Dragonflight Mistweaver – 10.1.7

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Hello everyone! My name is Sweggles, I raid in Might on Zul’jin and I have been a Mistweaver main/fanatic for 5 years now. This Dragonflight guide is intended for those who wish to maximize their performance on Mistweaver Monk in raid. It has been updated for patch 10.1.7!

Table of Contents

  1. 10.1.7 Changes
  2. Aberrus Tier Set
  3. An introduction to Clouded Focus
  4. The Essence Font Issue
  5. Playstyle
  6. Improving Shaohao Play
  7. Builds
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Final Notes

What changed going into 10.1.7? 

Mana Tea Rework

Mana Tea has been reworked to encapsulate some of its former glory from previous expansions. This also introduces a new playstyle, focused around managing uptime of Mana Tea and our Aberrus 4 set bonus. 

How does the new Tea work?

For every 25,000 mana you spend, you’ll get a stack of Mana Tea. You’ll also have a chance equal to your crit percentage to get an extra stack for free. At any time you can consume your Mana Tea stacks and channel for 0.5 seconds (per stack) to gain 3000 mana per charge and 1 second of 50% mana cost reduction. At the full 20 stacks you’d gain 60,000 mana and 20 full seconds of reduced costs. You can also move while channeling, though with a 40% movement speed penalty. Your channel time is hasted so the higher your haste the faster the channel. That’s quite useful for us because we already have a lot of haste which will make the rotations flow feel much better.

Mana Tea Choice Nodes

We also get a few new / revamped choice nodes attached to mana tea.

Lifecycles now grants your Vivify a 20% chance to cause your next Rising Sun Kick or Enveloping Mist to generate a stack of Mana Tea. Similarly, Rising Sun Kick and Enveloping Mist also have a 20% chance to cause your next Vivify to generate a stack of Mana Tea. Lifecycles is excellent at generating Mana Tea stacks and these “free stacks” can also crit to give you another. It’s also better at increasing our Aberrus 4 set uptime. Lifecycles will be our preferred talent between the two nodes. We’ll discuss what this means for our playstyle further below.

Energizing Brew cuts your channel time in half and increases mana restored by 20%. This is an alright talent but it falls behind Lifecycles for both mana restored and 4 set uptime which is what we care about most. You can play this talent if you’re looking for an easier way to apply Mana Tea but I wouldn’t recommend it otherwise.


Playstyle Changes in 10.1.7

Casting Mana Tea procs our 4 set bonus  but with a 10 second internal cooldown. This is quite significant because the rework along with Lifecycles gives us both more mana and higher uptime on our set.

Playstyle wise this means we can use Mana Tea before our Soothing Mist -> Vivify spam as a way to get a 4 set proc and mana reduction. This is generally going to be a better idea than combining it with our celestial since we already get a 50% discount to Enveloping Mist while it’s out which reduces the value of overlapping it with Mana Tea. If you do decide to combine them make it a short 1 global drink to apply the cost reduction to the cost of summoning the celestial itself.

You’ll likely end up with something similar to this where anytime you need to heal you’ll spam out Vivify in your Soothing Mist window (with Clouded Focus) until your Rising Sun Kick or Renewing Mist naturally come off cooldown. You’ll channel Mana Tea for a single global and then cancel to cast Soothing Mist. Note here that your 4pc application happens at the beginning of the channel and has a 10s cooldown so if you fully channel your Mana Tea instead (at high stacks) then you’ll lose out on most of the buff. Similarly if you cast it too often it’ll still be in cooldown. As a general rule aim to consume 2-3 stacks of Mana Tea at a time and then cancel the channel to go into your Vivify rotation.

Mana Tea in Celestial

You can use a short burst of Mana Tea during your Celestial to force a 4pc proc. The Mana Tea channel is hasted which means this will be very fast since you have more haste from Invoker’s Delight and Secret Infusion. It should look a little something like this:

Note that we use Rising Sun Kick here before Mana Tea. Then we continually cast Enveloping Mist until our second Rising Sun Kick naturally comes off cooldown. Then we execute our Mana Tea -> Vivify spam – similar to above.


10.1 Aberrus Tier Set

Our season 2 bonus is still a monster compared to our season 1 set and most other healer bonuses. It remedies a lot of the issues Mistweaver had in raid previously, especially Mana constraints.

