Macros, Weak Auras and User Interface

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WeakAuras is a crazy powerful mod that can perform almost any task. Try not to get too carried away because they can be a bit of a resource hog. I only use three Resto Druid specific Weak Auras. I also use a few boss-specific auras which are included in the encounter guide.




Why you want it: A key to healing efficiently as a Druid is to have an Efflorescence down 100% of the time, especially if you take the Spring Blossoms talent. This Weak Aura will make it very obvious when you need to recast it, and will display a timer if it’s already down.

Import String:




Why you want it: You need to be chain casting spells while Innervate is up to maximise its value (even if nobody is missing health). This WeakAura will give you a visual display and countdown to make sure you’re doing that.

Import String:


Wild Growth


Why you want it: This one is a little bit more optional, but in several fights you want to be casting Wild Growth almost as soon as it comes up and I found that I was often neglecting to do that. By default it’s only active during raid since Wild Growth doesn’t tend to be quite as strong in Mythic+.

Import String:


User Interface

User Interface is pretty user-dependent but some addons are particularly useful as a Resto Druid.



Why you want it:

  • There’s quite a bit of competition in the raid frames market, but I find Grid2 to hold a clear edge for Resto since it shows very visibly which HoTs are on what targets, and how long they have left. There is very little visual fluff.
  • There is very little visual fluff. It’s also very easy on your CPU and uses hardly any memory.
  • You can easily add specific debuffs to a corner / side of the grid for visibility.

Where do I get it: Here.

You can download my Grid2 profile (complete with HoT trackers and EN / ToV debuffs) here: