Temple of Sethraliss Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 36 minutes
Average # Mobs per pack: Coming Soon



Temple is stuffed with more trash than we need so we're going to pop an early invis pot and skip the first two packs - some of the most dangerous in the instance.
Your invis pot should end around the same time you see the Stonefist's ugly mug. Casters should stand as far from him as possible without backing up into the pack behind you. He does a little mini-interrupt on casters within 30 yards.

Key Interrupt: Healing Surge (Charged Dust Devil, medium ST heal)
We can skip both of these - just be careful that you don't walk into them while fighting the boss.
While you cross the bridge you'll be pelted from above (they're the large brown swirls). These come hard and fast and will 1-2 shot you. Pull the mob to the other side of the bridge and use your mobility to cross quickly.

The Krolusk Rider has two frontal cleaves. Noxious Breath is a large cone that poisons anyone hit and the tank themselves can sidestep this once the cast starts.
Pull these back a little so that you don't pull more than you need. The Sand-crusted strikers are your priority target and they'll need to be dragged out of the sand cloud that they drop. 

The Marksman will pelt random players for pretty high damage and will pause occasionally to cast Power Shot - a straight line dodgeable attack that'll melt you if you get hit. Keep an eye on them. Lastly, the Venomous Ophidian stack a DoT on their primary target. If you can dispel poisons then you should do so.
Hug right so that you can avoid the pack on the left. You can pull the right-hand pack down a little to make it cleaner.
If you accidentally wander into it like I just did then clear it. Think of it as *bonus trash*. Next, grab the Krolusk Rider. Remember to stay out of the frontal cleave.
Pull as few of these at a time as you can since they heal. 

Priority Interrupts: Greater Healing Potion (Faithless Tender, big ST heal), Stoneshield Potion (Crazed Incubator, big ST damage reduction)
The Crazed Incubators also self-destruct when on low health with Pyrrhic Blast. Move away from them and let them die.
After killing Merektha head down the tunnel behind her. Purge or interrupt the Accumulate Charge buff to keep incoming AoE damage low.
If you accidentally pulled anything else in the instance or didn't invis potion at the beginning then stick left here and avoid the pack on the right. These packs aren't otherwise very scary so long as your healer is paying attention. Make sure you dodge the blue lightning swirls.
More of the same. The Static Charged Dervish will beam random party members for moderate damage. The boss will spawn once the trash is cleared.
Make it past the orb maze? If you're reading this while being shunted back to the beginning for the fourth time I have just one tip for you. You don't have to always be moving forward. If you find yourself staring at a lightning ball brick wall then move backwards through the gap behind you. Space will open up if you're patient. If you have high latency then auto-run through and hope for the best.

Grab the Stormcaller and avoid the blue lightning circles. They'll actually one shot you on higher keys.
This mini-game is a massive time sink and you'll need to make use of your high mobility classes to complete it quickly. There are two pedestals on either side of the room with an orb. You need to pick the orb up and run it to the giant snake skull at the end of the room. The catch? The conscripts will knock it out of your hand and the Orb Guardians will flat out steal it and run away.

Use your AoE CC, excellent tanking skills and cheesy mobility spells to run the orb home. Here are some highlights:
- Shamans in Ghost Wolf form won't be slowed when holding the orb.
- Monks are particularly good since Chi Torpedo / Roll, Transcendence and Flying Serpent Kick (WW) make quick work of the orb.
- Warlocks can drop a portal to give the orb carrier a significant shortcut.
- Druids can Wild Charge to an ally standing near the skull to save 25 yards.
- You can have a druid go Travel form and have someone pick up the orb and ride them in.
- Death Knights can.......... nevermind.
Second orb. Same as above. You're almost done.
Heart Guardians are a verified tank killer, stacking a big damage taken debuff on whoever they hit. Fortunately they start out as neutral mobs here and won't pull right away. You can even skip them but that won't be necessary. The Hexers Flame Shock random targets. It actually hurts quite a lot so you'll want your healer to dispel it where possible.
The boss won't engage until you talk to him in the middle so clear this trash at your own leisure and then let your healer get back to 100% mana.

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