Battle for Azeroth Beta Changes

Last updated 17th May 2018


Battle for Azeroth is still in Beta so expect plenty of changes before the expansion hits live realms. This page will hold all changes made to the spec so far, so you can avoid having to search through multiple sets of patch notes. It’s too early to guess if Resto will be strong on live or not, but there seems to be a significant attempt to nerf our Mythic+ strengths. Number tuning isn’t even close to done yet.


New / Changed Spells

  • All stats have been squished to a fraction of their legion values and so all spells have been reduced in power.
  • Almost every ability now incurs a global cooldown.
    • For Resto that includes Frenzied Regeneration, Rebirth and Innervate.
    • Barkskin & Ironbark remain free to cast at any time. For now.
  • Tranquility Now leaves a HoT on each target healed for 8 seconds. Stacks and can be Flourished.
  • Regrowth 40% Crit bonus removed. HoT portion buffed to do more healing.
  • Swiftmend Cooldown reduced to 25 seconds (was 30)
  • Bear Form Stamina increase reduced to +25% (from +55%)
    • This is almost certainly a Mythic+ nerf. They’ve also increased the armor slightly (200% -> 220%) but we’ll feel this.
  • Rebirth Two second cast time added.
    • Bleh. Bad change.
  • Ironbark Cooldown reduced to 1 minute (from 1:30).
  • Nature’s Cure Mana cost halved.



  • New: Tiger Dash (replaces Displacer Beast)
    • Not as good as Displacer Beast. Arguably worse than Wild Charge.
  • New: Photosynthesis (replaces Moment of Clarity)
    • This is an interesting addition that can be used to either buff all of your rejuvenation healing by 30% or plow one target with healing. It’s definitely more competitive at 30% but Flourish is hard to beat. Ideally this ends up the pick for sustained healing with Flourish filling the ‘I need more cooldowns’ niche but it remains to be seen if that’ll be the case.
  • Changed: Abundance Abundance reduces Regrowth mana cost and increases crit chance by 6% per rejuvenation you have out.
    • This makes Abundance much more usable in raid while nerfing it in Mythic+.
  • Changed: Flourish Cooldown increased. Essence of G’hanir baked into it.
    • Still an incredibly strong talent and our only cooldown outside of Tranquility.
  • Stonebark and Germination swapped places.
    • This is a heavy Mythic+ nerf since it prevents us from taking both Germ and Flourish.

Wowhead has an updated talent calculator.


Removed Spells


Azerite Traits

The Heart of Azeroth is an artifact quality neck piece that you’ll pick up early in BFA. It’s a little like an artifact weapon except the trait trees are connected to Chest, Shoulders and Leg pieces. Wowhead has an in depth look at them here. We’ll have much more information about them once Blizzard finalizes the design. It’s very likely that they’ll add new traits with each raid tier.


The traits we know about so far include:


Beta Patch Notes

16 May (Build 26624)

  • Buff Rejuvenation healing increased by 13%  (from 60% SP to 68% SP).
  • Buff / Nerf Tranquility channeled healing increased by 17% (from 175% SP to 205% SP), Tranquility HoT decreased by 33% (from 12% SP / stack to 8% SP / stack).
  • All healing increased by 40%.
    • All healers received a buff of this kind and health pools increased by almost the same amount. It’s likely not intended as a healing buff and might not even stick around past mythic raid testing. 


30 April (Build 26522)

  • Buff / Nerf PhotoSynthesis Rejuvenations now heal 30% faster (up from 20%) when you Lifebloom yourself. When lifebloom is on an ally all Hots have a 4% chance to proc a bloom (down from 5%).
  • Fluff Minor glyphs added to turn Aquatic Form into two different kinds of dolphins. I’m holding out for a penguin form myself.


20 April (Build 26476)

  • Buff Moment of Clarity replaced by Photosynthesis.
  • Buff Ironbark cooldown reduced to 1 minute (from 1:30).
  • Buff Sunfire now applies to all enemies within 8 yards (up from 5).


13 April (Build 26433)

  • Buff The 4% healing nerf to all spells has been removed.
    • This is just new expansion tidy-up.


3 April (Build 26367)

  • Nerf Rebirth cast time increased to 2 seconds (from instant)


14 March (Build 26231)

  • Nerf Bear Form stamina increase reduced to +25% (from +55%)


6 February (Build 25976)

  • Buff Healing Touch removed.
  • Buff Swiftmend cooldown reduced to 25 seconds (from 30).
  • Buff Tranquility now leaves a HoT all targets healed for 8 seconds. Stacks.
  • Buff Flourish now increases the rate of your heal over time effects by 100% for 8 seconds. Cooldown increased to 1:30 (from 1:00).
  • Raid Buff / Mythic+ Nerf Abundance reworked. For each rejuvenation you have active, the mana cost of Regrowth is reduced by 6% and the crit chance increased by 6%.
  • Nerf Germination / Stonebark have swapped positions in the talent tree.
  • Nerf Displacer Beast replaced by Tiger Dash.
  • Nerf Living Seed removed.
  • Nerf Regrowth bonus crit chance removed.