Stat Priority

Stats change in value depending on what content you are doing as well as what other stats you currently have. I don’t have a stat weight for you, or a pawn string you can use. Anyone who does is misleading you.

If you are a beginner and don’t intend on min-maxing: Pick the highest ilvl pieces, gem and enchant whichever your lowest secondary is. Take a gem socket to be worth 5-10 ilvl depending on which piece it’s on. This actually gets you pretty close to optimal.

If you are a Mythic raider looking to get any possible advantage: Run the RDSW weak aura and use it to fine tune your stats for the fight you are currently progressing on. There is a guide to getting started with RDSW here.


Some notes on stats:

  • Haste offers a big HPS increase, however is poor when it comes to heals per mana (which can be a more important metric for progression).
  • All HoT ticks can crit.
  • Each secondary stat goes up in value the more you have of the other secondaries, which lends itself well to a balance of stats.
  • All of our secondaries are great. Enjoy it! Other specs are not as lucky as we are.


Stats in Mythic+

Mastery and Haste are stronger in Mythic+ where you tend to have larger HoT stacks because of the smaller party size and frequent opportunities to drink. However Mastery offers no increase to our DPS. If you think of it as your most powerful healing stat, and least powerful DPS stat, you can make a decision from there based on your playstyle.

What about stat caps and breakpoints?

We have no stat caps. All HoTs can now partially tick for a reduced amount at the end of their duration. This means that there is little to no benefit to getting an extra full HoT tick in.

The legendary shoulders introduce some minor haste breakpoints which you can read about here. You don’t need to worry about them if you are just starting out.



Flask: Flask of the Whispered Pact

Gems: Mastery is a strong general purpose gem; however, sockets and enchants are the perfect place to catch up on a stat you might not have much of on your gear. You don’t need a 200 intellect gem.

Potions: You will mostly be using Mana Potion and Leytorrent Potions. Pre-potting with a Potion of Prolonged Power is always worth it.


Let’s find out what Trinkets are good, and which ones kinda suck.