Questionably Epic Live

Recent News: Upgrade Finder is live for all Diamond+ patrons! A Benthic tab will be added next week and you can also compare them in Quick Compare.

Questionably Epic Live

Spec spreadsheets are a valuable resource and often the only way to find out what your best Azerite Traits or trinkets are. The problem is that they take time to setup and it’s difficult to make them user friendly. Questionably Epic Live adds an intuitive user interface to spec spreadsheets like Twig It. It runs the same calculations and will give you the same accurate answers in half the time.


QE Live is designed for Desktop browsers. Find instructions below. 

Supported Specs: Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin, Holy Priest, Resto Shaman (Patron Beta).

What does it do?

QE Live lets you compare Azerite Pieces and trinkets so that you can optimize your gear for raid. It’s quick, easy and you’ll have your answer in less than a minute. Run it while your raid clears trash, while you wait for your tank to get back from their third bio break this raid, or while your raid leader discusses boss strategy. This is not a “healing simulation”. The tool uses your own fight data (if you input logs), or a big set of default logs (if you choose not to). QE Live is accurate, fast, free and all yours.



  • Best in Bags: Compare all Azerite items in your bags at once and let QE Live find your best combination of traits.
    • Trait Analysis: Get an in-depth breakdown of each trait across raid and Mythic+.
  • Residuum Roller: Equip your best set and then find out which token you should spend your residuum on. Includes your odds of getting an upgrade and a breakdown of the power increase you can expect.
  • Compare Trinkets: Find your best trinket combo for raid or mythic+.
  • Gear Quick Compare: Compare all of the gear in your bags at once to quickly and efficiently pick your best item in each slot. Full support for tertiaries, sockets and special effects like Seabreeze and the Crucible items. SimC import included.
  • Heart of Azeroth Essences (Public Beta, not yet stable): Let the system show you your top three Essence combos so that you can lock in a solid set. This is very new and Essences are still being tested on live. Formulas will be refined over the next two weeks.


Upcoming Features

  • Upgrade Finder: Let the app scan your gear and tell you where you should be looking for your next big upgrade. It’ll also tell you where to use your Bonus Rolls. Is now live for Diamond and Rolls Royce patrons.
  • Support for other healing and / or tank specs: Disc Priest is lucky last and should be in soon after Palace opens.
  • Essences Analysis: The same concept as Trait Analysis but for Essences. An in-depth breakdown of the math behind the calculations.


Known Issues

  • Visual: Logs entered in a language other than English will show “Unknown Boss”. This is visual only and your data has still been loaded.
  • Visual: Palace bosses will show up as unknown boss when imported. Your data has still been loaded.
  • Functional: The Mechagon weapons don’t currently account for the effects.
  • There are two versions of each 7th Legionnaire / Honorbound Outrider azerite piece. Only one of the two exists in QE Live right now. A correction is coming soon.
  • Essences are still in beta and will be adjusted as live raiding begins.


Recent Changes

QE Live 2.18

Added Upgrade Finder. Full list of changes coming soon.

  • Fixed icons for Plate, Mail and Cloth wearers in the Upgrade Finder.
  • You’ll no longer need to re-enter your SimC string if you exit to main menu and then re-enter Upgrade Finder.
  • Unstable Flames and Overwhelming Power formulas have been adjusted for Glimmerdins.
  • Added both versions of the 7th Legionnaires and Honorbound Outriders leather azerite gear. The other armor types will follow tomorrow.
  • Corrected a bug with the Azshara staff effect. Enjoy it in its full glory.
  • Fixed a bug with the red Recalibration punchcard.
2.18d – 20 July
  • Palace BoE items now import at the correct item level.
  • Neural Synapse Enhancer will now take into account the item on-use effect.
  • Upgrade Finder: Mechagon loot will display at its correct item level and will no longer scale with Mythic+ level.


QE Live 2.17e
  • Fixed a bug with the Paladin Benthic azerite chestpiece where Lights Decree was not chosen even when the correct choice.
  • Fixed a bug where specific azerite combos wouldn’t display results.
QE Live 2.17d
  • Added all Benthic armor effects. Most notable for healers are the Poens set and the gloves that give you a self-heal once a minute on crits but they’re still pretty minor.
  • Mechagon crafted trinkets have been added to the selection. This includes Ruthlessness Protocol Augment and Self-Accelerating Drive Shaft.
  • Greatly increased the selection of items available to all specs.
  • Adjusted the default overhealing expected on Well of Existence very slightly.
QE Live 2.16c
  • Bugfix: Paladin haste weights will import correctly from WowAnalyzer.
  • Bugfix: Crit punchcards now show their correct value in trinket compare.
QE Live 2.16b
  • Added Ingenious Mana Battery and the new Highborne Compendium inscription trinket.
  • Removed the load screen for trinket compare. The algorithm is now fast enough to run without one.
QE Live 2.16a
  • Added icons for 8.2 azerite items.
  • Fixed a bug where regular items could import at the wrong ilvl with SimC.


QE Live 2.16 – Patch 8.2
New Module – Essences

8.2 added eleven new essences across the world. The QE Live Essences module takes some of the guesswork out of picking your best set by selecting a top three for you to pick between. This is live now for all users. SimC support will be along before the raid opens for quicker imports. Math on a lot of the essences is still settling now that we have live data so consider this a beta feature for now. There is a fair chance some of the numbers will change before the raid releases.

New Items
  • Added all Palace raid trinkets along with the Mechagon punchcard trinket.
  • Added all Palace, Operation: Mechagon and Benthic Azerite gear.


Have a suggestion?

You can submit suggestions or bug reports in the following Google Form: Suggestions are regularly implemented. If you run into any trouble you can also DM me on discord: Voulk#1858.


How do I use it?

QE Live is hopefully easy to just pick up and use but there’s a quick-guide as a reference here and a full FAQ here. The app stores to your browsers local storage so if you clear it you’ll have to recreate your characters.


Special Thanks

  • Torty for his work on Resto Druid spreadsheet Twig It.
  • Adamselene and Rhyno for their work on the BFA Holy Paladin spreadsheet.
  • Niphyr and Naro for their work on the BFA Holy Priest spreadsheet.
  • Maeve for helping with the Resto Shaman module and Niseko for their work on the BFA Resto Shaman spreadsheet.