Last updated July 2020. There’s a deep dive on the new 8.3 trinkets here

Comparing different trinkets has never been more difficult, with the Warforging system offering each trinket up at multiple different ilvls. To make analysis easier, trinket procs will be compared at 400 ilvl with exceptions specifically noted. Trinket value differs depending on the specific encounter you’re progressing on so keep a set of high ilvl trinkets where possible. A lot of the trinkets available right now are different variations of stat sticks, all of which are similar enough in strength that you can go with your highest ilvl option.

Trinkets are considered at equal ilvls. Trinkets that are no longer relevant outside of mega titanforges have been removed from the list but are still available in QE Live. DPS trinkets are also available in QE Live. 

  • Raid Rankings

    • The “Cylotronic Evolved” tier: Forbidden Obsidian Claw
    • Diamond Tier: Vita-Charged Titanshard, Humming Black Dragonscale, Alchemist Stone, Manifesto of Madness
    • Gold Tier: Fang of Intertwined Essence, Notorious Gladiators Insignia, Sea Giant’s Tidestone, Conch of Dark Whispers, Moonstone of Zin Azshari, Ignition Mage’s Fuse, Notorious Gladiator’s Medallion, Ingenious Mana Battery
    • Silver Tier: Void-Twisted Titanshard, Revitalizing Voodoo Totem, Lady Waycrest’s Music Box
    • Bronze Tier: Balefire Branch, Oozing Coagulum
  • Mythic+ Rankings

    • Rolls Royce Tier: Forbidden Obsidian Claw, Aquipotent Nautilus (Damage), Vita-Charged Titanshard
    • Diamond Tier: Humming Black Dragonscale, Notorious Gladiators Badge, Alchemist Stone
    • Gold Tier: Ignition Mage’s Fuse, Ingenious Mana Battery, Notorious Gladiator’s Insignia, Moonstone of Zin Azshari, Conch of Dark Whispers, Notorious Gladiator’s Medallion, Sea Giant’s Tidestone
    • Silver Tier: Revitalizing Voodoo Totem, Lady Waycrest’s Music Box, Balefire Branch
    • Bronze Tier: Oozing Coagulum, Fang of Intertwined Essence

I have X trinkets at Y item levels. How do I know which are best?

QE Live is an online app that’ll tell you which of your trinkets or Azerite Pieces are best. It has full support for sockets, tertiary stats and more. It also includes all DPS trinkets, which common picks in Mythic+.


Level Up

The Stat Sticks

BFA is very heavy on different types of stat sticks and they’re all similar in strength. We generally prefer sticks with intellect main stat (like the Conch of Dark Whispers) over secondary stats. They’re mostly worth the same amount of average stats over a fight but intellect trinkets have more of their strength allocated to static, consistent power which is desirable as a healer.

Stat sticks can be categorized as either on-use trinkets or random procs. On-use trinkets provide fewer stats but make up for it in power since they can be used at the same time as a big Flourish or damage window. All of these trinkets are close enough in strength that you can always take the higher ilvl of the two outside of a few weak outliers like Balefire Branch.

Random Proc Stat Sticks

On-use Stat Sticks

  • Azshara’s Font of Power has a 25% uptime and provides an average of 551 intellect at the cost of a 4 second channel time every 2 minutes. It’s insane.
  • Ignition Mage’s Fuse has about a 17% uptime and provides an average of  130 haste. You’ll average much higher during the trinket duration.
  • Balefire Branch has about a 22% uptime and provides an average of 244 intellect if you aren’t hit by anything. This is heavily underbudget and near-useless in any situation where you’re taking damage while it’s active.
  • Dread Gladiator’s Medallion has about a 17% uptime and provides an average of 156 vers.

The Flat Healing Trinkets

Healing Proc trinkets were given a massive buff in 8.2 and now compete well with stat stick variants. They still don’t scale with incoming damage well, but the flat values are so high that you’ll need to be doing top tier content for them to start falling behind again.

  • Deferred Sentence. It was buffed significantly from its PTR version and is now godly.
  • Lady Waycrest’s Music Box (proc) adds about 26,000 healing per minute (when you include crits, extra procs from haste and added healing from versatility). Adding the set ring doesn’t make a noticeable impact to its healing contribution. It does give it an extra damage boost which can be nice in Mythic+.
  • Luminous Jellyweed. The buff on the target lasts for two minutes so you should get full value. It was buffed as the patch went live and is now excellent. It cannot crit but does scale with versatility.
  • Mirror of Entwined Fate (on-use) adds an incredible 55,000 healing per minute and provides great life saving potential. With the 8.2 buffs this is a very good trinket to have in your toolbox when Eternal Palace opens.
  • Ward of Envelopment (on-use) adds about 50,000 healing per minute which is incredible for an on-use absorb trinket. You’ll pop this whenever you’re expecting raid damage and you can use it for its strong throughput alone. Don’t save it for when the raid is low – aim to maximize your casts per fight.
  • Void Stone (on-use) adds a potential 63,000 healing per minute however any healing they receive while the absorb is active will eat away at it. That turns it into a bit of a niche trinket since you’ll frequently get far less out of it than advertised. It’s a little better in Mythic+ where you can better control the flow of healing but it’s still tough to take it over a Mirror or good stat trinket.
  • Zoatroid Egg Sac adds about 40,000 healing per minute which is low but also provides a Versatility buff to the target. The problem is that the Versatility amount scales with how much shield is left and on any difficult fight a 10k shield is going to disappear immediately. It was recently buffed but still falls toward low-tier.


The…. Miscellaneous

While 90% of the expansions trinkets will likely fall into the above two categories there are always a few that are outside the box.

  • Fangs of Intertwined Essence returns about 3711 mana per minute. This is equal to about half a Blessing of Wisdom and improves your natural mana regen by about 7%. Maximise the number of usages you get by using a weak aura to remind you or by macroing it into an ability.
  • The Alchemist Stones are hybrid trinkets crafted through Alchemy. They offer both a stat proc (that averages 358 intellect) and a bonus to mana potions which is worth about 10,000 mana per fight if you use a Potion of Replenishment. In 8.2 and 8.3 Alchemist Stones also come with a socket.
  • Revitalising Voodoo Totem offers a stacking single target HoT on demand. It doesn’t interact with our mastery in any way. The on-use heals for around 34,000 HP total for a per-minute average of nearly 23,000. This is a reasonable amount but it’s delivered in a clunky way since the HoT ramps up slowly (making it a poor emergency tool) and you give up stronger raid healing to equip it. If it’s the best you’ve got then aim to use it on cooldown on a tank or debuffed player.


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