Antorus Healing Trinkets preview is now live.


Comparing different trinkets has never been more difficult, with the Warforging system offering each trinket up at multiple different ilvls. To make analysis easier, trinket procs will be compared at 915 ilvl (Tomb of Sargeras Heroic). Trinket value differs depending on the specific encounter you’re progressing on so keep a set of high ilvl trinkets where possible. As a healer I lean toward trinkets with 100% uptimes, or with on-use effects instead of proc based trinkets unless the proc is particularly strong. Unlike DPS we can rarely afford a trinket that is only active 15-20% of the time. If you are a fresh level 110 looking to start raiding then pick up Darkmoon Deck: Promises and roll Relinquished trinkets until you get an A or B tier trinket below (stat sticks are very common).

If you are looking for a quick answer, here is a rough tier guide:

  • A Tier: Velen’s Future Sight, Darkmoon Deck: Promises, Sea Star of the Depthmother, Static Stat Sticks (including Arcanocrystal), Proc-based Stat Sticks
  • B Tier: Charm of the Rising Tide, Fluctuating Energy, Perfectly Preserved Cake, The Deceiver’s Grand Design
  • C Tier: Barbaric Mindslayer, Memento of Tyrande, Archive of Faith, Echo of L’ura, Astral Alchemist Stone
  • D Tier: The rest

The following trinkets are significantly worse than world quest stack sticks and should be avoided at all costs: Aluriel’s Mirror, Horn of Cenarius, Amalgam’s Seventh Spine, Bottled Hurricane, Mote of Sanctification, Naglfar Fare, Nether Anti-Toxin, Horn of Valor, Faith’s Crucible, Conclave Reflecting Lens, Ephemeral Paradox.


Static Stat Sticks. Rating: A

Including: Unstable ArcanocrystalBrinewater Slime in a Bottle, Padawsen’s Unlucky Charm, Ethereal Urn, Relinquished Stat Sticks

  • These trinkets are mostly even in strength, and are incredibly powerful throughput trinkets.
  • Arcanocrystal is overbudget, and can be considered the strongest of the set.


Proc-based Stat Sticks. Rating: A-

Including: Chrono Shard, Flask of the Solemn Night, Dreadstone of Endless Shadows, Etraeus’ Celestial Map, Chalice of Moonlight (ToS)

  • These are a slight step down from the static sticks as they lose a little reliability (and could proc at non-optimal times).
  • Chalice of Moonlight has 1.5 procs per minute, ~30% uptime and is equivalent to 1148 passive Haste or Crit. Day is 6am-6pm and night is 6pm-6am. Oceanic realms follow the US clock.
  • Chrono Shard is 1 proc per minute, ~17% uptime and is equivalent to 1141 passive haste without the set bonus, and 1307 with.
  • Flask of the Solemn Night is 1 proc per minute, ~17% uptime and is equivalent to 1150 passive haste.
  • Dreadstone and Map are 2 procs per minute, ~27% uptime and have an equivalent to 1206 passive secondary stats.


Mana Trinkets. Rating: Varies

Including: Darkmoon Deck: PromisesFluctuating Energy, Memento of Tyrande, Astral Alchemist Stone

  • 900 ilvl Promises (current max) offers an average reduction of 1816 mana per spell. If you cast 30 mana-costing spells a minute this is 4540 MP/5. This is our strongest mana trinket for sure.
  • Fluctuating Energy procs twice per minute (more often with Haste) and is worth 4753 MP/5 if you catch every ball with 20% Haste.
    • You can modify the value by how successful you are at picking up the balls. At a 75% rate the value drops to 3565 MP/5.
    • Increased by 30% by wearing the Nightbane Chestpiece but it’s not recommended since it competes with a tier slot (and we have plenty to try and fit in already).
  • Memento of Tyrande drops in the Timewalking version of Black Temple and it’s basically promises-lite. On live it restores 11,165 mana per proc and you can expect 2.5 of them per minute (multiplied by your haste). With 20% haste this is 2,791 MP/5 which is significantly lower than Promises or Fluctuating Energy.
  • Astral Alchemist Stone is a new addition in 7.3 and can be upgraded to 935 ilvl. It’s the weakest of the mana trinket options and offers up about 2000 MP/5 over an 8 minute fight. The poor mana return, combined with most of its stat budget being taken up by its heavy Intellect proc makes this a poor trinket for us unless you’re just starting out.


On-Use or Proc Based Trinkets. Rating: Varies

Sea Star of the Depthmother. Rating: A+

  • Procs off 50% of Wild Growth casts which means an average of about 2 procs per minute for most.
  • The trinket scales with both Crit and Versatility so with reasonable gear you can expect 51,818 * 32 healing per proc. Which is ~55,000 HPS over the duration of the fight which is really excellent.
  • The range is 15 yards, and it is a smart heal which will prioritize the lowest health ally in range.


Charm of the Rising Tide. Rating: A

  • An interesting on-use alternative to the proc-based Chalice of Moonlight listed above.
  • Should be ahead of Chalice if you are progressing a fight where you are confident you can stand still for 10 seconds every time the trinket is up since even though it has a lower average Haste than the Chalice it can be combined with fight burst phases, as well as Essence of G’Hanir to provide a sizable boost.


Perfectly Preserved Cake. Rating: B

  • Hits six targets for an average HPS of 36,226. Smart use will leave the Cake with a reasonable contribution.
  • Particularly powerful for fights like Gul’dan where it can be used to recover from a bad Fel Bond. Niche uses in high Mythic+ to survive high damage boss abilities.


Barbaric Mindslaver. Rating: C

  • Procs from heals, not casts which means every HoT tick has a chance to proc it.
  • You can expect 1.5-2% healing from the Mindslaver on most fights which isn’t high enough to beat a stat stick however it’s not toooo far behind if you’ve got terrible alternatives.


The Deceiver’s Grand Design. Rating: C+

  • The HoT scales with Crit, Haste and Versatility. The shield portion just scales with Versatility.
  • You can expect the HoT to tick for an average of ~167k every ~2.5 seconds with reasonable gear. This is a large injection of tank healing which is situationally powerful but often unnecessary. You can judge this trinket on how frequently your tanks are dying and how much a moderate stream of healing would have helped with it.


Archive of Faith. Rating: C+

  • Offers a large single target burst over 3 seconds followed by a small shield. If used on cooldown, it’s equal to a whopping ~70k+ HPS in decent gear. This comes at the opportunity cost of 4% healing on all spells that the intellect on a static stick would have offered. This isn’t a trade worth making on many fights and you’re unlikely to pull this out one often.



Trinkets are fun. Legendaries are even better. Let’s take a look.