Dragonflight Week 1 Checklist

There’s a lot to keep track of, but ultimately all of it is optional and any player power gains will be replaced with future crafted/seasonal gear. 

We will update this post with changes/new things as they are revealed.

 Potentially Important To Player Power

  • Spark of Ingenuity – Make sure to get your Spark item from a quest by the Engine in Valdrakken, this can be used to upgrade IL on gear, we get one every 2 weeks or so. Your first will require you finish the campaign in Thaldraszus.
  • Mythic Dungeon World Tour – Clearing every dungeon on Mythic difficulty.
  • Super Rare World Tour – Some rares offer a chance to drop 385 IL gear, resets daily.

World Events

  • Hunts – Pop up around zones, x3 per week reward (Epic bag, Rare bag, Uncommon bag, then no rewards). Moves zones every 2 hours, always one up.
  • Community Feast – Tuskar Village, once a week reward. Happens every 3.5 hours give or take – can find next event on the “Today in WoW” section of the Wowhead homepage.
  • Siege of the Dragonbane by Black Dragonflight, once a week epic reward, then turns to rare bag instead for other completions – can find next event on the “Today in WoW” section of the Wowhead homepage.

Big Weekly Quests


  • Treatise Knowledge – Put a crafting order in for a Treatise item (Draconic Treaties on Skinning/Leatherworking/Enchanting/etc) for each profession to gain one knowledge, weekly lockout.
  • Show Your Mettle – Weekly profession quest from Miguel and his husband in Valdrakken by a bench near Alchemy trainer (/way 39.6 69.8).
  • Knowledge Notes Item – Purchase the +10/15 knowledge item from Rabul to the right of the Crafting Order Request platform (/way 35.8, 39.8), you can buy 3 versions of this item over time, once per character per profession.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Weekly quest. Do your 5 crafting order weekly quest by fulfilling crafting orders (have a guildie put some in for you if you need!)
  • Each profession has it’s own weekly quest, so check out your trainer etc for quests.

Bonus Tip:
Skip some profession stuff on your alts without missing out on the rewards.


  • World Quests – renown/rep, some good item upgrades.
  • PVP World Quests (WM On) – Offers large amounts of Blood Tokens which can be used to purchase 366 IL gear very easily/quickly.
  • Dungeon Quests – There are weekly dungeon quests offered in Valdrakken at the Sapphire Enclave.
  • Master Of Your Craft – Do your one-time “find the master of your craft” quest to get 5 knowledge for each profession you have.
  • Darkmoon Faire – It is up this week, offers skill/knowledge/mettle for professions (once per faire) and rep/exp buff!

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  1. HelzAdvocate says:

    On the Hunts…when you get finished with the three main ones for the week, you can still grind them. You get fifteen rep for each stage of each hunt and at the end you get a Common bag with four trophies in it. I had to grind to make my alchemy stone. Thanks for all you do on this site!

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