Here’s some stuff you should know about the set:

  • The 2pc has a 4% chance to proc per Renewing Mist tick but has an internal cooldown of 6 seconds that begins at the start of the buff rather than the end.
  • Note that the 4pc buff has no impact on this internal cooldown and you can force proc the 4pc at any time via Thunder Focus Tea or Mana Tea.
  • Healing Elixir has no interaction with the set, since it’s not technically a tea.

This tier set has a heavy impact in raid and we’ll discuss what it means for our play further down the page.


Why Swap to Clouded Focus Now?

There are two simple reasons, and both of them come from our new tier set:

  • Significantly more mana to spend due to our 2pc.
  • 40% buff to Vivify with our 4pc.

We also experienced a 25% increase to all enemy damage and player health which reduces the amount of overhealing our spells do. Yu’lon was previously constrained by mana and often overhealed a lot but with the set of changes is now stronger than Chi-ji / Ancient Teachings. It’s 20-30%+ ahead with good play.


The Essence Font Issue

Essence Font has been core to our rotation since our Legion rework however in Dragonflight it’s fallen off a ton in throughput to the point where we’ll no longer cast it at all. There are a few reasons for its fall:

  • Essence Font also costs a lot of mana and as a slow channel takes up significant time in our rotation. These are two areas we already struggle to maximize.
  • The season 1 tier set made essence font quite a bit stronger but in season 2 we don’t have that anymore. With Clouded Focus getting more lucrative we also lose Ancient Teachings which gives us even less reason to cast Essence Font.

By eliminating it entirely we save a lot of mana and GCDs which we can use to cast more Vivify, Rising Sun Kick and Blackout Kick. We’re very focused on Renewing Mist and Vivify so increasing CPM on them is crucial to good performance. If you do opt to stick with the 10.0.7 Chi-ji playstyle then you’ll still cast Essence Font as your Ancient Teachings trigger – avoid Faeline Stomp.


How do I play?

How do we use Clouded Focus

Clouded Focus is at its most effective in any situation where you’d want to press Vivify since our 4pc bonus is a massive amplifier on Vivify and Renewing Mist. Clouded Focus is strong because our tier set is strong. A standard cast pattern might look something like this:

Next, we’ll look at a cast sequence combining Clouded Focus and Yu’lon. The basic idea is to apply Enveloping Mists with our Celestial out for Enveloping Breath buffs and to get new Renewing Mists out through Rapid Diffusion. Rapid Diffusion procs off Rising Sun Kick and Enveloping Mists casts which means that in a sequence like the below:

We’ll gain ~7 new Renewing Mists (numbered in green) via Rapid Diffusion and the first one we apply (numbered in red) gets extended with Rising Mist to ensure we’re getting at least two Clouded Focus buffed Vivify casts before it dissipates. With 7+ Renewing Mists out at any given time you’ll have a huge number active following your Yu’lon and can capitalize with Clouded Focus Vivify casts.

You’ll need a weak aura to track this however if you notice you don’t have a 4pc proc as you’re going for your vivify ramp toward the end of your Celestial you can use Mana Tea or Thunder Focus Tea to guarantee the proc if either are up. This is when you need your 4pc bonus most.

With even 428 item level it does a near unrivalled amount of healing:

Outside of your Celestial

Outside of your Celestial you want to use Clouded Focus wherever it makes sense. If the raid is about to take big damage and you have 6+ Renewing Mists out then channel Soothing Mist on a tank or someone in danger and cast as many Vivifys as you feel is necessary to keep the raid healthy. You can also weave Thunder Focus Tea into this as well to give yourself a guaranteed 4pc proc after Thunder Focus Tea -> Renewing Mist. You can continue to use any instant Vivify casts as you would now but if you’re going to cast more than a single Vivify at once then channel Soothing Mist first.

Consider than Yu’lon is effectively a fixed cost (since you’ll want to cast the same sequence every time). Outside of it you’ll want to retain mana as much as you can to make sure you can afford the next. We have a few different ways of keeping our mana active so pay close attention to them.

Outside of Yu’lon consider the following priority list:

  1. If needed to keep someone alive, cast Vivify. If you’re planning on casting more than one at a time, and the target will live for a second then start with Soothing Mist first.
  2. Apply Renewing Mist when at two charges to keep it on cooldown.
  3. Cast Rising Sun Kick to extend heal over time effects and heal affected players.
  4. Soothing Mist -> Vivify as covered above if the raid needs more than a little healing.
  5. Cycle Blackout Kick and Tiger Palm for mana (Spirit of the Crane) and damage.


