Corruption Revisited: The Vendor

This is a living document and is prone to change. Consider it a public draft to share information as early as possible. The best picks from the current vendor are likely to be Expedient and Ineffable Truth rank 1 (depending on your spec) but do read below. QE Live has a large update coming to make these decisions much easier.


Which piece do I want to corrupt?

The dream is to spend your corruption tokens on high item level leech pieces. That is easier said than done and most of the time you won’t have that luxury. If you are hard stacking a stat then the next best choice is any high item level piece that heavily features that stat. If you’re playing either of the ‘Holy’ specs and you’re going for a large Ineffable Truth stack then corrupting any high item level piece is a fine idea.


Resto Druid

  • Now that Corruption effects are purchasable, Resto Druid is a prime candidate to heavy invest in one stat. You will have often been told that all stats are of similar value and that an ilvl dominant strategy is the best way forward since the more you have of one stat the more valuable the others become. This is somewhat nullified when you’re able to increase the value of a particular secondary by as much as 72%. Specifics are best left to your stat weights but you can be assured that a hard stack in one stat is very beneficial.

    So, which? Haste has the highest ceiling since it’s combination of hasted ticks and a reduced global cooldown can lead to huge cooldowns and the ability to fit a large amount of healing into a limited window. You will see similar results with a hard crit stack. It doesn’t have quite as many tie-ins as Haste since Dragonscale / Essences / Traits like Lively Spirit mostly give or interact with Haste and there is no strong crit equivalent to Vita-Charged Titanshard. However, the build is consistent and not as difficult to play. You also have more spells in your kit that scale with Crit than Haste which helps close the gap.

    Goal Corruptions

    • “I am fully geared and looking to maximize my healing”: Expedient or Severe. Rank isn’t overly important but rank 3s seem to be cheaper per point of power from the Echoes vendor.
    • “I am still gearing up and am limited in my pieces”: Any stat proc including Void Ritual.

    Aim to have at least ~1800-1900 points in a stat before you invest heavily in Expedient or Severe.

  • In most cases you will want to at least partially optimize for damage in Mythic+ and use your base kit to handle the healing challenges. As keys get difficult you might consider investing in corruptions that improve both areas like Expedient.

    Goal Corruptions

    • (Balance) Expedient with a heavy Haste stack
    • (DPS) Gushing Wounds / Twilight Devastation
    • (Maximum healing only) Masterful with a heavy Mastery stack

    DPS Corruptions are discussed in detail at the bottom of the article.


Holy Paladin

  • Ineffable Truth. You’ll want a minimum of 80%, but it continues to provide a strong contribution to your raid healing at 180% and beyond. Once you’re above 80% the other corruptions do become a bit more competitive and you’ll want to run your gear through QE Live to lock in your set but expect to be investing heavily in IT. It’s a little unique among corruptions in that the first rank is much much more valuable per point of corruption than rank two while the second rank is more slot efficient. Grab as many rank 1s as possible and then fill the last few slots with either rank 2 Ineffable Truth or Haste / Mastery procs.

    The key behind Ineffable’s strength is both the increase in wings uptime and the extra Holy Shocks on offer. On fights where you have to hold wings it drops in value a little.

  • You’re likely to invest in damage in Mythic+ but I know some aren’t comfortable with that so here’s a list:

    • Damage: Twilight Devastation & Gushing Wound. A full DPS breakdown is provided at the bottom of the article.
    • Healing: Ineffable Truth rank 1 / Severe / Strikethrough.


Discipline Priest

  • Discipline Priest is a reasonable candidate for hard stacking a secondary stat now that corruptions are purchasable. You can read through the Resto Druid section above if you’d like a bigger breakdown but the key is that with enough Severe or Expedient corruptions it is more efficient to stack one secondary stat as opposed to a mix. You don’t have quite the same top-end synergy with Haste as Resto Druid but both stats should be more than viable. I wouldn’t recommend Ineffable Truth for progression.

    • “I am fully geared and looking to maximize my healing”: Expedient and/or Severe. Rank isn’t overly important but rank 3s seem to be cheaper per point of power from the Echoes vendor.
    • “I am still gearing up and am limited in my pieces”: Any stat proc. Leech is decent if you’ve not been fortunate enough to pick it up on many slots as a tertiary stat.


    Advanced: Expedient or Severe vs Expedient and Severe

    A common question we’re going to see is whether to go all in on one stat or instead balance across two. Haste and Crit are the primary topic of the conversation. There is nothing wrong with Mastery or Versatility as stats but we don’t get quite as many of each for free. Versatility is missing from our cape / neck and Mastery features in only a small way in our Mechagon ring set. Conflict & Strife does not close the gap. So, full haste, full crit, or a split? The difference here is actually near non-existent. There is a slight stat gain in hard pumping one stat but most players will have such a large range of pieces that having a couple of both is not a noticeable throughput decrease.

