Questionably Epic Live

Note: Gear Compare and SimC trinket / gear import is now live for all users. SimC Azerite import is now live for Patrons. Full update notes can be found below.

Questionably Epic Live

Spec spreadsheets are a valuable resource and often the only way to find out what your best Azerite Traits or trinkets are. The problem is that they take time to setup and it’s difficult to make them user friendly. Questionably Epic Live adds an intuitive user interface to spec spreadsheets like Twig It. It runs the same calculations and will give you the same accurate answers in half the time.


QE Live is designed for Desktop browsers. Find instructions below. 

Supported Specs: Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk, Holy Paladin, Holy Priest.


What does it do?

QE Live lets you compare Azerite Pieces and trinkets so that you can optimize your gear for raid. It’s quick, easy and you’ll have your answer in less than a minute. Run it while your raid clears trash, while you wait for your tank to get back from their third bio break this raid, or while your raid leader discusses boss strategy. This is not a “healing simulation”. The tool uses your own fight data (if you input logs), or a big set of default logs (if you choose not to). QE Live is accurate, fast, free and all yours.



  • Best in Bags: Compare all Azerite items in your bags at once and let QE Live find your best combination of traits.
  • Residuum Roller: Equip your best set and then find out which token you should spend your residuum on. Includes your odds of getting an upgrade and a breakdown of the power increase you can expect.
  • Compare Trinkets: Find your best trinket combo for raid or mythic+.
  • Gear Quick Compare: Compare all of the gear in your bags at once to quickly and efficiently pick your best item in each slot. Full support for tertiaries, sockets and special effects like Seabreeze and the Crucible items. SimC import included.


Upcoming Features

  • Auto-Import stat weights: WoWAnalyzer and the Healer Stat Weights addon are fantastic tools for keeping your stat weights up to date. Soon you’ll be able to auto-import them straight into QE Live.
  • Suggest Upgrade: Let the app scan your gear and tell you where you should be looking for your next big upgrade.
  • Support for other healing and / or tank specs: Resto Shaman and Disc Priest should both be in before 8.2.
  • Heart of Azeroth Essences: Coming in 8.2 with full SimC support.


How do I use it?

QE Live is hopefully easy to just pick up and use but there’s a quick-guide as a reference here and a full FAQ here. The app stores to your browsers local storage so if you clear it you’ll have to recreate your characters.


Known Issues

  • Logs for King Rastakhan bug out. I’m blaming Bwonsamdi for this one. Use a different boss.


Recent Changes

9 May – QE Live 2.12a

  • Bugfix: Items should no rarely show traits that didn’t exist on the item.
  • Bugfix: You should no longer load in with no character selected.
  • Changed the secondary stat formula slightly. You should see the value of secondary stat procs change slightly as a result. Secret Infusion is untouched.
  • Some small QE Black visual updates.


5 May – QE Live 2.12

QE Live now comes in two flavors. Black, and the original Gold. 


30 April – QE Live 2.11b

You can now import weights directly from HSW and will be able to do the same with WoWAnalyer in the next few days.



  • Updated the Main Menu.
  • Bugfix: Adding a SimC string in the trinkets module will now function correctly.

24 April – QE Live 2.11a

  • Gloves of the Undying Pact have been adjusted down slightly after live data. QE Live now assumes 35% efficiency in raid, and 25% in mythic+.
  • Fixed a few text issues with Holy Priest gear.
  • Bugfix: Adding a SimC string with the Best in Bags report up will no longer bug out the UI.



23 April – QE Live 2.11

Added Quick Compare for all users

With Quick Compare you can pick your best items in every single slot.

The results are closely tied to your stat weights so make sure you update them frequently. Special effects, like those on the crucible items, are all included along with sockets and tertiary stats like Leech. You can add all of your items at once with the SimC addon. Thank you so much to all Patrons who helped test it over the last two weeks.



  • Added SimC Import to all modules (Azerite import is a patreon beta feature).
  • Added some extra world quest trinkets: First Mates Spyglass, Incessantly Ticking Clock.
  • Added 400 item level versions of World Quest azerite pieces.
  • You can switch between modules without the app ditching all of the gear you entered. This should greatly improve the flow of the entire app. Import all of your gear at once via SimC string and jump between modules without having to re-enter anything.
  • Bugfix: The Estimated Wait Times in Best in Bags should be more accurate.


Have a suggestion?

You can submit suggestions or bug reports in the following Google Form: If you run into any trouble you can also DM me on discord: Voulk#1858.


Special Thanks

  • Torty for his work on Resto Druid spreadsheet Twig It.
  • Adamselene and Rhyno for their work on the BFA Holy Paladin spreadsheet.
  • Niphyr and Naro for their work on the BFA Holy Priest spreadsheet.