Clouded Focus & Yu’lon

Clouded Focus can be a bit of a controversial choice and might turn some people away but I’d strongly recommend at least giving it a try since a lot of what you’ll learn can be translated over into other playstyles and that’ll benefit your performance in raid.

Clouded Focus is a continuous buff applied whenever you use Vivify or Enveloping Mist on a target while channeling Soothing Mist. It reduces the cost of both abilities and increases their healing by 20/40/60% depending on stack count. Now, it’s a little bit buggy and your first cast won’t actually receive the 20% mana cost reduction and thus your healing and mana regen stacks are desynced – hopefully this gets fixed but it won’t impact your play too much. Note that the buff does amplify the healing of Enveloping Breath during your celestial but it doesn’t snapshot which means you have to continue to channel Soothing Mist to gain the benefit. We’ll talk more about Soothing Mist and our celestials a bit further into the guide but because it’s dynamic that also means it’ll apply to all Enveloping Mists / Breaths that we already have out.


Important Concepts

Our new 2pc gives us a ton more mana but not an infinite amount. You’ll still run out of mana even playing conservatively if not for one key ace up our sleeves.

Escape From Reality

Escape from Reality is a class talent that allows us to re-use Transcendance: Transfer within 10 seconds of first using it to swap positions. During this time, self casted Vivify have their healing increased by 25% per point and they refund 50% of the cost. It might look like a nice mobility talent in in truth it’s much more than that. The talent has a keyword in it that’s easy to overlook: “refund”. This is not a reduction but a refund and if you have a Renewing Mist on yourself and Escape from Reality up then you’ll actually refund 100% of the mana instead of 50%.

Now bad so far, but it gets better. If we have Innervate or Mana Tea active (discounting the base cost of the spell) then we actually gain mana from Escape from Reality and in some cases we can get 10-25% of our mana back while still doing full HPS. The trade off is that you channel an immense amount of overhealing into yourself but it’s not really a big issue since anyone we channel soothing mist on will be taking a ton of overhealing anyway. You’ll use this trick whenever you need to cast multiple vivify in a row – so long as you don’t need Transcendence: Transfer for mobility. You can use it during Yu’lon but it’s usually easier to use it outside since in Yu’lon every global matters and losing one to this setup can cost you a lot.

Thunder Focus Tea

You’ll only ever use Thunder Focus Tea with Renewing Mist. We want to do this because our Secret Infusion haste buff is multiplicative which means you get even more than advertised. Haste is already our best stat and getting a big bonus that doesn’t get reduced by diminishing returns is significant.


  • This section is going to be a little complicated so we’ll use some pictures to help out. Re-read it a couple of times and then get some practice in. Sheilun’s Gift can be a little tricky to understand – every 8 seconds you generate a cloud of healing that you can directly cast on someone to heal your target + 2 nearby injured players. It heals for more for each cloud that was consumed. Now for the fun part, Shaohao’s Lessons gives you up to 30 seconds of a random buff when you cast Sheilun’s Gift. We don’t get to choose the buff however each of them is fairly good so it won’t matter too much which one we get at any given moment. Each cloud summoned by Sheilun’s grants 3 seconds of the buff and they are independent so you can have multiple buffs up at once.

    You won’t quite match these numbers since they were pre-hotfix but it should give you an idea of the kind of power we have.

    The strength of these buffs means that you’ll want to line up Sheilun’s Gift with meaningful raid damage. This recognition of damage patterns is important to understanding when and how to use Sheilun’s with Shaohao’s. Your bread and butter is to use it during a major cooldown like Revival, Chi-ji or Yu’lon. Further down the page we’re going to go into some advanced detail on how to use it with each in specific scenarios.


    Shaohao’s with Clouded Focus

    Due to Uplifted Spirits giving us Revival cooldown reduction on Vivify cleaves along with direct hits, it means that we are able to utilize the crit buff from Shaohao’s Lessons more effectively with Clouded Focus. In short: we want to be saving the critical strike buff for when we know we are going to be doing significant amounts of healing with Vivify.


  • The Yu’lon Rotation

  • The Chi-ji Rotation

    Note that this is only relevant if you are playing the old 10.0.7 build:

Upgrading your Play: Shaohao

Outside of Cooldowns

Recognition of damage patterns and of your capabilities to heal with Renewing Mist windows become crucial. It’s fairly easy to cast Sheilun’s Gift with major cooldowns, however you’ll also need to utilize it outside of them to ensure you do the most HPS possible with it.

