Reference Sheet

The reference sheet is updated for 7.2! The full 7.2 FAQ can be found here.


Reference sheets offer a quick way to get into a class (especially an alt that has just reached 110). For the full Resto guide, complete with advanced explanations, click here. The reference guide is unlikely to offer the best strategy for any particular fight, but should be ‘pretty good’ across the board. Restoration Druids specialize in heal over time (HoT) effects and excel at reacting to consistent damage while being weak at dealing with burst damage outside of cooldowns. In raid they often focus on healing the raid while keeping multiple hots on the tanks. They are currently very powerful in both Mythic+ dungeons, and Legion raids.


  • Lifebloom. Heal over time that can only be cast on one target at a time. Aim for 100% lifebloom uptime on a tank.
  • Rejuvenation. Heal over time effect that lasts 15+ seconds. Likely to be your most cast spell, but can be expensive when undergeared.
  • Wild Growth. AoE heal over time effect on a short cooldown that hits six targets. Very efficient (especially once you pick up the related artifact traits). Should be cast on cooldown to keep the party healthy.
  • Efflorescence. Targeted healing effect that heals allies in the green circle. It lasts for 30 seconds so practice keeping it up at all times.
  • Regrowth. Fast, inefficient heal that applies a smaller HoT effect. High crit chance. Actually a very strong spell but take care that you don’t overuse it. Useful for saving low HP allies if Swiftmend is on cooldown.
  • Healing Touch. Slow, efficient heal that ends up being bad in most situations. Cast it on tanks that have a full set of hots already rolling. If you’re doing high level content you should probably take this spell off your bars and use downtime to DPS instead.
  • Swiftmend. Instant heal on a 30 second cooldown. Our only emergency single target heal.



  • Barkskin. Reduces the damage you take by 20% for 12 seconds. This is off the global cooldown, so get into the habit of casting it whenever you’re in danger.
  • IronBark. Reduces the damage your target takes by 20% for 12 seconds. Use this whenever tank damage has gotten too high for your HoTs, or if another key ally is in trouble.
  • Tranquility. Heals ALL allies within 40 yards. One of the strongest raid cooldowns in the game, and on a 3 minute cooldown!
  • Essence of G’Hanir. Basically forces your heal over time effects to heal twice as often for its duration. A short 1.5 minute cooldown so use it often.



You might see Soul of the Forest / Prosperity builds recommended in some other guides. This is bad advice. The Cenarion Ward / Cultivation build is always the stronger choice.

In the level 90 tier both Inner Peace and Spring Blossoms are great talents for a raid. Due to the smaller room sizes in Nighthold, Spring Blossoms often pulls ahead. Talent specifics are included in the Encounter Guide.


Artifact Build

Resto has three strong golden traits, and while Dreamwalker is a clear first choice, the second can be tougher. Nighthold features a lot of movement and you’ll see the best results by following the Green path, followed by the Orange and then the Blue.


After you’ve filled out your artifact path, you will unlock a quest to empower your artifact. Once you have done so, the following order is recommended for the new traits:


Stat Priority

Item Ilvl > All. Any ‘generic’ stat weights you see are at best misleading. More information here.


Quickfire Tips

  • Resto Druid cooldowns are quite short. It’s common as a newer player to save them for emergencies. Instead you should make sure they’re keybound and use them often. Flourish and Essence of G’Hanir especially.
  • Innvervate reduces the mana cost of spells to 0 for its duration. Use Flourish to extend the duration of the extra HoTs you’ll have up. Try and fit in both a Wild Growth and an Efflorescence refresh to maximise the value of the Innervate.
  • Use Bear Form to help survive burst damage and buy yourself a few extra seconds to receive heals. If you are talented into Guardian Affinity you can cast Frenzied Regeneration to heal yourself back up. Keybind it. It will save your life frequently and at high gear levels can gain you more than 1.5m extra HP.


That’s it for the quick version of the guide. Still hungry for more? Head over to the FAQ.