Freehold Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Freehold Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 36 minutes
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The trash at the start of the instance is slow, easy to face-pull and completely unnecessary for our enemy forces count so we're going to skip all the way to the first boss. Shroud works fine here as well, just make sure you don't walk over the mobs running down the stairs. You can also stealth it fine as a Druid or Rogue if you want to save your potion cooldown.
The boss won't actually spawn until you've killed a nearby pack and you can choose from the pack down the stairs (as indicated by the arrow) or the one behind you.
The pack on the other side of the bosses arena is worth slightly less percentage than this one but you can catch it up later in the instance. Grab this one as default.

The Enforcer will throw your tank around and has a nasty frontal cleave. Make sure you aren't in front of it and you'll do fine. 
The Mastiff does moderate tank damage and has a soothable enrage called Beastial Wrath. Don't be reluctant to kite this pack.
You can pull this enforcer across the bridge with you or Imprison / Sap it and leave it where it is and catch up on trash later. He's kind of inefficient but he's also very much in the way.
There are three "events" that you'll find in this area that rotate on a weekly basis. You have to complete it before you can complete the second boss and your trash path will change slightly depending on which you get. 

The Dog (Pictured)
Chase the dog around the area until he lies down and gives you the key to the cage in front of you. Unlock the cage to complete the event.

Key Tactics
- You can chase the dog in stealth, avoiding every trash pack in the area. 
- You can have the tank chase the dog while pulling any trash packs necessary. When complete die and get a res while the party sit back and watch.
- You can clear the trash packs and skip some trash later (mentioned ahead). 

There will be two mobs ahead of you with training dummies. When pulled they'll summon a bunch of friends. Kill them all to complete the event.

Key Tactics
- You'll need to pull the pack to the left in the above screenshot before you engage them unless you want one big mega-pull.
- The mobs don't do anything particularly special.

Have every member of your party speak to one of the Vulpera neutral mobs. They're marked in yellow on your minimap. It's possible for all five party members to speak to the same Vulpera. You don't need to drink with all of them.
If it's the Dog or Bullies event then clear them before sneaking behind the house. If it's the Drunks event then do it right away. You'll find a Vulpera here to drink with. Make sure all five drink and make sure you have the pirate hat buff afterwards.
Clear the pack behind the boss.
Clear the neutral pack to the left as well. It's just free percentage and somebody will probably pull it during the boss anyway.
The trash here actually changes based on the weekly event since particular trash mobs are associated with the captain that you become friendly with. That means that these packs vary by a few percentage points every week. The strategy here is to clear the easy packs regardless of the week and use the arena up ahead to make up any extra percentage you need.
Be very careful of the huge patrol. The Crusher has two big brown swirls you have to dodge: a boulder boss and a 9 yard AoE. Both are very easy to dodge and you'll get 20 demerit points on your dungeon license if you get hit by either.
There's 30+ seconds of RP once you talk to the gentleman in the middle of the arena before the pig drops. The strategy for the mini-bosses is covered in the boss section of the guide but you can pull a pack or two of mobs down while you're waiting on RP. You can even click the pig while you're fighting and you can grab another pack while you're snoozing through the turtle mini-boss (BUT NOT ON BOLSTERING WEEKS).
There's 33% trash across the bridge to the final boss so you'll want to be at 67% before you leave this area. Your actual percentage will vary a little here based on which weekly event is up. Generally the AoE packs are more efficient for percentage than the Crushers but it's all on the menu.
67% is the goal here.
These are pretty dangerous but you've got eight minutes left on your timer (hopefully) so feel free to take them slowly. Don't interrupt Painful Motivation. It'll give them a damage buff but also a significant self-DoT and quicker kills = quicker keys.
This pack is skippable if you accidentally face-pulled half the instance and don't need anymore trash percentage. Just run up the rocks to the left and tank the boss in the corner.

Method Dungeon Tools Strings

Classic Path (Pictured above):



  • Skycap’n Kragg

    About as threatening as his hearthstone card

    Dungeon Journal+

    Charrrrrge Magic Damage Dodgeable

    Pistol Shot Magic Damage 

    Phase 2 (75% – boss dismounts)

    Vile Bombardment Magic Damage Dodgeable (floor effect)

    Azerite Power Shot Magic Damage 30 yard cone targeted at player

    Revitalizing Brew Interruptable (channeled) Self-heal 

    Dive Bomb (The Parrot) Magic Damage Dodgeable Knockback


    You should know

    • Reasonably straightforward fight but getting hit by the mechanics is almost certain death.
    • In phase one you need to move out of his direct path when he casts Charrrrrge (that’s five r’s). That’s basically it. Get him to 75% so the proper fight can start.
    • In phase two a party member needs to keep a close eye on the parrot, because when he lands he’ll Dive Bomb through a straight line in front of him. If you’re on voice then it can be easiest for an assigned player to call his location, so everyone can avoid the damage.
    • Ranged players can completely avoid the Azerite Power Shot by standing at max range. 
    • Key Interrupt: Revitalizing Brew. This is a pretty big self-heal on the boss and it ticks every 1 second so you’ll want to interrupt it immediately. His brew actually falls to the ground afterwards and it can be picked up and drunk for a small self-HoT but this is rarely worth it in practice.
    • Resettable. Run from the arena and he’ll disappear.


