Temple of Sethraliss Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 36 minutes
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Classic Path (pictured above)https://wago.io/templeofsethraliss



  • Aspix and Adderis

    Please get your DPS a Lightning Shield weak aura. It will hurt you. You will die.

    Dungeon Journal+


    Jolt   Magic Damage   Interruptible

    Conduction   Magic Damage   Debuff (damage on expiry)

    Static Shock   Magic Damage   Avoidance

    Gale Force   Annoyance



    Arcing Blade   Magic Damage   Shared

    Cyclone Strike   Magic Damage   Dodgeable

    A Peal of Thunder   Magic Damage   Dodgeable   Fatal

    Arc Dash   Magic Damage   Dodgeable


    You should know

    • This fight has a bunch of different ways to kill you and while they’re all reasonably easy to avoid you will need to do so.
    • Let’s start with the most obvious. Lightning Shield. One boss at a time will have it and if you hit them with anything it’ll really really hurt you. A little of this is fine but it chunks hard so if you want to remain on speaking terms with your healer then hit the right mob. There’s an in-depth look at the Lightning Shield mechanic below.
    • Alright, next big thing that’ll one shot you is the Arc Dash that Adderis will cast on 100 energy. When he begins the cast he’ll mark out big white lines on the floor between himself and each player. This is his path and in a few seconds he’s going to rip up anyone standing in that path. You avoid it by all taking a couple of steps backwards outside of the path.
    • Obvious Dodge: A Peal of Thunder is a big lightning zone on the floor. Don’t stand there. Cyclone Strike also belongs on this list. It’s often easier to watch where Adderis is facing when he begins the cast and to simply rotate around the room rather than trying to weave through the cyclones themselves.
    • Pop your defensives when you have Conduction or when Static Shock is about to hit. If you pop your defensive late in the Conduction debuff then it should cover both damage events. Your healer will be popping some big healing cooldowns here too but you need to not get one shot.
    • Interrupt Gust / Jolt as much as you can. They’ll only hit the tank but there’s nothing else to interrupt and it’ll keep the overall damage levels down so the healer can focus on the rest of the party.


    Lightning Shield in Detail

    Here’s an in-depth list of what will and won’t proc it.

    • Direct Damage, including cleaves and AoE attacks? Yep.
    • Autoattacks? Yep.
    • DoTs? Yes if they have a direct damage portion (Moonfire, Shadow Word: Pain) but it won’t proc it if they’re purely a DoT (Sunfire cleave, Rip, Corruption).

    Lightning Shield also has a two second internal cooldown so if you rapid fire a bunch of abilities into one then you’ll still only get hit once. It’s tough to take advantage of this in any way.


  • Merektha

    A relaxing experience compared to the other three bosses in the instance

    Dungeon Journal+

    Noxious Breath   Leaves Pools

    Blinding Sand   Physical Damage   Debuff (Disorient)

    Burrow   Physical Damage   Dodgeable   Knock Back

    A Knot of Snakes   Physical Damage   Debuff (Stun)

    Cytotoxin (Venomous Ophidian)   Magic Damage   Debuff (Poison, DoT)


    You should know

    • A Knot of Snakes will stun the target until they’re broken out. You can DPS them but most of the time you’re better off breaking them out with a stun of your own. The following all work:
      • Single target and AoE stuns (like Mighty Bash and Leg Sweep).
      • Incapacitates (like Incapacitating Roar, Blind).
      • Long single target CC’s that hit beasts (Hibernate, Imprison, Frost Trap, Fear).
      • CC breaks like Ice Block and Blessing of Protection.
    • The boss will burrows on a timer but she’ll only ever do it twice. This is fantastic design because it avoids the Legion Helya problem where you could easily spend half of a high key just waiting on her Submerges.
    • Healer: Dispel the Cytotoxin at two stacks.
    • Face away during Blinding Sand. You’ll take the same damage either way but you’re going to look really silly if you get hit by it.


