’re in any real danger yet. The trinket’s been buffed since its inception, but Steve is still a little disappointed.


Aman’Thul’s Vision


Initial Rating: A++
Drops from: Argus the Unmaker

The Breakdown

  • Drops at 1000 ilvl and does not count toward your two legendary limit.
  • The static stats are fantastic and the numbers on the proc are very high even if a Speed, Avoidance & Leech proc is a little awkward. The numbers shake out to the following percentages:
    • 2200 Speed = 15-16% movement speed (speed is subject to DR) averaging to 4-5%.
    • 2200 Avoidance = 20% Avoidance (which is also the Avoidance hard cap) averaging to 5.6%.
    • 2200 Leech = 9.6% Leech averaging to 2.7%.
  • If we assume one Pantheon proc per minute then the secondary proc is worth an average 1675 Intellect. Consider it a bonus.
  • Secondary stats are usually better than intellect at this point in the expansion which makes 5720 static secondary stats very powerful.


  • The secondary procs are disabled outside of the Antorus raid however this is still an amazing Mythic+ trinket.


Verdict: Amazing

Almost unbelievably strong and hopefully a higher drop rate than sister trinket, the Arcanocrystal. Remember that this thing drops at 1000 ilvl!


Eonar’s Compassion


Initial Rating: A
Drops from: Argus the Unmaker

The Breakdown

  • Shield Proc scales with: Nothing. The value is currently fixed and scales only with trinket ilvl
  • Emerald Blossom proc scales with: Versatility, Crit, +Healing traits
  • Numbers wise – Blossoms:
    • The trinket procs 1.2 times per minute and doesn’t appear to scale with haste.
    • The Blossom heals 127273 * 1.25 (crit) * 1.05 (Vers) * 1.155 (healing traits) = 192,937 per tick and we get 6 ticks per proc for a total of ~1.15m healing per proc.
    • This puts the trinkets healing contribution at a low 2.3% (@1m HPS) which is a little disappointing compared to its earlier PTR iteration. Like most proc trinkets it won’t scale quite so well as the incoming damage rises but even on a fight where we’re sitting around 1.5m HPS the trinket contribution is still at a not awful 2.2%. Remember that we haven’t looked at the Pantheon proc at all yet.
    • At 1000 ilvl the Blossom heals for 222,601 * 1.25 (crit) * 1.05 (vers) * 1.155 (healing traits) = 337,449 per tick and we get 6 ticks per proc for a total of ~2m healing per proc.
  • Numbers wise – Eonar’s Verdant Embrace (Pantheon Proc)
    • The Pantheon proc shields for 250,782 and you get 4 of them per proc for a total of just over 1m healing.
    • If we assume the trinkets line up once per minute this brings the trinket to 2.3 + 1.66 = 3.96% healing contribution on a fight in which you’re doing 1m HPS.
    • At 1000 ilvl the proc shields for 438,619 and you get 4 of them per proc for a total of ~1.7m healing. This brings the trinkets healing contribution up to 4.1% at 1m HPS.
  • The Eonar’s Verdant Embrace shield will proc off the following spells:
  • You can have multiple blossoms up at a time.


  • The Blossom proc is a little slow for the frequently bursty dungeon environment and the secondary proc is disabled outside of the Antorus raid. There are stronger options.


Verdict: It’s just not Aman’Thul’s

It doesn’t do anything particularly clever or interesting, but it puts out a reasonable amount of healing. The only real problem is that it’s worse than Aman’Thul’s Vision and you can only wear one of the two. Think of this as your filler trinket while you wait for Arcano 2.0.

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9 responses to “Antorus Healing Trinkets”

  1. Flying_Kodo says:

    there’s only 7 trinkets not 8

    • Voulk says:

      Thanks I’ve fixed that. Originally Acrid Catalyst Injector also procced off critical heals but it wasn’t on the healer loot table so I wasn’t sure what they had planned for it. Seems like it’ll be DPS-only after all.

  2. Teldar says:

    Will we still be using Velen in one of the trinkets’ slots?

  3. guy says:

    so on your spread sheet for , says MM hunter has a 20s cd for 9% damage reduction. thats a pvp talent, theres no contact us page that i could find on this whole website so i just posted it here. hopefully someone sees it. cheers

  4. Gnarl says:

    Yeah im curious about the BiS trinket setup too.

    Is the dream setup Aman’Thul’s Vision & Carafe of Searing Light or the Amanthul and Vlen?

    • Voulk says:

      We’ll hold off on answering this one until live but you’re likely to be wearing some combination of Velens, Carafe and Eonar’s while you wait for your Aman’Thul’s Vision to drop at which point you’ll equip it for the rest of the expansion. Whether to use Velens or not will depend on each individual fight.

  5. wrathsome says:

    How are secondary stats better than intellect? I don’t understand this, I thought that the value of intellect would out-pace the secondaries as we went deeper into the expansion.

    • Nick says:

      The value of each point of intellect gets lower the more of it you have, while the value of secondary stats remains the same since they are based on percentages.

      For example, it takes 475 versatility to get a 1% boost to your healing. Early in the expansion when we had ~20k intellect, 475 int would have been a ~2.4% increase, making it significantly stronger than vers point for point. At this point in the expansion when we have 60k+ int, that same 475 int is now only a ~.8% increase, while 475 versatility retains its value at 1%.

      I’ll leave it to smarter people to do the full math on secondary stat interactions, but this should demonstrate why the value of intellect is going down.

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