Mythic+ Compendium

Mythic+ has been a little under-served so far this expansion with most guides delving into Mythic dungeons but not accounting for the higher difficulty and specific trash requirements of higher dungeons. These guides exist to hopefully fill that void with specific trash paths, in depth looks at different boss mechanics, and tips pulled from high end groups running 20s and above, with accompanying Weak Auras to help with particularly difficult bosses like Hyrja and the Shade of Xavius.


The Dungeons

The Arcway

Black Rook Hold

Cathedral of Eternal Night

Court of Stars

Darkheart Thicket

Eye of Azshara

Halls of Valor

Lower Karazhan

Maw of Souls

Neltharion’s Lair

Upper Karazhan

Seat of the Triumvirate

Vault of the Wardens



Next week: Teeming, Volcanic, Tyrannical


Build your Comp

Click for a larger version – blue text means that a specific talent is required to unlock the ability in question.

Mythic+ Spec Breakdown


The Mythic+ Checklist

  • Utility Potions: Skystep, Invisibility / Skaggldrynk, Avalanche
  • Drums of Fury
  • Auto-Hammer (Repair Bot)
  • Failure Detection Pylon (Wipe Prevention)
  • The usual stuff (Flasks, DPS & health potions, food, Augment runes)


Mythic+ Discords

The Mythic+ Friends discord community is a fantastic place to get help with your weekly +15 key, to gear a new alt, or to find some new friends to run dungeons with. They also run awesome events and giveaways. Check them out:


Useful Resources

  • Heaps of quickly accessible mythic+ information including instance timers, useful addons and more.
  • Gotta go Fast: Addon that displays custom M+ timers, shows how much each mob is worth in the tooltip and auto-clicks various dialogs to save you useful seconds.
  • Angry Keystones: Does everything Gotta Go Fast does in a slightly different wrapper. Also shows you which affixes are coming up.