Comparing different trinkets has never been more difficult, with the Warforging system offering each trinket up at multiple different ilvls. To make analysis easier, trinket procs will be compared at 865 ilvl (in blue) and 895 ilvl (in green). Trinket value differs depending on the specific encounter you’re progressing on so keep a set of high ilvl trinkets where possible. As a healer I lean toward trinkets with 100% uptimes, or with on-use effects instead of proc based trinkets unless the proc is particularly strong. Unlike DPS we can rarely afford a trinket that is only active 15-20% of the time.

If you are looking for a quick answer, here is a rough tier guide:

  • S Tier: Velen’s Future Sight, Unstable Arcanocrystal, Brinewater Slime in a Bottle / Ethereal Urn, Etraeus’ Celestial Map, Perfectly Preserved Cake
  • A Tier: Chrono Shard, Flask of the Solemn Night, Padawsen’s Unlucky Charm, Darkmoon Deck: Promises, World Quest Stat Sticks (845)
  • B Tier: Horn of Valor, Vial of Nightmare Fog, Heightened Senses, Fluctuating Energy
  • C Tier: The rest

The following trinkets are significantly worse than world quest stack sticks and should be avoided at all costs: Aluriel’s Mirror, Horn of Cenarius, Amalgam’s Seventh Spine, Bottled Hurricane, Mote of Sanctification, Naglfar Fare, Faith’s Crucible, Conclave Reflecting Lens. An 880 ilvl Horn of Cenarius is weaker than an 820 stat stick.


Unstable Arcanocrystal. Rating: S+. Drops from: Withered J’im (World boss)

  • An amazing over-budget stat stick.
  • Rather difficult to obtain – especially at a higher ilvl but compares well to an ~895-900 stat stick.


Brinewater Slime in a Bottle. Rating: S. Drops from Helya (Trial of Valor)

  • Basically a high ilvl version of the world quest stat sticks.
  • The mythic Crit version of the trinket beats all other trinkets in game, but is very rare since you first need the trinket to proc and then get Crit.
  • The Mastery and Haste versions are still very very strong.


Ethereal Urn. Rating: S. Drops from: Nightbane (Karazhan)

  • An insane stat stick that beats out most other trinkets for its sheer reliability, even if Mastery isn’t our top stat.
  • The Fear break is actually situationally useful:
    • Break the Dragons of Nightmare fear in Emerald Nightmare.
    • Breaks Nightbane’s fear.
    • Breaks Ymiron’s fear in Maw of Souls (but why did you get hit by it??)


Chrono Shard. Rating: A. Drops from: Arcway

  • Average of one proc per minute. This is an equivalent 1027 to 1713 passive Haste without the set bonus.
  • Random procs tend to be less desirable since they could equally occur during a burst of damage and be very powerful, or during a period of no damage and be entirely useless.
  • The movement speed is very weak for us since we are already the most mobile healer and have other tools for dealing with encounter movement (Cat Form, Travel Form, Displacer Beast, strong instant spells) however it doesn’t detract from a very strong trinket.
  • The combination of Haste proc and flat intellect makes it very comparable to the Flask of the Solemn Night, and they are essentially interchangeable.


Flask of the Solemn Night. Rating: A+. Drops from: Court of Stars

  • One proc per minute. The proc is equivalent to 1000 to 1670 passive Haste. Dips under Chrono Shard in value at 15 stacks.
  • Slightly weaker than Chrono Shard overall (and significantly so compared to the Chrono Shard set bonus).
  • The flat Intellect and Haste proc make for a very strong trinket option.


Padawsen’s Unlucky Charm. Rating: B+. Drops from: Humongris (World Boss)

  • Padawsen’s should be spreadsheeted to calculate the value it will give you, however compared to Arcanocrystal you gain 1421 intellect at the cost of 468 crit, mastery, and haste, and 807 versatility. Even though Intellect is our strongest stat, it struggles to compare to 2211 secondary stats.
  • Inferior to Arcano Crystal but still very strong if you’re lucky enough to pick one up.


