Artifact Build and Relics

As a Resto Druid we get three reasonably strong Golden traits and which to pursue second is a topic of discussion. After you’ve picked up Dreamwalker you have two options:

  • Head toward Tranquil Mind, which makes your Tranquility stronger and let’s you use it while moving greatly improving its reliability.
  • Head toward Power of the Archdruid, which is a little bit weaker but has stronger traits along the way.

At this time option 1 is stronger since Nighthold features heavy movement and the cost of having to interrupt a Tranquility can be very high (and wipe inducing).



Relic level is more important than the trait, but when you have two of equal ilvl you can prioritize them as follows:



Sometimes it can be interesting to know the numbers behind each trait, especially when making decisions regarding Relics. Here are some of our better traits:

  • Spirit was removed in Legion and with it any way to boost your mana regeneration with gear. In legion both your total mana pool (1.1m) and your mana regeneration (44000 / 5 seconds) is static. This means that the Knowledge of the Ancients trait is worth 880 mana every 5 seconds per point. This is:
    • 10560 mana per minute per point.
    • A free Rejuvenation every two minutes per point. I wouldn’t seek it out as a relic but it’s a decent trait.
  • Persistence increases the duration of your Rejuvenation by 1 second per point.
    • This improves its mana efficiency by 6.6% per point (This is a mana value of 1467 per cast per point).
    • The increase in duration keeps it on the target as a Mastery stack for longer, further increasing its value.
    • Awesome synergy with our 4 piece set bonus.
  • Infusion of Nature reduces the cost of Wild Growth by 2% per point. Wild Growth has a base mana cost of 74800 which is a mana reduction of 1496 per point.
    • If you cast Wild Growth on cooldown, the trait is worth 748 mana regen per 5 seconds which is 8976 mana per minute per point. This makes it weaker than Persistence even in the best case scenario (though still an ok trait).
  • Grovewalker does not effect Efflorescence, the Regrowth direct heal, Tranquility, or Ysera’s dream but still boosts the majority of our healing (50-80% on most fights) and can be considered a very strong trait.


Got your weapon sorted? Let’s see what stats we’re looking for.