Mistweaver Monk Macros, Weak Auras and User Interface


You can succeed as a healer with a wide range of different user interfaces and it’s mostly dependent on your taste. The only essentials are:



Why you want it:

  • Shows very visibly which targets have Renewing Mist, defensive buffs and raid debuffs.
  • It’s CPU / Memory friendly.
  • It’s very very easy to customize.
  • Can be combined with macros or Clique for mouse-over casting (recommended).

Updated Grid2 Profile (May 2019 – Supports all healer specs): https://pastebin.com/pwjTSBS0



Why you want it:

  • You don’t need mouseover macros or Clique because it’s all built in.
  • Can be customized however you like (though the settings menu is notoriously complicated).
  • Keep tanks at the top of your frames.

Updated Vuhdo Profile coming soon


WeakAuras is an incredibly powerful addon that you can do almost anything with. Some players have even built their entire user interface with Weak Auras alone. Your raid leader is likely to give you a set of Weak Auras to use when you enter raid.

Cursor Weak Auras for your key spells

Why you want it: A key to healing efficiently as a Monk is to use your short cooldowns often. This Weak Aura will make it obvious what buttons you need to hit as they come off cooldown. Includes Renewing Mist, Thunder Focus Tea, Mana Tea, Refreshing Jade Wind and Chi Burst.

Combo Package: https://wago.io/MWCursorCombo


Jade Serpent Statue

Why you want it: When running Jade Serpent statue it’s essential to know it’s healing someone and very useful to know who exactly it’s targeting. This weak aura takes care of both for you.

Import String: https://wago.io/jadeserpentstatue


Mana Tea

Why you want it: This weak aura gives you value in two different ways. First, you need to know when your mana tea is active so that you can chain-cast spells to maximise its value. You always want to finish your mana tea with an Essence Font as your last cast. That gives you a half price Essence Font without chewing up any of its duration. This weak aura will tell you don’t have time to fit in another Vivify. 

Import String: https://wago.io/m-2hidgNI



Mouseover Casts: Casts Renewing Mist on the target you are mousing over on your raid frames. If you're not hovering over anyone it'll attempt to cast it on the target you have selected. Substitute Renewing Mist for any other spell name if you want to run mouseovers on multiple spells (and you should)#showtooltip
/cast [target=mouseover,help] Renewing Mist; Renewing Mist
Ward of Envelopment Cursor Mouseover: Places the Ward of Envelopment trinket at the location of your cursor, saving you a click and making it a stronger life saving tool (particularly in Mythic+)#showtooltip
/cast [@cursor] Ward of Envelopment