The skies are falling: Resto Druid 7.2.5

Don’t worry, it’s not time to re-roll Monk just yet. All areas of the site are updated for the new patch, and after reading this post you might want to stop by the FAQ.


Let’s comb through the patch notes.

All healing reduced by 4%

  • Urgh, nerfs. Given our power over the last few months this isn’t too significant.

Aman’Thul’s Wisdom maximum extend reduced to 9 seconds from 15

  • The shoulders were going to fade into obscurity when we stopped using T19 anyway, but Blizzard wanted to give them a headbutt on the way down. This is actually not a significant nerf to the piece and it remains one of our top two legendaries for now. Once you stop using T19 you can put them back in your bank, next to your X’oni’s.

Cultivation healing reduced by 16%

  • This actually stings a bit since getting 5-7% healing from Cultivation on a progression boss wasn’t uncommon. Cultivation still adds a valuable mastery stack however this only ever represented ~30% of its total value to us. It is still our first choice talent (but Tree of Life is competitive, and we should keep an open mind in ToS).

New Legendary: Chameleon’s Song

  • This one is a bit of a miss. The heavy RNG element, and tier slot location puts heavy pressure on the new legendary. Heavy. Pressure.
  • While we are still wearing 4T19 it must beat Velens, Aman’Thul’s Wisdom and Prydaz to qualify for a slot. Initial numbers suggest it won’t get close (but we’ll keep an eye on it) however it serves as an OK alternative if you’re missing the above-mentioned stronger legendaries.
  • When we replace 4T19 with T20 + 2T19 this will fall into the trash can with our new flight form.

New Legendary: Soul of the Archdruid

  • This one may actually get some use. It is missing about 1000 secondary stats compared to Tearstone and Sephuz which is worth roughly ~2% throughput but it makes up for it with a powerful effect.
  • The free talent offers 5-7% additional healing in most cases (with 2T20), and is controllable, burst healing which is more desirable than say, a random proc.
  • Should take Tearstones place as our niche AoE healing legendary, but is unlikely to be useful for every fight.
  • Don’t use it with 4T19. If your tier bonus procs while you have the SotF buff active it will eat it and you’ll be left feeling justifiably confused. This will happen about a quarter of the time.

More on the new legendaries here.

Darkmoon cards can now be upgraded to 900 ilvl

  • Promises was already a reasonable trinket before you got your hands on some chunky stat sticks and with the ilvl upgrade it is now incredibly competitive.
  • You can expect ~4540 MP/5 if you cast 30 spells per minute (this is about average). That’s enough for an extra 14 rejuvenations over a six minute boss fight. Nice.
  • Initial calculations (credit: @Torty) have it roughly equivalent to a 930 stat stick.
  • Make sure you use the extra mana. If you finish the fight at 20% or more then you are wasting the trinket.


Quick-fire questions

  • What are our Best in Slot legendaries now? Velens and Aman’Thul’s. Dark Titan’s Advice, and Prydaz are both solid too.
  • Are we running the same talents? Yep, though Spring Blossoms should make a resurgence when we drop Aman’Thul’s later in the patch.
  • Is Promises better than my ilvl X Arcanocrystal? Probably, yes.
  • Do you have a best in slot list for ToS? Best in slot lists don’t tend to be useful in this new titanforged world. You’ll eventually want to be wearing 4T20, 2T19, and 2 decent legendaries.
  • Have our stat weights changed? Not particularly. We still want to be keeping a rough balance. It remains to be seen if Mastery will be as strong in ToS as it was in Nighthold.
  • How are the ToS trinkets looking? A mixed bag. More info here.
  • Do you feel the nerf? It’s noticeable, but we’ll play on. We’re still in a very competitive place.
  • Is Prosperity viable now? It’s definitely not worth taking until T20 and even then it’s going to really struggle to keep up with the raw throughput of Cenarion Ward. Could see more use than Nighthold, but definitely a very niche pick.
  • Read the FAQ.




7 responses to “The skies are falling: Resto Druid 7.2.5”

  1. TeaTreeArea52 says:

    So I am wearing 4 set T20 most of it war-forged/titan-forged. I have 2 T19 but my question is if I get non tier titan-forged is it worth replacing the 2 t19 pieces

    • Voulk says:

      This will depend on what slots you’re using for your T19 pieces, and what ilvl they are. The 2pc set tends to be worth 40+ ilvls per slot which makes it very hard to beat unless you’ve got some amazing titanforges.

  2. TheHecubank says:

    Re: Is Prosperity viable now?

    Even with T20, it seems unlikely it will be competitive in raid. Maybe we’ll see something in M+, wirh Regen time between pulls.

    CW is still the king if you use it well. Restos who are not using it well (and most druids seem to be using it very poorly based on logs) and can’t improve that quickly should probably take Abundance instead: even if you use Abundance very poorly, you will still get some measurable passive benefit in the form of Regrowth crits.

    • John says:

      How does one use it better? Dont you just throw it on the tank?

      • Voulk says:

        In most cases you do. The main issue most people have with the talent is that they don’t cast it enough times to get full value. In a 6 minute fight you could fit in 13 or so casts but if you look at logs most only get 4-5 uses which robs it of its potential.

  3. Brent says:


    So i read that we should ultimately aim for 2 t19 and 4 t20 pieces. Would heroic t19 pieces at 890 trump 915+ non tier pieces dropping from Tomb? Or do I need to look for titanforged/mythic t19 for my two pieces?

    Thank you!

    • Voulk says:

      Hi Brent,

      Sorry for the late reply. Your 2T19 set should beat any Tomb non-tier pieces. The set is worth 50+ ilvl which makes it very difficult to beat until you’re looking at titanforged gear. If you can still snag some high ilvl T19 pieces they’ll last you a very long time.

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