Dragonflight Dungeon Trinkets II

This is part 2 of the trinket preview series. You can find part I here. We’ll discuss the second half of the dungeon trinkets, including a few that are only available from Mythic+ which means we won’t be able to get them for a few weeks. Dungeon trinkets are extremely varied this time around. As always, up to date trinket rankings will be available at full item levels on Questionably Epic Live when the expansion launches.

Before you go on…

All calculations are on the 372 ilvl Mythic versions of the trinkets. This is the highest we’ll have access to for the first few weeks of the expansion. Some of the trinkets scale with your secondary stats and might vary slightly depending on your loadout but this doesn’t tend to be major. Blizzard tend to do a lot of trinket tuning in the leadup to release but I’ll keep note of any changes.

Our demo character (henceforth known as Kieran) has the following stats:

  • 25% Crit
  • 15% Haste
  • 10% Versatility

Beta & Article Updates

  • None yet!

Erupting Spear Fragment

Initial Rating: A- (Multi-target) / C (Single-target)
Season 1 Available Item Levels: 346 (normal) -> 372 (mythic)
Drops from: Neltharus


The Appearance

Very decent. We can fit a ton of boars in this thing.

Erupting Spear Fragment Radius


The Breakdown

  • Scales with: Crit, Versatility
  • Stuff you should know
    • There’s a travel time on the Spear, but not the buff so once it hits you’ll get the buff near immediately.
    • Always deals the same damage, no matter how many targets you hit but you’ll still want to hit 5 if you can to maximize the crit buff.
  • Numbers wise:
    • We can expect around 65,000 damage per use (~700 DPS).
    • The crit buff is less clear and we can expect anywhere from 453-2265 depending on targets hit. That averages to around ~50-250.


  • We can get quite consistent value in Mythic+ where target count is often higher than in raid. It’s only available at 372 this season, but keep an eye on this one in future. It’s also a great pickup on week 1 and 2 before season 1 starts.


Verdict: 1 target? No. 5 targets? God yes

A fantastic choice on any fight with 4-5 targets to reliably hit. Unfortunately capped at a low item level in season 1 but it’ll be back later in the expansion.

Voidmender’s Shadowgem

Initial Rating: A
Season 1 Available Item Levels: 376 (+2 key) -> 421 (+20 Vault)
Drops from: Shadowmoon Burial Grounds


The Breakdown

  • You should know:
    • This is an interesting spin on an on-use stat trinket. You get 1612 crit when you press it, and then while it’s active your healing spells can make it ~12.5% stronger for the rest of it’s duration, stacking. So to be clear, you won’t get any procs while it’s not active. It doesn’t charge up.
  • Numbers wise:
    • Without the empower effect you’re looking at an average of 269 crit from the effect. You can expect 4 procs on average while it’s active which increases it’s effective average to around 335 with a decent amount of variance.
    • A 1:30 cooldown is extremely good for Disc Priest since it lines up well with Evanglism, but you’ll be able to use this trinket on most healing specs pretty happily.


  • Very solid in Mythic+ also. This is just a really good stat stick.


Verdict: Excellent

There’s only so much you can say about an on-use stat stick, but this is a great trinket and one of the best if you don’t intend on raiding.


Mote of Sanctification

Initial Rating: A
Season 1 Available Item Levels: 376 (+2 key) -> 421 (+20 Vault)
Drops from: Halls of Valor


The Breakdown

  • Scales with: Crit, Versatility
  • You should know:
    • Mote of Sanctification picked up a stellar rep during Beta for it’s extremely high healing. It got nerfed twice as a result, the second by a massive 60% and is still really good.
    • Has a fairly forgiving radius and while you won’t be able to hit an ultra spread group with it, you should have no problem hitting 5 people in raid and at least most of your group in Mythic+.
  • Numbers wise:
    • You can expect a single use to deal a massive ~276,000 healing across your group on a short 90 second cooldown. That’s ~3000 HPS in a tier where we should expect to be doing 50-60k on tough heroic bosses (and this is just the 372 item level version).
    • This holds up extremely well.


  • This would be quite strong in Mythic+ even if it wasn’t overtuned. An on-use massive group heal is extremely nice to have access to. The only real downside is that it has passive Mastery on it.


Verdict: One of Legions worst returns overcooked

If they remains overtuned you’ll want to seek it out. Healing trinkets have been poor for quite a few years at this point and it remains to be seen if they’ll nerf this and continue the trend or leave it strong.


Time-Breaching Talon

Initial Rating: C
Season 1 Available Item Levels: 346 (normal) -> 372 (mythic)
Drops from: Uldaman


The Breakdown

  • Stuff you should know
    • Gaining power and then losing it afterwards is fine since it means we can be more powerful during our cooldowns, and then by the time it runs out it won’t matter that we are less powerful.
    • A 2.5 minute cooldown on the other hand is very tough. Most specs will just play this as if it’s a 3 minute cooldown since it lines up better that way.
  • Numbers wise:
    • While active you’re looking at around a ~40% power increase in starter gear, and then you’ll be ~18% weaker during the debuff portion.
    • Averages out to ~175 intellect. Average value isn’t a great indicator of this trinkets strength but we might find the upside isn’t sufficiently high anyway.


  • There isn’t really a good spot to use this in Mythic+. Dangerous pulls are often dangerous for longer than 15 seconds, the cooldown is awkward, and it’s difficult to get a lot of offensive value out of it.


Verdict: Tear through time to grab a better trinket

Time-Breaching talon is one of the best in the market for amping a 3 minute cooldown. The problem is that you are much weaker outside of it since the trinket doesn’t have passive intellect, and also reduces your power for a bit. You’re better off grabbing an on-use trinket that has all of the above instead – even if it offers slightly less to your 3 minute cooldowns.

Kyrakka’s Searing Embers

Initial Rating: D
Season 1 Available Item Levels: 346 (Normal) -> 421 (+20 Vault)
Drops from: Ruby Life Pools


The Breakdown

  • Numbers wise:
    • Kyrakka’s Searing Embers procs just once per minute (before haste) and we’re looking at around ~91k healing per proc. In practice this can have quite high overhealing due to proccing 2 seconds after you cast a healing spell so this is a best case scenario. That’s around ~1500 HPS. We also get a damage proc worth ~450 DPS. Remember that this is a trinket with a crit passive instead of an intellect passive which means we need the equip effect to be extremely good.
    • This is a poor result in the best case scenario and quite poor in a more typical one.


  • The damage portion is somewhat more valuable in Mythic+, but the overall package is still far weaker than some of our alternatives. At least at current tuning.


Verdict: Too little, too infrequently

Another janky HPS / DPS mix that needs further iteration or further tuning to see play. I think mixed trinkets are an interesting space to explore, but they run into some tuning difficulties because they need to tune it around having both, but in doing so the trinket because unusable in scenarios where adding damage is only a small boon to achieving your fight objective.


We’ll cover the rest in the next few days!


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