Boss Guides (Antorus III)

Antorus, the Burning Throne concludes the expansion with an eleven boss raid culminating in a fight against Argus itself. This is part 3 of 3 and contains the final three bosses of the raid.

The Antorus guide is split into three parts for ease of navigation. You’ll want to read or watch a standard guide before you read through here since basic knowledge of the fights is assumed and only the healing side of the encounter is discussed. When considering legendaries you should take into account the strength of your non-legendary pieces in those slots.

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Antorus I: Garothi, Felhounds, Antoran High Command, Hasabel
Antorus II: Eonar, Imonar the Soulhunter, Kin’garoth, Varimathras
Antorus III: Coven, Aggramar, Argus



  • The Coven of Shivarra

    Coven: Serial pug killer. Coven is filled to the brim with personal responsibility mechanics and your #1 focus will be to stay alive, and to keep debuffed targets up with a solid stream of healing.

    Estimated Fight Length: 6-9 minutes (Heroic), 7-10 minutes (Mythic)
    Debuffs to add to your healing frames: Fulminating Pulse, Chilled Blood
    Recommended Legendaries: Aman’Thul’s Wisdom, Prydaz
    Recommended Talents: Cenarion Ward, Cultivation, Germination, Flourish (Consider Abundance / MoC in specific mythic healing comps)
    Boss Guides: WowheadFatboss (video)
    Sample Healing Assignments (Mythic): Coming Soon


    Damage Timers

    Spell NameDamageDodgeableTiming
    Storm of DarknessHeavy, Raid-wideYes0:20, 1:20, 2:20, ...
    Torment of the Titans (adds)
    1:30, 3:00, 4:30, …
    Fulminating Pulse (Noura only)
    Heavy, debuffs
    1:00, 1:40, 2:20, …
    Whirling Sabre (Noura only)
    Heavy, AoE
    Yes0:10, 0:45, 1:20, …
    Chilled Blood (Diima only)
    No3:17, 3:45, 4:11, …



    • [Leytorrent Timing]: You can pop a Leytorrent during the Storm casts after you’re in a safe position. Just don’t overlap it with the Aman’Thul adds.
    • [Efflorescence Placement]: This isn’t a great fight for Efflo but you can still nab quite high efficiency by dropping it on melee. 
    • Start Rejuv Blanketing:
      • 10-15 seconds before the Aman’Thul adds (and keep it up until they die).
      • You also need to keep 1-2 rejuvs on anyone afflicted by the Fulminating Pulse and Chilled Blood debuffs.
    • Your positioning and raid awareness is key. Don’t stand near in the center of the room before the Khaz’garoth adds, don’t stand near allies during Golganneth and avoid the Whirling Sabre at all times.
    • You can shapeshift out of the Orb of Frost slow.
    • If you get Fulminating on yourself then pop into Bear Form as it expires to guarantee your survival.
    • Machinations of Aman’Thul does increasing damage over its duration. With the Storm of Darkness changes you can save most of your healing cooldowns for this phase, greatly reducing the danger. It’s also a good time for EoG.
    • Take Mass Entanglement and you can keep an entire wall of Norgannon adds CC’d for 30 seconds. Cast it on the add in the center of the wall for the quickest spread.



    • Mythic tips coming soon!

  • Aggramar

    Sargeras chief henchman himself. This is an awesome boss on an awesome platform with some not-so-awesome add control that defines the fight.

    Estimated Fight Length: 6-8 minutes (Heroic), 8-10 minutes (Mythic)
    Debuffs to add to your healing frames: Scorching Blaze, Ravenous Blaze (Mythic), Searing Bind (Mythic, Dispellable)
    Recommended Legendaries: Velens, Prydaz, Aman’Thul’s Wisdom, Chameleon Song
    Recommended Talents: Cenarion Ward, Balance / Guardian Affinity, Cultivation, Germination, Flourish
    Boss Guides: WowheadFatboss (video)
    Sample Healing Assignments (Mythic): Coming Soon


    Damage Timers

    Spell NameDamageDodgeableTiming
    Taeshalach Combo (aggramar active)Heavy, raid-wideNo0:40 then once per minute
    Scorching BlazeMedium, debuffsNo0:05, 0:11, 0:17, ...
    Wake of FlameMediumYes0:08, 0:29, 0:50, ...
    Blazing EruptionHeavy, raid-wideNoWhenever Embers reach boss
    Flare / Empowered FlareHeavyYesP2/3. 0:10 after combo.



