Macros, Weak Auras and User Interface


You can succeed as a healer with a wide range of different user interfaces. These addons are most important:



Why you want it:

  • Shows very visibly which HoTs are on what targets, and how long they have left. Very little visual fluff.
  • It’s easy on your CPU and uses hardly any memory.
  • Straightforward to customize.

Here’s a Grid profile to get you started (ToS-ready):



Why you want it:

  • Mouseover casting built in.
  • Huge customizability options (though not always user friendly).
  • You can keep tanks at the top of your frames.

Here’s a Vuhdo profile to get you started (ToS-ready, credit Torty-Turalyon):


WeakAuras is a crazy powerful addon that can perform almost any task. Try not to get too carried away because they can be a bit of a resource hog. I only use three Resto Druid specific Weak Auras.

Lifebloom & Efflorescence Cursor Weak Auras

Why you want it: A key to healing efficiently as a Druid is to have an Efflorescence down 100% of the time on most fights, especially if you take the Spring Blossoms talent. High lifebloom uptime is also a good idea on most bosses (and Mythic+). This Weak Aura will make it very obvious when you need to recast them by binding them to your cursor.





Why you want it: You need to be chain casting spells while Innervate is up to maximise its value (even if nobody is missing health). This WeakAura will give you a visual display and countdown to make sure you’re doing that.

Import String:


You may also be required by your raid leader to download weak auras specific to each boss.



Casts Innervate on yourself (you wouldn't want anyone else to get their hands on it, would you?)/cast [@player] Innervate
Casts Rejuvenation over the target you are hovering over in your raid frames. If you're not hovering over anyone it'll attempt to cast it on the target you have selected. Substitute Rejuvenation for any other spell name if you want to run mouseovers on multiple spells./cast [target=mouseover,help] Rejuvenation; Rejuvenation
This will bind Velen's Future Sight to your Essence of G'Hanir cast so that you've got one huge power macro. This heals for a lot and is an easy way to get good value out of Velen's.#showtooltip
/cast Essence of G'Hanir
/cast Velen's Future Sight
This attempts to put you into Travel Form, but will pick Cat Form instead if you're inside. This is useful for increasing your movement speed by as much as possible in any given environment.#showtooltip Travel Form
/cast [indoors] Cat Form; Travel Form
This shifts you to Bear Form and then locks so that you can spam it without risk of turning back into Caster Form. This makes it a stress-free defensive.#showtooltip Bear Form
/cast [noform:1] Bear Form
Hit this button twice to switch to Travel Form and then leap forward. Very useful for M Kil'Jaeden./castsequence reset=1.5 Travel Form, Wild Charge