Answers to some commonly asked questions about the app.


Is it accurate?

Yes. QE Live should be just as accurate as your spec spreadsheets are (or much more accurate in the case of Mistweaver Monks). Suspicious results are reported and inaccurate results are quickly fixed. If you’d like clarification on the traits selected I’m more than happy to go over your result with you. DM me on discord at Voulk#1858.


Do you support X spec?

Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk and Holy Paladin are all live. Holy Priest should enter beta in about three weeks and Resto Shaman after it.


Is DPS considered or just healing?

At the moment it’s purely healing, but there’ll be a DPS component to the Mythic+ rankings in a few updates time. It’ll include some form of slider so that you can tell it how much time you’ll spend DPS’ing.


Is this a sim? I was told you can’t sim healing?

It isn’t a sim. A sim creates an imaginary fight and calculates the value of each trait in that imaginary fight. That works quite well for DPS because their goal is always to maximize damage. Sometimes there are multiple targets or burst windows and a DPS sim can account for all of those excellently. There are many more factors to consider when healing. Our spell rotation, number of co-healers, comp makeup and raid skill all vary on a person to person basis. That means that your fights often end up vastly different than anything you could try and simulate. Instead, QE Live takes your actual attempts via warcraftlogs and analyzes the value of each trait or trinket on the logs given. It’s using your rotation, it has your co-healers and it knows exactly who likes to stand in the fire. It’s much more accurate than a sim.


I would like to give you money. Please advise.

Oh, thank you. The site just opened a Patreon. Donors get bonuses in QE Live like:

  • New features 1-4 weeks in advance including new specs when they launch.
  • 25-700% faster compares.
  • The ability to add up to five azerite items in Best in Bags and six Trinkets.
  • My immense gratitude.

You can find it here.