    • [Leytorrent Timing]: This can actually be quite tricky since you’ll frequently have to move for mechanics. Try and fit one into phase 2 
    • [Efflorescence Placement]: You’ll get high uptime on the melee group and you should probably do that since the ranged DPS often move frequently and while you can keep three people inside most of the time you’ll lose a lot of efficiency because of Flare.
    • Start Rejuv blanketing:
      • 10-15 seconds before each Taeshalach sword combo.
      • During most of phase 3 where you’ll be taking significant frequent raid damage.
      • On anyone left low from Scorching Blaze.
    • Keybind Bear Form. Learn to use it whenever you’re a little too close to someone with Scorching Blaze or whenever you’re not quite topped off going into a Taeshalach combo.
    • You can CC one of the flame adds during the intermission with either Entangling Roots or Mass Entanglement. If necessary you can keep 100% CC uptime on two of them by rooting one and mass entangling the other (but hey leave something for the DPS to do).



    • Mythic Tips coming soon!

  • Argus the Unmaker

    The big boss himself is actually pretty easy on normal and heroic and if Coven / Aggramar gave you no issue then Argus should be a quick kill. Phase 1, 2 and 3 have very little healing but you’ll get a full mana restore going into Phase 4 so uhh… maybe keep Moonfire up or something. Spam to your hearts content.

    Estimated Fight Length: 6-8 minutes (heroic)
    Debuffs to add to your healing frames: Soulblight, Soulburst, Soulbomb, Cosmic Beacon
    Recommended Legendaries: Prydaz, Velens
    Recommended Talents: Cenarion Ward, Cultivation, Spring Blossoms, Flourish
    Boss Guides: WowheadFatboss (video)
    Sample Healing Assignments (Mythic): Coming Soon


    Damage Timers

    Spell NameDamageDodgeableTiming
    Cone of DeathHeavyYes0:30, 0:50, 1:10, ...
    Tortured RageLight, raid-wideNoP1/4. 0:14, 0:28, 0:42, ...
    Soulburst / SoulbombMediumNoP2/4. 0:35, 0:55, 1:15, ...
    Edge of ObliterationMediumYesP2/4. 0:35, 0:55, 1:15, ...
    Cosmic RayMediumPartiallyP3. Every 20 seconds
    Ember of RageMediumYesP4. Continous.



    • [Leytorrent Timing]: Consider a Potion of Prolonged Power instead. You won’t need the extra mana but some extra health & throughput during the final phase can be very useful.
    • [Efflorescence Placement]: The raid is roughly stacked for most of the fight. Aim for 100% uptime, including phase 1 where you’ll want to position it so that it covers where you’re currently standing and also where you’ll be moving to after the next Cone of Death. 
    • Start Rejuv blanketing:
      • 5-10 seconds before Soulblight and Soulburst explode. You shouldn’t really take that much damage from these if people run all the way to the wall but you shouldn’t trust DPS with mechanics so we’ll use our spare mana to prepare for the worst. Expect to get Soulbomb a lot as a healer.
      • During the entirety of phase 4. The phase is quite short so you’ll want to be chain casting in between dodging the falling Embers of Rage. Wild Growth on cooldown. 100% Efflo uptime.
    • At the end of Phase 3 you want to have Flourish, EoG and Tranq all off cooldown. Plan your usages around this so that you have everything going into the final phase. Keep in mind the 10-20 seconds of RP / ressing.
    • There’s little point trying to heal the tree in normal / heroic. Just keep the raid alive and save some tree charges for any healers / tanks that die (your tanks will die a few times as a necessity.



    • Ow.