Here we can see the damage patterns of Terros:

These are hard hitting but very predictable bursts which makes them a good example.

Each time a major damage event went out there was a cast of Sheilun’s Gift to go along with it, ensuring there was always a buff up for any relevant damage taken. Each window of damage on Terros is only 6-10 seconds so there’s no need for us to sit on 7-10 clouds. We’re better off casting it more regularly here for better coverage than saving up for 2-3 big damage windows. This recognition of boss damage patterns is important and you should be utilizing Warcraftlogs’ “Damage Taken” tab to see where you should be using your casts of Sheilun’s Gift.

You can also precast Sheilun’s Gift before a major raid-wide nuke to ensure little overhealing. This can be beneficial for fights like Raszageth where you can track the timers of the Static Charge exxplosions or the Shattering Shroud absorb on Mythic.

Shaohao’s Lessons also have an alternative in Veil of Pride but this is quite a bit weaker comparatively. It only really shines in heavy single target healing builds which shouldn’t often be necessary.

Shaohao during Celestials

Scenario 1: Plenty of Clouds active

This is a scenario where I have 8 or more clouds prior to using my celestial. In this case I have Jade Bond so I want to make sure that my Shaohao’s Lessons window covers the entirety of my Chi-Ji. To do this I would anticipate when I want to use Chi-Ji and cast Sheilun’s Gift prior to using Chi-Ji. Keep in mind you still want to set up your Chi-Ji accordingly with 3 Tiger Palms, applying all charges of Renewing Mist, and casting Essence Font to spread hots and proc Ancient Teachings. This is the simplest scenario.


Scenario 2: Few Clouds

This second scenario is a bit more complicated and requires some understanding of how Shaohao’s Lessons work. Since the duration of the buff scales with the number of clouds, sometimes on fights where you would want to Chi-Ji early on you will not be able to do scenario one because you don’t have enough time to collect 7+ clouds. Instead, we’ll cast Sheilun’s Gift during our Celestial instead. If you are running Gift of the Celestial then you DO NOT want to cast Sheilun’s Gift during your Celestial. You want to be casting it beforehand as the reduced duration of the Celestial will compensate for the smaller Shaohao window. In this screenshot I go into my Chi-Ji with 3 clouds; knowing that, I do not want to precast my Sheilun’s because I know that a majority of my healing with Chi-Ji is going to be coming from my Enveloping Mist and Enveloping Breath. If I were to use Sheilun’s Gift at 3 clouds before using my Celestial I would lose half of the effectiveness of my buff from Shaohao’s as I have very little relevant healing being done in the first 3 seconds of my Celestial.

To counteract this dilemma we want to be casting Sheilun’s Gift midway through our Celestial similar to how we would cast Essence Font. Note that the cast of Sheilun’s Gift does not replace Essence Font, you still want to be casting Essence Font during your Celestial to refresh your hots and your Ancient Teachings. Casting my Sheilun’s midway through my celestial allowed me to do significantly more HPS than I otherwise would have done casting it beforehand, or not casting it at all. This is the key distinction and recognition that needs to be made in order to maximize the effectiveness of Sheilun’s Gift and Shaohao’s Lessons


Shaohao & Revival

To utilize Shaohao’s Lessons with Revival you simply want to cast Sheilun’s Gift prior to the global that you would cast Revival. This can be done at any amount of clouds so long as the next global is Revival.

Stats for Default Raiding Build

Intellect >> Haste >= Crit >= Mastery (Chi-ji) > Versatility >> Mastery (Yu’lon)

You’ll generally start out by pursuing high item level gear with Haste and you generally want to end up in the 27-33% range. It’s important you don’t give up any item level to reach it though. You can use QE Live to compare specific items and sets of gear.


Default Raiding Build Talents

  • This is the new recommended build and it plays Clouded Focus and Yu’lon. Your primary strengths will be sharp 1 minute burst windows via Yu’lon and Rapid Diffusion but you’ll still have strong consistent healing too through Misty Peaks and Sheilun’s Gift with Shaohao’s Lessons.


  • This is a higher HPS build with significantly worse mana efficiency. We don’t be playing with Spirit of the Crane or Mana Tea so mana management and external mana are crucial. I only recommend playing this build if you have external mana available to you. Life Cocoon talents are chosen because they offer quite a lot of HPS as well as providing a free Renewing Mist and Enveloping Mist (via Mist of Life). It might feel a bit strange but Life Cocoon becomes an HPS cooldown with these talents and you’ll press it off cooldown on a tank or priority target.


