Freehold Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Freehold Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 36 minutes
Average # Mobs per pack: Coming Soon



The trash at the start of the instance is slow, easy to face-pull and completely unnecessary for our enemy forces count so we're going to skip all the way to the first boss. Shroud works fine here as well, just make sure you don't walk over the mobs running down the stairs.
The boss won't actually spawn until you've killed a nearby pack and you can choose from the pack down the stairs (as indicated by the arrow) or the one behind you. They're pretty similar so feel free to kill whichever doesn't have an Infested mob (remember Infested rotates weekly).
The pack on the other side of the bosses arena is worth slightly less percentage than this one but you can catch it up later in the instance. Grab this one as default.

The Enforcer will throw your tank around and has a nasty frontal cleave. Make sure you aren't in front of it and you'll do fine. 
The Mastiff does moderate tank damage and has a soothable enrage called Beastial Wrath. Don't be reluctant to kite this pack.
You can pull this enforcer across the bridge with you or Imprison / Sap it and leave it where it is and catch up on trash later. He's kind of inefficient but he's also very much in the way.
There are three "events" that you'll find in this area that rotate on a weekly basis. You have to complete it before you can complete the second boss and your trash path will change slightly depending on which you get. 

The Dog (Pictured)
Chase the dog around the area until he lies down and gives you the key to the cage in front of you. Unlock the cage to complete the event.

Key Tactics
- You can chase the dog in stealth, avoiding every trash pack in the area. 
- You can have the tank chase the dog while pulling any trash packs necessary. When complete die and get a res while the party sit back and watch.
- You can clear the trash packs and skip some trash later (mentioned ahead). 

There will be two mobs ahead of you with training dummies. When pulled they'll summon a bunch of friends. Kill them all to complete the event.

Key Tactics
- You'll need to pull the pack to the left in the above screenshot before you engage them unless you want one big mega-pull.
- The mobs don't do anything particularly special.

Have every member of your party speak to one of the Vulpera neutral mobs. They're marked in yellow on your minimap. It's possible for all five party members to speak to the same Vulpera. You don't need to drink with all of them.
If it's the Dog or Bullies event then clear them before sneaking behind the house. If it's the Drunks event then do it right away. You'll find a Vulpera here to drink with. Make sure all five drink and make sure you have the pirate hat buff afterwards.
Clear the pack behind the boss.
Clear the neutral pack to the left as well. It's just free percentage and somebody will probably pull it during the boss anyway.
The trash here actually changes based on the weekly event since particular trash mobs are associated with the captain that you become friendly with. That means that these packs vary by a few percentage points every week. The strategy here is to clear the easy packs regardless of the week and use the arena up ahead to make up any extra percentage you need.
Be very careful of the huge patrol. The Crusher has two big brown swirls you have to dodge: a boulder boss and a 9 yard AoE. Both are very easy to dodge and you'll get 20 demerit points on your dungeon license if you get hit by either.
There's 30+ seconds of RP once you talk to the gentleman in the middle of the arena before the pig drops. The strategy for the mini-bosses is covered in the boss section of the guide but you can pull a pack or two of mobs down while you're waiting on RP. You can even click the pig while you're fighting and you can grab another pack while you're snoozing through the turtle mini-boss (BUT NOT ON BOLSTERING WEEKS).
There's 33% trash across the bridge to the final boss so you'll want to be at 67% before you leave this area. Your actual percentage will vary a little here based on which weekly event is up. Generally the AoE packs are more efficient for percentage than the Crushers but it's all on the menu.
67% is the goal here.
There are two ways to do this. The easy, safe way and the insane ultra-fast way. 

The Ravager mobs will cast a spell called Painful Motivation that buffs nearby mobs damage by 45% but also deals heavy damage over time to each mob. Pull all five packs at once, slow them, stun them and group them up. Let them cast and run. Kite down the bridge if you have to but Painful Motivation will do most of the work for you. You can't tank all of them at once without heavy cooldowns and CC and should not attempt to do so for long. Gorefiends Grasp makes this 5x easier. 

It's honestly safer to do this in two pulls - especially on Infested keys.

Pull the packs once at a time. The Buccaneers have a frontal cleave and the Stormcallers have a big AoE that you can walk out of. The Officers will put a nasty 75% healing reduction on the tank but it can, and should be, dispelled.
This pack is skippable if you accidentally face-pulled half the instance and don't need anymore trash percentage. Just run up the rocks to the left and tank the boss in the corner.

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