Artifact Build and Relics

As a Resto Druid we get three reasonably strong Golden traits and which to pursue second is a topic of discussion. After you’ve picked up Dreamwalker you have two options:

  • Head toward Tranquil Mind, which makes your Tranquility stronger and let’s you use it while moving greatly improving its reliability.
  • Head toward Power of the Archdruid, which is a little bit weaker but has stronger traits along the way.

At this time option 1 is stronger since Tomb has a lot of movement and the cost of having to interrupt a Tranquility can be very high (and wipe inducing). You’ll find you can fill out the entire tree in just a few hours of play at level 110 since Artifact Knowledge in 7.2.5 starts very high. The full path is as follows:

Once you’ve picked up all three golds and Ghanir’s Bloom you’ll unlock a fourth slot in most of your existing traits and five all new ones. You’ll want to fill them out like so:

Concordance of the Legionfall is an infinite trait however we don’t gain too much from ranks after the first so don’t feel like you have to grind too much Artifact Power.



Relic level is more important than the trait, but when you have two of equal ilvl you can prioritize them as follows:

Twig It, the Resto Druid spreadsheet, has full support for comparing two relics based on your gear and playstyle. It can be found here.



Sometimes it can be interesting to know the numbers behind each trait, especially when making decisions regarding Relics. Here are some of our better traits:

  • Spirit was removed in Legion and with it any way to boost your mana regeneration with gear. In legion both your total mana pool (1.1m) and your mana regeneration (44000 / 5 seconds) is static. This means that the Knowledge of the Ancients trait is worth 880 mana every 5 seconds per point. This is:
    • 10560 mana per minute per point.
    • A free Rejuvenation every two minutes per point. A few extra rejuvenations per fight is actually a nice bonus.
  • Persistence increases the duration of your Rejuvenation by 1 second per point.
    • This improves its mana efficiency by 6.6% per point (This is a mana value of 1467 per cast per point).
    • The increase in duration keeps it on the target as a Mastery stack for longer, further increasing its value.
    • Awesome synergy with our 4 piece set bonus.
  • Infusion of Nature reduces the cost of Wild Growth by 2% per point. Wild Growth has a base mana cost of 74800 which is a mana reduction of 1496 per point.
    • If you cast Wild Growth on cooldown, the trait is worth 748 mana regen per 5 seconds which is 8976 mana per minute per point. This makes it weaker than Persistence even in the best case scenario (though still an ok trait).
  • Grovewalker does not effect Efflorescence, the Regrowth direct heal, Tranquility, or Ysera’s dream but still boosts the majority of our healing (50-80% on most fights) and can be considered a very strong trait.


Got your weapon sorted? Let’s see what stats we’re looking for.