Site Updates: QE Live, Patreon, Mistweaver Content, Mythic+ Revamp

QE Live officially launches

Two months ago we added a new app to the site: Questionably Epic Live. It promised to make Azerite armor easy for you. We wanted it to reduce the amount of time you spent looking through complex spreadsheets and trying to mix and match traits just to put forward your best performance in raid or dungeons. The response was greater than we could have imagined and now tens of thousands have run comparisons through the beta version of the tool. Yesterday we invited Mistweavers to the app and by the end of next week we’ll support a yet to be revealed third spec.

QE Live Demo

For those not familiar with QE Live, it allows you to input any Azerite Gear or trinkets that you own and it’ll tell you exactly what to wear. You don’t have to add anything up, or compare traits across a table. Just enter your gear and then equip it. Throw a log in if you want that extra 10% accuracy.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped test over the last two months. Keep reporting any bugs you find and we’ll keep the accuracy of the tool sky high.



QE will always house high quality guides and tools to make your life easier but running the site is expensive. I’ve created a Patreon so those of you who find the site useful can contribute to its long-term health and development. Multiple perks are included such as in-depth log analysis and big speed boosts to anything you run in QE Live to say thank you. You can find it here.


Upcoming Content

Mistweaver Guide

The current slate of Mistweaver guides have been slow to update (including a famous example that hasn’t been touched since the BFA Beta) and so QE will temporarily host some up-to-date content (including the already live Mistweaver Azerite and Trinket guides). While they’re on the site they’ll be given the same frequency of updates as the Resto Druid content. This is an experiment and we’ll keep them as long as it makes sense to, potentially permanently. Welcome the new monks to the site.


Mythic+ Revamp

While the healing side of the site has flourished (pipe down), the Mythic+ half has become outdated and less useful as time has gone on. I’m partially blaming Blizzard here for changing dungeons a staggering 10+ times since the game launched but we’re going to get that taken care of. We’ll add long awaited boss guides for every dungeon, and we have full video guides on their way. You’ll also find Mythic+ resources for every class like links to the best guides, videos of recent high keys and streamers you should look for. As in Legion you’ll find it all on Wowhead as well once it’s live.


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