Questionably Epic Live

Questionably Epic Live

Spec spreadsheets are a valuable resource and often the only way to find out what your best Azerite Traits or trinkets are. The problem is that they take time to setup and it’s difficult to make them user friendly. Questionably Epic Live adds an intuitive user interface to Resto Druid spreadsheet Twig It. It’ll runs the same calculations and will give you the same accurate answers in half the time, and you don’t need to have Excel to use it. Season Two trinkets are already live and the five ring season two azerite pieces will be available before the end of the first day of the patch.

QE Live is still in beta and is designed for Desktop browsers. Find instructions below.



What does it do?

QE Live lets you compare Azerite Pieces and trinkets so that you can optimize your gear for raid. It’s quick, easy and you’ll have your answer in less than a minute. Run it while your raid clears trash, while you wait for your tank to get back from their third bio break this raid, or while your raid leader discusses boss strategy. This is not a “healing simulation”. The tool uses your own fight data (if you input logs), or a big set of default logs (if you choose not to). QE Live is accurate, fast, free and all yours.


How do I use it?

The app should automatically start when you load this page. It’ll ask for some basics like your Player Name and realm then you’ll be good to go. You can add Stat Weights and your current Azerite Items to your profile in the bottom left at any time. Doing this will improve the results you get quite substantially since the system will use your real stats and gear instead of the defaults. Anything you input is automatically saved in your browser and you’ll find it in-tact when you return in a couple of days to compare another piece.

How to: Adding Azerite Gear to your profile

For some traits your first is much more valuable than your second. Usually because some aspect of the trait doesn’t stack. By adding your Azerite Gear to your profile the app can work out which traits you already have on your gear and change the formulas it uses to calculate trait values. It’s optional, but can have a big impact on accuracy.

In this example I have an Archive from my Hood of Pestilent Ichor and an Autumn Leaves from my 7th Legionnaire’s Vest. When I’m comparing shoulder pieces later it’ll take into account that I already have the most valuable Autumn Leaves piece and I already have Reorigination Array. You can setup separate gearsets for Raid and Mythic+ by hitting the toggle in the top left of your profile.


How to: Comparing Azerite Gear

Comparing Azerite Gear is easy.

Input your Azerite neck level and tell the app what kind of content you’re planning on doing. Traits have different values in raid compared to Mythic+.

Select the items you want to compare from the dropdown list, the ilvl you own them at and then hit ‘Add’. You can add up to four items. Make sure you add whatever you’re currently wearing. If you make a mistake then just hit the giant X next to the items and it’ll remove it. You can also compare just one item if you’re already confident in your choice and just want to know the optimal traits to take.

The best item in your list will turn green and it’ll recommend you the best path for the item. If you want to change up your picks then hit ‘Back’, if you want a clean slate then hit Clear.



Planned Features List

  • Best in Bags: Compare everything you have at once and let QE Live tell you which Azerite combination is best.
  • Suggest Upgrade: Let the system scan your gear and tell you where you should be looking for your next big upgrade.
  • Support for other healing and / or tank specs: We’ll see.


Have a suggestion?

You can submit suggestions or bug fixes in the following Google Form: If you run into any trouble you can also DM me on discord: Voulk#1858.


Recent Changes

16 January - QE Live 1.5 - Season 2 prepatch. Equipped Item Revamp

Revamped Azerite Profile

  • You can now enter your equipped item levels and they’ll automatically be added to the Azerite Comparison.
  • You can equip the winning Azerite piece directly from the Azerite Comparison screen. This will make it much easier to flip between slots.

Season 2 Prep

  • Added all Battle of Dazar’alor Trinkets.
  • Deactivated Reorigination Array. In preparation for the new raid your first Archive / Laser Matrix pieces are no longer given bonus secondary stats.
  • Added a Settings screen that lets you change your player / realm names or completely restart the app.


  • Mana trinkets are no longer overvalued in Mythic+.
  • Logs should no longer show ‘Unknown Boss’ when switching between Raid and Mythic+.
  • Added missing items Dire-tooth Spaulders and Vest of Reverent Adoration.

21 December - QE Live 1.4 - Trinket Release

Added Trinkets!


  • Logs you enter will no longer clear when you leave / re-enter. This means you don’t have to re-enter them if you’re swapping between Azerite and Trinkets.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug in the mana formula that would cause Lively Spirit to be undervalued in some cases.

18 December - QE Live 1.3

  • Updated formulas and optimized traits to more closely follow the players logs.
    • In particular, you’ll see Archives value fall on shorter fights and the first Waking Dream trait rise on moderate HPS logs.

13 December - QE Live 1.2

  • New Items: Added the Engineering helms. They’re listed as “Engineering Goggles” in the drop-down menus.
  • Bugfix: Bracing Chill will no longer occasionally be valued at 0. It’s bad. It’s not quite that bad.
  • Bugfix: The Gear tab in the profile is now ordered correctly. This may reset your saved gear in some cases.

13 December - QE Live 1.1

  • New Items: Added the Darkshore Warfront items and traits.

12 December - QE Live 1.0a - Azerite Release

Added Azerite!

  • Bugfix: Long realm names will no longer prevent you from continuing.



Known Issues

  • Rare Bug: Blizzard changed the neck unlock requirements on multiple items with the patch and didn’t document any of them. There could be rare cases where it tells you to unlock a trait that you still need another level for. This is most likely on World Boss items.
  • Even Rarer Bug: You’ll occasionally see different traits on an item than you actually have available. Restart the app and you should be good to go.


Special Thanks

  • Torty. Creator of Twig It on which the app is based.
  • All beta testers, especially Broccoliz and Sully.