Mistweaver Monk Azerite Traits

Last updated 9th April. Last reviewed 14 May.

Legion brought us Legendaries, Tier sets and artifact weapons to mix up our gameplay from tier to tier. In BFA we have…. Azerite Traits. They don’t have much of an impact on our playstyle but are numerically strong enough that you should be optimizing your set.

Let’s do this the quick way: Azerite Trait tier list

If you’re on an alt, play casually or have given up the min-max life to spend your time on something other than farming Azerite then you can do pretty well by just picking the highest ranked trait available on the piece. When you see ‘First‘ or ‘Second and Third‘ next to a piece, that means that the first is better than the others, usually because some aspect of the trait doesn’t stack. Getting trait values from QE Live will always be more accurate than a generic tier list.

Ok but what’s our “Best in slot”?

Battle for Dazar’alor: One Font of Life, One Bonded Souls, One or Two Treacherous Covenant, Gold or higher traits to fill.

These Azerite pieces dropped for me. How do I know which combo to use?

QE Live is an online app that’ll tell you which pieces are best and which traits to unlock in under two minutes. Input multiple items from your bags, and add an optional log to improve accuracy even further.


Do my traits stack if I get more than one?

Every Azerite trait in the game stacks in some capacity. Specifically the following aspect of each trait stacks:

  • Damage and healing increases, stat increases.

Conversely the following aspects do not stack:

  • Duration increases, cooldown reduction, proc chance, number of targets, damage taken increases.

Let’s do this the right way: Master the Spec

Crane Stance: The Mistweaver Traits

  • Font of Life

    What stacks with multiple traits? The healing bonus stacks, the TFT cooldown reduction does not.


    • There’s a 20% chance of getting 1 second off your TFT cooldown every time a bolt lands. This adds up to 2-3 free TFT’s per fight. Cherish them.
    • The bonus heal scales with Versatility, Crit and our 40% spec aura.
    • Our strongest Mistweaver-only trait in raid. Make sure you’re wearing one.
  • Uplifted Spirits

    What stacks with multiple traits? The Vivify bonus healing stacks, the Revival cooldown reduction does not.


    • The Vivify bonus heal applies to every target hit by the Vivify cleave effect (that is, everyone who has a Renewing Mist on them) as well as your primary target.
    • The bonus heal scales with Versatility, Crit and our 40% spec aura.
    • The Revival cooldown reduction can be tricky to give value to. It can be fantastic if it gives you an extra Revival across a fight or if it lets you better position one of your revivals. Sadly it often does neither and it’s outclassed by many other traits.
    • You’re not upset if you have to use one, but you aren’t necessarily seeking one out either. So, like a Vegetarian Pizza.
  • Misty Peaks

    What stacks with multiple traits? The amount of haste you get stacks, the proc chance does not.


    • You can expect about two procs per minute for a 33% average uptime.
    • Rather outclassed by Secret Infusion unless your Haste stat weights is high.
    • It lands somewhere in the middle of the stat proc traits. Not great. Not particularly awful either. So, the same as my University grades.
  • Secret Infusion

    What stacks with multiple traits? The quantity of stats you get stacks.


    • When using Focused Thunder only the first cast will give you extra stats. The second does nothing. RIP synergy.
    • In raid you’ll use most of your Thunder Focus Teas on Vivify so you’ll be getting Mastery from the resulting proc. You can expect an uptime of about 33%. That’ll go up and down a little based on your Font of Life procs and how long you hold onto any Thunder Focus Teas. That lands it squarely in a middle tier.
    • In Mythic+ you have a little more flexibility to pick the buff you like. While you’ll use most on Renewing Mists (and get Haste), you can also Tea Rising Sun Kick (and get Versatility). The ability to increase both your DPS and HPS on-demand make this an incredibly powerful Mythic+ trait.
    • Averages out to a decent amount of stats. Outclasses Misty Peaks and has a better name.
  • Burst of Life

    What stacks with multiple traits? The healing when Life Cocoon expires stacks, the cooldown reduction does not.


    • The throughput really sucks and 20 seconds off your Life Cocoon cooldown doesn’t qualify as enough “Life saving potential” to earn it a gold star there either.
    • It’s just flat out weak and up against much better competition. I don’t know what sports you watch but picture the weakest team in the league. Whenever you think of them, think Burst of Life.
    • Somewhat more viable in Mythic+ but there are still better traits.
  • Overflowing Mists

    What stacks with multiple traits? The healing stacks.


    • Speaking of weak traits…..
    • Looks really good on paper for tank healing, buuuuuuut it has a 1 second internal cooldown. Say goodbye to your perfect Reaping counter. Straight to the scrapper.
    • Scales with Versatility, Crit, our 40% spec aura, and the 30% Enveloping Mists healing bonus.


Way of Bwonsamdi: Raid Traits

  • Treacherous Covenant

    What stacks with multiple traits? The intellect stacks, the increased damage taken doesn’t.


    • The increased damage taken portion isn’t too big a problem since it’ll only rarely be the difference between life and death but losing the int bonus below 50% health does hurt the trait. Pay particular attention to its uptime in your logs. This is an excellent trait, especially in raid but only if you can keep yourself healthy.
  • Seductive Power

    What stacks with multiple traits? The stat gain stacks, the proc rate doesn’t increase with multiple traits.

    • The Bwonsamdi ghosts always spawn within ~18 yards and you have fifteen seconds to run over them. They really suck. They’re semi-transparent, impossible to find and give no particular indication that one has spawned. It also procs far less than we expected it to on the PTR.
    • “Gain all Stats” means it increases Intellect and Stamina. You don’t get any secondary stats from this.
    • Skip this trait. It will do no healing, and make you angry.
    • Gimmick: The buff actually persists out of combat so you could stack it up to five before the attempt begins (though at ~5 minutes for a full stack I doubt you’ll ever want to). It also persists when starting a key so get out your turnips. Fortunately it’s such a bad trait that you’ll never bother with any of this.
  • Bonded Souls

    What stacks with multiple traits? Every portion of the trait stacks.

    • Expect significant overheal but for it to put out respectable numbers regardless.
    • Bonded Souls lasts for 15 seconds but will heal four times and give you 20 seconds worth of haste. It procs a heal and five second haste buff when it procs and then every five seconds.
    • Will change target every five seconds so you do have to play around it a little since it targets the nearest ally to you and they might not be the ally that needs healing. We’re working on a weak aura to make your life a little easier.
    • The second and third Bonded Souls traits offer just as much as the first however the more of them you have the more likely it will overheal (Leech functions in a similar way). Try and stick to one or two, but a third isn’t awful – just keep an eye on the overhealing you’re seeing on logs.


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