  • Council o’ Captains

    So many mechanics I’m still writing the guide to this day

    Dungeon Journal+

    Captain Raoul

    Blackout Barrel Debuff (Non-dispellable, Disorient)Kill the barrel to get the player out

    Barrel Smash Dodgeable (brown swirl) Knockback 

    When friendly: Tapped Keg Buff (+15% damage done)

    Captain Eudora

    Powder Shot Physical Damage Targeted at random players. Hurts.

    Grapeshot Magic Damage Dodgeable Avoidance  – Fires multiple times from Eudora’s left to her right in a series of cones.

    When friendly: Chain Shot  Stun (6s)

    Captain Jolly

    Cutting Surge Physical Damage Debuff (Non-dispellable, DoT) Dodgeable

    Whirlpool of Blades Magic Damage Dodgeable (giant swinging sword)

    When friendly: Trade Wind’s Vigor Buff (+40% movement speed) Appears as a giant circle around you that looks bad but is actually good


    The Brews

    Confidence-Boosting Freehold Brew Buff (+50% crit chance)

    Invigorating Freehold Brew Buff (+30% haste)

    Caustic Freehold Brew Debuff (Non-dispellable, DoT)


    You should know

    • You’re effectively fighting two of the three at once, with the other providing light support so the fight does change from week to week.
    • There are a lot of mechanics here so here’s the abridged version: Break allies out of Blackout Barrel > Never get hit by more than one Grape Shot cone > Don’t stand in the giant swinging sword > don’t stand in the smaller brown circles.
    • Once you’ve mastered the basics you can look into improving your kill time. Stack the two bosses on top of each other for cleave (they don’t share a health pool) and stand in the large brown swirls.
    • The barman will throw brews into the arena in the form of giant brown swirls. You can use a weak aura to track the three second cast so you know whether to jump in or not. Make sure you don’t get the swirls mixed up with the bosses Barrel Smash ability. Here’s a weak aura for you:
    • Tank: Make sure you keep the bosses out of the big brown swirls. If you’re min-maxing then you can drag them inside the Caustic Brew but the DoT isn’t huge and this isn’t going to be worth it most of the time.
    • Cheese (Eudora): Ranged players can completely avoid the ultra high damage Powder Shot by line of sighting it around the pillars of the nearby house (or by standing on top of it). Your biggest chance of death in a high key is taking two in a row. Take one, line of sight the second while the healer gets you back to full health.


  • Ring of Booty

    Less sexual than expected. Probably a good thing considering the sharks, ogres and pigs involved

    Round 1: The Pig

    You used to be able to all group up in the middle and spam click the pig as it dropped but it’s now random. There isn’t really a trick here anymore, use your movement abilities to hunt it down as quickly as you can. You need to click it five times.


    Round 2: Bouncy Bois

    This might just be the easiest single mob in the entire instance. Dodge the shells and turn him into turtle soup. This is a key opportunity for the healer to contribute damage since he has a lot of health.


    Round 3: Chum Covered Gnashers

    Dungeon Journal+

    Ripper Punch Physical Damage Debuff (Non-dispellable, DoT) Hits a random ally within 10 yards

    Shark Tornado Physical Damage Dodgeable (9 yds)

    Flailing Shark Magic Damage Dodgeable Shark will follow the nearest player, calculated after each jump


    You should know

    • The healer or a mobile ranged DPS should stand near the shark when it falls. It’ll automatically adjust and start chasing them instead. This is much safer than it ending up on a melee DPS who’ll lose substantial damage by running around the room.
    • Kite the sharks into a pile of chum. It’ll slow them until the boss picks them back up. You don’t have to kite through more than one chum, the slow doesn’t stack.
    • The boss charges to the sharks to pick them up. You’ll take substantial damage if you’re hit by this so don’t be in between the boss and his sharks.
    • Obvious Dodge: Shark Tornado. Both the ability and the similarly named movies.
    • Healer: You need to track who the shark is chasing and be ready to burst heal them unless you trust them dearly. It’s very easy to trip and be dragged back into the jaws of death. Pug groups you’re only running with for one night also have a habit of avoiding the chum while long-term groups are much more likely to know what to do. If you’re a star you can pick up every shark yourself so that the DPS can work.


  • Harlan Sweete

    Sure, in-game casinos are banned but the boss still gets to roll the dice?

    Dungeon Journal+

    Cannon Barrage Magic Damage Debuff (Non-disellable, DoT) Dodgeable

    Swiftwind Saber Magic Damage Dodgeable

    Loaded Dice: All Hands! Boss Buff (All abilities target all allies, gained at 60% remaining health)

    Loaded Dice: Man-O-War Boss Buff (+100% attack speed, reduced cooldowns, +100% damage taken, gained at 30% remaining health)

    Black Powder Bomb (Irontide Grenadier) Magic Damage Dodgeable (CC or kill the add, will detonate upon reaching player)


    You should know

    • Cannon Barrage drops big red circles around each marked players position for three seconds. Have each party member pick a direction to run to ensure you don’t run into each other.
    • CC the Irontide Grenadiers and they’ll explode before they can even reach a player. If you’re light on CC then turn and kill them. The fixated player should run in the opposite direction to buy your team more time.
    • Swiftwind Saber is very easy to dodge for the first third of the fight, just rotate around him since they fire in one direction. Post-60% they’ll fire in all directions and they’re almost impossible to dodge at this point. Pull yourself a few yards back from the boss when it’s cast and make sure you’re hit by one Saber at most.





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