  • This is the standard 10.0.7 build that you’re probably accustomed to by now. This build is still viable in 10.1 and if you enjoy it more you can definitely keep playing it. You’ll still achieve good results however you’re unlikely to compete with the Clouded Focus builds in overall HPS. Ancient Teachings just has a smaller ceiling.


  • Rapid Diffusion

    • Rapid Diffusion is a newly added talent that applies a 6 second duration Renewing Mist whenever you Rising Sun Kick or Enveloping Mist
    • This talent makes up a decent portion of our HPS alone but has excellent synergy with some other talents in the tree. 
    • This is a two point talent with the first rank being a 3 second duration and the second being a 6 second duration. 
  • Dancing Mists

    • Upon application of a Renewing Mist or whenever it “bounces” to a new target via overhealing, it has a chance to replicate itself creating a new Renewing Mist that has identical properties to the original. You might remember this from previous expansions.
    • This newly created Renewing Mist benefits from everything in our kit and is extended by the HoT duration increase from Rising Mist 
    • This talent does work with Rapid Diffusion to sometimes allow for 2 six second Renewing Mists to be applied.
    • This is a two point talent with the first rank being a 5% chance for replication and the second being a 10% chance for replication. 
  • Misty Peaks

    • This is a new talent which gives Renewing Mist a 5/10% chance to proc a 2 second duration Enveloping Mist on the target.
    • The duration of this Enveloping Mist can be increased by up to 6 seconds with Rising Mist and Mist Wrap. 
    • The Enveloping Mist applied does not give Enveloping Breath during your celestial window however, it does amplify all your healing done to the target by 30/40% for the duration similarly to how a directly casted Enveloping Mist would.
    • This talent does scale with Mist Wrap. It adds an additional 2 seconds to the extended duration of the proc when talented into Mist Wrap. The initial 2 second proc is not affected by the increase to duration however, it is affected by the increase to the healing bonus; amplifying it to 40% from 30%. 
    • This is a two point talent with the first rank being a 5% chance for a 2 second proc and the second being a 10% chance for a 2 second proc. 
  • Invigorating Mists

    • This talent used to be a baseline feature with Vivify but now is put into a talent. 
    • It functions identically to how it does in Shadowlands and all previous expansions, only difference between Dragonflight and Shadowlands is that you will have a higher average Renewing Mist count in raid if played correctly making this talent particularly lucrative. 
  • Vivacious Vivification

    • A class tree talent which allows for you to instantly cast Vivify on a 10 second timer.
    • This timer is an internal clock within the game and can sometimes be very buggy. I highly recommend you install a Weak Aura or another add-on to track this buff. 
  • Rising Mist

    • This talent is the lifeblood of the entire build. This talent is a recurring talent from previous expansions that acts identically to how it has in the past. 
    • With some new talent interactions and a shift in playstyle, Rising Mist has really risen (pun intended) to the top of our priority for raid healing. Providing upwards of 20% HPS depending on the fight, this talent is absolutely vital for any Mistweaving build in a raid setting. 

Other Notable Talents

Some other notable talents in the tree that we will highlight here are: 

  • Upwelling: No longer in competition with Rising Mist but won’t fit into any of our current builds either.
  • Faeline Stomp: Our beloved Night Fae covenant ability makes a return with some new functionality, it now activates Ancient Teachings which solves the issue of running Ancient Teachings and Upwelling at the same time. We’ll use this on cleave fights like Primal Council in the alternative builds below.
  • Ancient Teachings: Previously Ancient Teachings of the Monastery, this talent has been nerfed from 250% to 150% but is still in contention because of how much HPS it provides. 
  • Jade Bond: A conduit that has been reintroduced on a choice node with another notable talent which we will talk about later called Gift of the Celestial. Jade Bond functions identically its parent conduit but is buffed up to increase the direct healing of either of our celestials by 40%. 
  • Secret Infusion: A BFA Azerite trait which now increases a stat by  15% for 10 seconds. The determination of the stat is dependent on your ability usage with Thunder Focus Tea.
  • Font of Life: An Azerite trait which has made its way back as a talent that has very good synergy with Secret Infusion. This talent increases the direct healing of your Essence Font bolts by a flat amount and gives them a chance to reduce the cooldown of Thunder Focus Tea by 1 second. 
  • Yu’lon’s Whisper: A legendary power from Shadowlands which upon activating Thunder Focus Tea, will spew out healing to 5 allies over 2 seconds. 
  • Invoker’s Delight: A legendary power from Shadowlands which increases your haste by 33% for 20 seconds after summoning your celestial. 