Darkmoon Deck: Promises (865 ilvl). Rating: A-. Drops from: Crafted

  • The mana reduction per spell ranges from 556 to 2221 but averages ~1300. If you cast 45 spells a minute this offers ~4875 mana per 5 seconds.
  • The combination of strong passive mana regeneration and Intellect makes this a very strong mana regeneration trinket when starting out.
  • After you are well geared I’d still recommend a throughput trinket or a high ilvl stat stick.


Horn of Valor. Rating: B+. Drops from: Halls of Valor

  • The versatility is weak for us, but the on-demand intellect boost is very valuable. It averages out to 674  to 1125 int but its on-demand nature means you can use it with Tranquility or an Innervate bomb to greatly increase its value. Very strong on fights where damage comes in regular intervals (such as Ursoc).


Vial of Nightmare Fog. Rating: B. Drops from: Dragons of Nightmare (Emerald Nightmare)

  • Three procs per minute. Prevents ~507,000 to ~671,000 damage per minute. This is equivalent to 8450 to 11193 heals per second in the best case scenario that all absorbs are used.
  • The flat Crit is OK (but not as good as flat INT would be). It’s worth 2.59% to 2.9% crit chance.


Heightened Senses. Rating: B. Drops from: Ursoc (Emerald Nightmare)

  • 1.25 procs per minute with a 12 second duration for an average 25% uptime before Haste. This is equivalent to 451 to 597 Haste and 1027 to 1358 passive Intellect.
  • Can proc off HoT ticks.
  • The unreliability can hurt its effectiveness quite a lot, and when the proc isn’t active the Versatility doesn’t offer much.
  • Reasonably strong overall, but it’s too weak during 75% of the fight to earn a recommendation.


Fluctuating Energy. Rating: B. Drops from: Mana Devourer (Karazhan)

  • Two procs per minute. The proc is worth 4292 to 5948 mana per 5 seconds if you catch all of the Loose Mana which is about a 12% boost to your base mana regeneration.
  • The mana restore is buffed by 30% if you are wearing the Harness of Smoldering Betrayal.
  • One of the better mana regeneration trinkets (especially with the Chest piece for the boost) but I’d still recommend using two throughput trinkets. The mana clouds can be a pain to track on complex fights like Cenarius or Dragons of Nightmare.


Cocoon of Enforced Solitude. Rating: C+. Drops from: Elerethe Renferal (Emerald Nightmare)

  • A below average mana regeneration trinket that benefits from the large amount of intellect on it.
  • If the proc is used on cooldown, it’s worth 4249 to 5620 mana per 5. As far as mana regeneration trinkets go those are only OK numbers but using it on cooldown tends to be greatly problematic since there are very few fights where any player can chill in a cocoon for 10 seconds, healers especially! On most fights you’ll find yourself using it two to three times at the most and any time it spends unused greatly decreases its value.
  • There are better mana regeneration trinkets, with fewer downsides. Don’t use it over a stat stick unless it’s 40+ ilvl higher.


Nether Anti-Toxin. Rating: C-. Drops from: Arcway

  • This is generally quite weak, but was worth investigating for the possible DPS increase it could provide your DPS.
  • Procs three times a minute. Multiple procs can be active at once, and it can overwrite itself (rare). Does not proc if the heal was 100% overheal.
  • It can proc off HoT ticks (not just casts). The HoT it leaves does NOT count toward our Mastery nor does it benefit from other HoT’s already on the target.
  • Grants the equivalent of 258 to 431 passive Haste, and ~306,000 to ~512,000 healing per minute. Given the random nature of the trinket (some of the targets may not even benefit much from haste) and the low overall values I cannot recommend it in any situation.


Nighthold Trinkets

I have written a guide to the Nighthold healer trinkets here. The new Legendary trinket is very strong, as is the newly buffed Perfectly Preserved Cake and Etraeus’ Celestial Map trinkets. The other two are weak.


Trinkets are fun. Legendaries are even better. Let’s take a look.