Last updated for Shadowlands on 22 November. A later update with more information will be released post-launch.

  • Raid Rankings

    • Rolls Royce Tier: Cabalist’s Hymnal, Soulletting Ruby
    • Diamond Tier: Darkmoon Deck: Repose, Macabre Sheet Music
    • Gold Tier: Wakener’s Frond, Soulsifter Root, Siphoning Phylactery Shard, Manabound Mirror
    • Silver Tier: Vial of Spectral Essence, Unbound Changeling (all versions), Lingering Sunmote, Boon of the Archon, Overflowing Anima Cage
    • Bronze Tier: Sunblood Amethyst

    Boon of the Archon and Overflowing Anima Cage both have large group strength bonuses. These must be taken advantage of for the trinkets to anything but worthless.

  • Mythic+ Rankings

    Stat sticks are good here too, but this section will be rewritten when DPS trinkets can be properly evaluated.

I have X trinkets at Y item levels. How do I know which are best?

QE Live is an online app that’ll tell you which trinkets to wear. It also has built in SimC support so that you can compare everything in your bags at once with one click.



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