  • Galvazzt

    Name pronunciation guide not included

    Dungeon Journal+

    Galvanize   Magic Damage   Debuff (+Galvanize dmg taken)

    Consume Charge   Magic Damage   Avoidance   Dangerous

    Induction   Magic Damage   Avoidance


    You should know

    • Coordination is the name of the game. If you’re an organized group on voice then have a leader call out the name of who they want to soak the next pillar. That lets the healer start prepping to heal them, keeps stacks spread out and improves your control over the fight.
    • If you’re in a pug then take on as much responsibility as you can yourself. Soak a pillar to 10-12 stacks, let them reset and then seek out another pillar. The more mechanics you handle yourself, the less your party has to do and you trust yourself more than the people you just met.
    • Ultimately this fight is a hard DPS / HPS check and even with perfect mechanics you may not kill him. Make sure you saved your 3 minute cooldowns and Bloodlust. You’ll need them.
    • The boss getting a Consume Charge cast off is doom. That’s what you’re racing against. He doesn’t gain any energy naturally so you can still him indefinitely with good pillar control (until your healer runs out of mana).


    Healing Galvazzt

    DPS will seldom realize how tough this fight is for you and even with perfect play you’re going to be pushing more throughput than anywhere else in BFA Mythic+. In general:

    • Stay mana efficient. You’ve been told mana doesn’t matter much in Mythic+. Tyrannical Galvazzt is a whopping exception. If you think you’ll need a strong mana trinket before the run starts then use one. Make heavy use of your efficient spells like Efflorescence and Essence Font.
    • Prepot with an int pot. The first 30 seconds of the fight isn’t too intense but there isn’t a downside and it’ll also boost any DPS you can contribute early on. Use either a second int pot or a dirty mana pot later in the fight.
    • Add DPS – especially at the start. The fight is a DPS check. Yes you’ve got an incredibly amount of healing to do but the quicker the boss dies the sooner you can stop healing and take a deep sigh of relief. As the fight ramps up you can stop and focus on your healing but that 2k DPS you add over the fight can be the difference between a wipe and a kill.
  • Avatar of Sethraliss

    A good healer really does carry this entire instance

    Dungeon Journal+

    Pulse   AoE Magic Damage   Avoidance

    Cardiac Shock   Magic Damage   Dodgeable (Swirl)

    Plague (Plague Toad)   Magic Damage   Debuff (Disease, Stacks, -Healing Done)

    Heart Attack (Heart Guardian)   Magic Damage   Debuff (+20% damage taken, Stacks)

    Chain Lightning (Plague Doctor)   Magic Damage   Interruptible

    Snake Charm (Plague Doctor)   Debuff (Magic, Incapacitate)


    You should know

    • DPS priority: Heart Guardian > Plague Toad > Hexer / Plague Doctor. You can multi-DoT pretty much everything but the Heart Guardian is going to kill your tank through Heart Attack stacks if you don’t take it out quickly. Plague Toads just can’t be allowed to reach your healer since they have a nasty -50% healing debuff. You can even run into them and “soak” them if you have to.
    • Tank: Try and keep the Heart Guardian on top of a Plague Doctor and Hexer for better cleave / AoE damage.
    • Obvious Dodge: Cardiac Shock (blue swirl). Your healer is suffering enough in this instance. Don’t make it harder on them.
    • Hybrids: You’re going to spam heal the Avatar in between phases.
    • When the Heart Guardian dies it drops a green sphere that increases the healing the boss takes from all heals. Don’t stand on this until the boss is healable or you can waste the entire thing.


    Healing the Avatar

    • After the 8.1 changes you only have to heal the Avatar up twice. She starts on 25% health and you’ll heal her from 25 -> 70 and then 70 to 100%. This makes it much easier to plan out your healing cooldowns.
    • The Avatar can be hit by floor effects like Efflorescence and Healing Rain. She won’t proc anything that requires damage like Cenarion Ward so save those.
    • You’re basically going to use your maximum single target rotation here and hope that the group basically looks after themselves for the 20-30 second window. For a Druid that might look something like prehotting with Rejuv, Lifebloom, Efflorescence and Wild Growth and then spamming Swiftmend into Regrowth. You’ll use Innervate for the first and hopefully have enough mana to spam without it for the second.
    • For Monk it’ll look something like Essence Font before she becomes healable (For the mastery boosting HoT) into Soothing Mist -> Enveloping Mist -> Vivify spam. Refresh Enveloping Mist whenever it falls off.
    • You’ll also want to sync any on-use trinkets with the phase.


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