  • Invest in DPS corruptions as much as you are able to. Gushing Wounds is a fantastic all-rounder and Twilight Devastation is fantastic if you’re able to pull big. There are no stand out corruptions for healing but Expedient / Severe are very good depending on your stat line, as are the stat procs. Avoid Surging Vitality in Mythic+ since the uptime is quite poor in most dungeons.


Mistweaver Monk

  • Mistweaver doesn’t quite have a dynamite corruption set that will drastically change your power level, however it does have decent synergy with:

    • Versatile. You don’t get any versatility from your neck / cape slots nor Mecha rings but you can leverage Secret Infusion to make this a reasonably strong choice.
    • Severe with a heavy crit stack if you’re able to wear ~1900 or so crit before multipliers.
    • Failing that, the stat proc corruptions remain very strong.

    Ineffable Truth is fine in small doses for the Rising Mist build, but at this time I wouldn’t advise investing heavily outside of “for fun” builds for farm content.

  • Coming Soon.


Holy Priest

  • Ineffable Truth rank 1. Add in a rank 2 to activate Heart of Darkness depending on your cape level. It’s that easy. Keep your spells on cooldown as often as possible.


Resto Shaman

  • Crit and Vers are both particularly strong however crits prevalence on our neck / cape and mechagon ring slots makes it more favorable for general purposes.

    • Above ~1700 crit before multipliers: Severe
    • Below 1700 crit before multipliers: Stat procs

    At high levels of crit here is a bit of a balancing act between Severe and including the Deadly Momentum crit proc as the values of each will feed each other. QE Live can help you with this but the easy version is to grab 1-2 Deadly Momentums and to fill the rest of your budget with Severe. Strikethrough also joins the conversation at around 45-50% crit. We will have something more concrete here in the coming days.


Adding DPS as a healer

In Mythic+ we are often in a scenario where we are confident in our ability to heal the key and want to instead contribute more damage. If you are in this boat then here is a breakdown for you:

3 Average Targets, 25% haste, Crit / Versatility not included, Gushing Wound numbers are post 35% nerf. 



Gushing Wounds and Twisted Appendage both scale with the item level of an item whereas Twilight Dev is always consistent. This makes low item level TD pieces really good whereas Gushing takes over on larger items as seen above. If you pull big then you’ll exceed the assumed 3 average targets and Twilight Dev can pull closer to Gushing Wounds however Gushing offers a really good balance of damage on every kind of trash pack or boss. Twisted Appendage has no haste scaling at all.


8 responses to “Corruption Revisited: The Vendor”

  1. Dino Dupovac says:

    I have a 465 ilvl utem with 139 leech. Should I corrupt this item with masterfull 3 or wait for some higher ilvl item like 475?

  2. Rubyj says:

    Why is racing pulse not me ruined instead of expedient for end hame resto druids? Is the proc not reliable enough?

    • Voulk says:

      The proc is reasonably reliable but with a good base level of Haste (1900 or so) expedient offers more Haste per point of corruption in addition to being more reliable.

  3. Cashmere says:

    “Versatile. You don’t get any versatility from your neck / cape slots nor Mecha rings but you can leverage Secret Infusion to make this a reasonably strong choice.”

    And when you leverage secret infusion for versatility, wowanalyzer tells you that you’re doing your TFT’s incorrectly 😀

  4. Recyclone says:

    I am a full geared rdruid with nearly limitless choices in stat priority. I can do 2000 vers, 2000 crit, 2000 haste and 2000 mastery all separately. Yet for some reason, I dont fully understand why. QE is telling me to still wear my stat proc mastery info want to go full healy. This leaves me with roughly 15-17 % mastery baseline, and it doesnt feel comfortable. Nor does it feel safe in practice any enlightenment would be appreciated

    • Zaheed says:

      I assume this is because the tool is comparing the “raw” corruption effects, regardless of the item or stats on said item. So rather take it as an insight or idea rather than “this is the set to go”. I find it best to test stuff in dungeons. I for example dislike racing pulse because the uptime is rather low and I feel there are so many haste procs I don´t want to spend Corruptions for another one. But that is just me.

    • Eluv says:

      The corruption optimizer is not permuting your non-corrupted items, nor is it (to my knowledge) accounting for changes to underlying stats from swapping in a corrupted piece. Voulk can correct me, but I believe it’s taking your equipped stats from the log you load (or a set of baseline stats that are probably lower than what you describe, and more balanced if you don’t upload a log) and using those to compute the value of stat amps. Separately, it’s computing the value of stat procs via uptime + weight, where the weight is what you input. So if you aren’t uploading a log, or are uploading a log where your stats aren’t what you plan to run baseline, the value of the amps will be different than expected. Similarly, if you don’t accurately represent your weights in the appropriate section, you’ll get unexpected results.

  5. rewt says:

    Really proud of you guys & congrats!

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