Battle of Dazar’alor Boss Guides

Battle of Dazar’alor (or BoD / BfD / BoDa / BofD) is a nine boss raid in the heart of the Horde capital. It’s a faction-based raid and your character will automatically switch to an equivalent race on the opposite faction for three of the nine bosses.


Battle of Dazar’alor

Entrance to the raid

  • Alliance: This is the second raid in a row in the middle of a horde zone, however this time you get a free port there. The raid entrance is behind the ship with your mission table.

  • Horde: This is your capital so you hopefully don’t need much advice. The raid portal is north of the main Dazar’alor pyramids, just after your map changes from Zuldazar to Dazar’alor. You’ll find it in the middle of a small horde encampment. 


Other Useful information

  • Battle of Dazar’alor is a linear raid and you fight all nine bosses in order. In a game first the Alliance will fight Jadefire Masters before Grong, and it is the opposite for the Horde.
  • Key consumables
    • Flasks
    • Food buffs
    • Potions (Coastal Healing Potion, Potion of Replenishment (Healers), Various stat potions)
    • Augment Runes (still expensive so save for the kill attempts)
    • BoD Vantus Runes (usually provided by your guild)
    • Tome of the Quiet Mind  (for when you took Prosperity as a joke and the tank is pulling in 30 seconds).
  • You can read a full write up on Dazar’alor Healing Trinkets here.