The Monk Class Tree

The class tree is largely utility and defensive buffs with some major nodes that should always be taken in a raid environment. 

Here is the ideal talent tree that you would play in raid. This covers all your bases defensively, offensively, and gives you all the required utility you may need apart from some specific scenario nodes like Paralysis and Provoke. Let’s go over some of the key nodes that need to be played. 

  • Save Them All

    • This is a new talent that boosts our healing by 10/20% whenever we heal an ally below 35% of their maximum HP.
    • It doesn’t have an internal cooldown and theoretically could be applied for the entire duration of the fight. 
    • It’s a static 20% HPS increase when the buff is active making this an extremely worthwhile trait as during progression raids this should have a relatively high uptime (30-60%).
    • It doesn’t stack.
  • Generous Pour

    • A two point talent that increases the existing avoidance of all nearby allies by 2/4%. This is also really solid utility.
  • Close to Heart

    • This is one of the three raid utility talents that are available on the Monk class tree.
    • Close to Heart buffs ALL healing received of all nearby allies by 4/8% making this one of the best raid buffs in the entire game for healers. This is fantastic utility.
    • This is a two point talent. 

The other notable talents in the tree that should always be taken: 


Frequently Asked Questions

Spirit of the Crane or Mana Tea? 

Spirit of the Crane is generally going to be better for the casual player. Mana Tea can be min-maxed and be a lot better for you if you are able to consistently spam Vivify during it. I recommend for experienced players to use Mana Tea if the fight has burstier windows. For any other fight where you do not need to spam Vivify as much, it is best to go with Spirit of the Crane

What happened to Refreshing Jade Wind?

Refreshing Jade Wind got reworked and now it falls behind comparatively to the other talents available. Generally this talent is never going to be played because of it being on the same choice node as Mist Wrap (which is a major HPS increase with Misty Peaks).

Can I play Jade Bond with Yu’lon? 

Nope, I recommend only ever playing Gift of the Celestial with Yu’lon and Clouded Focus.

Why no Overflowing Mists? 

A cool talent in concept, the idea of your targets with Enveloping Mist being healed for a flat % of their HP whenever they take damage can sound very appealing however, this talent does not proc off anything but direct physical damage making it next to useless for raid. 

Revival or Restoral? 

Depends on the fight and if you need a magic dispel or if a magic dispel will grief your raid. They do the same healing just one dispels magic and one does not. Restoral can also be used while stunned though this is rarely relevant in raid.

Can I play as a ranged Mistweaver?

I know this is going to be a sore spot for a lot of Mistweaver mains out there but I wanted to briefly talk about this to clarify some issues with Mistweaver Monk and how it should be played in PvE content. Mistweaver Monk is considered a melee specialization by the game’s targeted mechanics in PvE content. Furthermore, our kit largely focuses on melee  abilities for DPS and talents that synergistically amplify our healing and damage. For this reason we are going to consider the standard “Fistweaving” build as just being considered “Mistweaver”. Any ranged build option will be considered “Ranged Mistweaver” or as I like to call it “Rangedweaver”. 

Clouded Focus is not a ranged build. You must be in melee or you cannot play this build – you’ll spend 90% of every fight DPSing the boss.

Can I play Gift of the Celestial with Chi-ji?

For sure, if you can get the class trinket you can swap between the two depending on timers although I’d recommend Jade Bond 99% of the time.

What Mana Potion do I use?

With the nerf to Chilled Clarity, our only options are instant mana potions or Potions of Power. You’d only use a sleeping mana potion if a fight has set downtime like Razsagath did since our filler spells are very important and losing 10s of them is expensive.



Final Notes

Overall I am extremely happy with this iteration of Mistweaver and I hope that you will enjoy it as well. I think we are very strong in a lot of aspects of the meta and we are competitive in all forms of content. It is always a pleasure for me to write these guides for the community. I genuinely appreciate all the help and support of everyone around me and I wish to continue to produce even better content and information for everyone out there to become the best Mistweaver they can be.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me directly in the Peak of Serenity Discord or on any of my social medias:

Discord: sweggles#0001
Twitch: SwegglesQT
Twitter: sweggles1
I do coaching now as well! If you are looking to improve your Mistweaver play and want to learn from the best, I am happy to help you achieve the best possible results you can! If you are interested take a look here https://metafy.gg/@Sweggles/sessions

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