Mistweaver Monk Talent Guide

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Raid Talents

    Strong always, not always best.

    Putting your best foot forward

    When to deviate from the core raiding build

    Mist Wrap vs Chi Burst

    Tanks are getting smashed? Mist Wrap

    All other scenarios? Chi Burst

    Some fights absolutely massacre the tank and as Mistweavers our single target healing is second to none. Picking up Mist Wrap lets you specialize in single target healing. Think of the decision as 10% extra tank healing vs 5% extra raid healing. Chi Wave is horribly undertuned.


    The Movement Tier

    Want to support your raid? Tiger’s Lust

    Prefer one fewer button to press? Chi Torpedo

    Chi Torpedo and Tiger’s Lust are both very competitive. Celerity isn’t good. Tiger’s Lust can also be cast on an ally instead of yourself which offers some useful utility. Consider where you could use it when you’re picking your talents.


    Lifecycles vs Mana Tea

    This is a pure numbers game. Even if you’re healing the tanks a lot Mana Tea is usually still going to give you a bigger return.

    • Assuming you fit 7-8 casts into the Mana Tea duration you’re saving about 15,000 mana. That’s equal to about 880 MP/5. If you run Mana Tea you want to maximise the healing each global cooldown does while the buff is active which usually means filling it with Vivifies and then throwing in an Essence Font as your last cast before it ends. It’s fine to include a Renewing Mist as well as it comes off cooldown. You can use this weak aura to track your Mana Tea: https://wago.io/manatea
    • Mana Tea also does very well with Way of the Crane, saving 12,500 mana every time you sync them up.
    • To match that with Lifecycles you’re looking at about 7 Vivify casts and 7 Enveloping Mists casts every minute and a half. Not impossible, but not common either.
    • Spirit of the Crane isn’t necessarily bad but you need very high DPS uptime on the boss for it to measure up.

    Use WoWAnalyzer to measure how much value you’re getting from each and make a decision off that but it’s going to be Mana Tea most of the time.


    Jade Serpent Statue vs Refreshing Jade Wind

    Refreshing Jade Wind does a lot of healing and so you might wonder why Jade Serpent Statue is the better default choice. It isn’t just the improved spot / tank healing. It’s the difference in mana cost. If you take Jade Serpent Statue instead and then spend the mana that you would have spent on RJW on Vivify instead you’ll do more healing overall. That said, there are exceptions:

    • On fights that have a strong burst healing phase Refreshing Jade Wind will give you higher overall HPS for that healing window. It’s more expensive, but we don’t necessarily care because we’re trying to fit as much healing as we can into that specific moment of the fight. Ashvane’s Ripping Waves can be a good example.
    • Chi-Ji just isn’t strong enough as a cooldown to justify any use.
    • You’ll want to track Jade Serpent Statue with a Weak Aura. I’d recommend this one: https://wago.io/jadeserpentstatue


    Rising Mist!??

    Want to keep your raid spot? Upwelling

    Bit of a Contrarian? Rising Mist, but don’t be that guy

    Rising Mist is an enjoyable playstyle and I recommend you bust it out on farm but for progression you need Upwelling. You might have heard rumors of a “Fistweaving build” that makes use of the talent. This playstyle was never viable on live servers.

    • With Upwelling you’ll want to Essence Font whenever six or more allies are injured. Don’t feel like you need to save it until you hit maximum Upwelling stacks. It’s your most efficient heal regardless.
    • Similarly to Rising Mist, there isn’t a scenario where you want to run Focused Thunder in raid.

    Rising Mist is still on the outside with the Way of the Crane build but it isn’t quite as awful. We’ll bump it up from an F to a C.


  • Mythic+ Talents

    Always strong. There’s very little variance to this build. 

    Putting your best foot forward

    When to deviate from the core Mythic+ build

    The Mythic+ build is pretty fixed but there are a few minor variations that we’ll touch on.

    Lifecycles vs Mana Tea

    On an ultra high Tyrannical key and worried about your mana during an AoE-heavy boss fight? Mana Tea

    All other scenarios? Lifecycles

    You’ll cast Enveloping Mist much more in Mythic+ as opposed to raid so it’s a strong default choice.


    Diffuse Magic vs Dampen Harm

    Running a Kings Rest or Freehold? Dampen Harm

    All other dungeons? Diffuse Magic

    Most of the damage you’ll be taking is Magic so Diffuse Magic is the default choice. King’s Rest and Freehold are the only dungeons with really prominent physical damage. Possibly a high Fortified Atal’dazar as well.



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