9.2 Resto Druid FAQ

Patch 9.2 is here and brings with it a new raid, new Mythic+ content and a new daily quest zone.


9.2 Tier Set

In Depth Article @ Wowhead

  • These are extremely strong raid bonuses and you’ll notice large power increases as you collect both bonuses.
  • Does the 2pc bonus give a mastery stack while active? Yes and it’ll make up a decent portion of it’s power.
  • Do Swiftmends cast during Convoke count toward the 4pc bonus? They dont.

This is a very strong bonus, with the 2pc adding a lot of healing and the 4pc adding a significant amount of Tree of Life uptime (more than double what you’d get without it). Tree of Life as a talent will remain ok, but expect Soul of the Forest to become the new default talent.

In Mythic+ it’s not quite as strong. The 2pc will still add a lot of healing, and the extra mastery stack will provide even more. Mythic+ is a damage-focused environment but free healing is free healing. The 4pc is a little rougher, Tree isn’t of much benefit in a small group environment and the procs are unlikely to be of much value.

Changes in Playstyle

You’ll have already been casting a lot of Swiftmend, but now it’s a part of your core rotation. You’ll aim to cast Swiftmend three times a minute, lining up your 9 second Tree of Life proc with Convoke the Spirits. This is a ridiculous amount of healing every single minute. You’ll otherwise mostly play as you have been already.

  • You don’t necessarily have to track Renewing Bloom on your raid frames, however you should have some way of knowing that a target can be swiftmended. Most raid frames can do this in one spot, but if you don’t have that functionality then you should track it individually.
  • Swiftmend will take Renewing Bloom as priority when a target has multiple hots.
  • Renewing Bloom has extremely high uptime and you don’t have to think too much about the 25% proc rate.
  • You have a lot of flexibility in when you hit Swiftmend, so long as you have your third in each sequence ready for Convoke. Remember that you’re playing around Soul of the Forest a little bit too.
Weakauras to help you manage


Spell Changes

  • Major Buff: +10% to all healing spells.
  • Major Buff: 9.6% increase to all non-Sunfire damage sources. 11% increase to Sunfire damage.
  • Minor Buff: An additional +15% buff to the Lifebloom HoT, 20% to the Bloom portion.
  • Minor Buff: Germination now causes Rejuvenation to last an extra 2 seconds (a good change, but not enough to displace Flourish).
  • Minor Buff: Inner Peace now gives the caster 20% damage reduction while channeling and immunity to knock backs (the talent will stay niche but is a bit more useful).
  • Inconsequential Buff: Overgrowth mana cost reduced. Nourish buffed.


Legendary Combinations

Our 2pc tier set adds extra value to free rejuvs and so the dominant raiding combination is Celestial Spirits and Vision of Unending Growth. The alternatives are almost universally weaker though for very small raid sizes you could swap in Memory of the Mother Tree instead. In Mythic+ you will combine your covenant legendary with Draught of Deep Focus (for DPS) most of the time.


Covenants in 9.1

  • The raid covenant is an easy choice with Night Fae continuing to be completely dominant. The gap has actually gotten larger over the expansion.

  • In Mythic+ you have a lot more choice.

    Night Fae: Convoke is a great get out of jail free card but the two covenants below tend to offer more advantages overall. You can start with this covenant as a beginner as you like while you get used to the spec.

    Necrolord: Necrolord does unrivalled sustained healing, and very high personal DPS. It is a lot more difficult to play than Night Fae or Kyrian and you should expect to put quite a bit of practice in to master the covenant.

    Kyrian: The Kyrian legendary got a decent nerf going into patch 9.2 but the covenant still provides competitive damage while being much less skill intensive than Necrolord. It also scales heavily with the DPS in your group which means it continues to pick up value as they get their tier sets and double legendaries.

    Ultimately you’ll see Necrolord and Kyrian the most and they are very close in strength. Venthyr is weak to the point of being an active detriment to your group.


Healer Mace: Genesis Lathe

In Depth Article @ Wowhead

Here are the possible effects:

  • If the target is >90% health: A small absorb + a Speed buff.
  • If the target is between 40 and 90% health: A small HoT + a Leech buff.
  • If the target is below 40% health: A flat heal + an Avoidance buff.

The weapon trades secondaries for a bit of an odd effect. Given Regrowth is a strong spell for us, we’ll naturally proc this frequently enough for it to justify it’s place against equal item level weapons but it falls behind if there’s a gap. As always you can confirm with your specific character in QE Live.

It’s unfortunate that we ended up with a somewhat dinky effect as our endgame healer weapon but it’s usable for Resto Druid.


Quickfire Questions

  • Will we still be wearing Domination Socket gear in 9.2? Domination Sockets don’t work in any 9.2 content.
  • Which Trinkets are good? There’s a full graph on QE Live. Soulletting Ruby, Unbound Changeling, So’leah’s and even Elegy are all competitive trinkets.
  • Which slot do I craft my legendaries in? This question is asked a lot but is actually a very low impact one and you shouldn’t stress too much about it. Helm is a great slot choice for Vision of Unending Growth due to it being high budget and giving a free socket in a tier with potentially no socket-adding items. Celestial Spirits (through the new Unity legendary) can be put in the belt slot but you have flexibility here. The priority is to not overlap any slots with tier pieces you own while you build your 4pc set. That might mean that the min-max decision is to craft them multiple times which is expensive. Focus on wearing the right legendaries and avoiding ultra low value slots like Cape and Bracers.
  • Which stats should I put on my new legendaries? Haste + Mastery for raid. Haste + Crit or Haste + Vers for Mythic+.

9.2 FAQs

Mistweaver Monk | Resto Druid

6 responses to “9.2 Resto Druid FAQ”

  1. Liu says:

    your druid info is from the 18/12/2021 – in the meantime, you have done an amazing article on wowhead (22/01/2022) to look deeper into the playstyle that will come with the 2- and 4-set bonus.

    It is worth linking to it in my opinion: https://www.wowhead.com/news/restoration-druid-analysis-of-the-9-2-tier-set-bonuses-new-hot-more-tree-form-325655

  2. Heeeya says:

    thanks for your work!
    Wanna ask about the stat prio with t-set bonus. Is there mastery ahead of haste/vers/crit for raid bc of synergy? Or in generell asking which stat prio do you recommend with the tset bonus in raid?


    • Voulk says:

      Sorry for the slow response. You’ll target primarily haste & mastery in raid with the set bonus when you’re looking at equal item level pieces.

  3. Koutael says:

    Hi, in case that we are under 15 players in raid, and wanted to help a bit to DPS, do you think Draught can remplace vision ? I’m wondering how many dps draught can bring in raid content.

  4. Alberto says:

    As always, GREAT work!!! Thank you for the informations. QE is still the best place for me to find useful infos about Resto druid!

    A question: I can’t decide if to dps in m+ is better Circle of life and death or the Draught. For sure the draught is less mean for my heals, but i’d like to know more! Thank you!!

    • Voulk says:

      I’d recommend Draught in basically all scenarios. It’s much nicer to play than Circle of Life and Death, plus single target damage is frequently worth more than extra AoE.

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