The prepatch had only a minor effect on our talents. The newly added Heart of the Wild is a must-take outside of niche scenarios, Soul of the Forest competes closely with Tree of Life, and Abundance loses a little power with the removal of corruption (while remaining an ok pick at level 50).


The Nuts and Bolts

  • Raid Talents

    Strong on all fights but not necessarily best for any individual fight.

  • Mythic+ Talents (The GCD-efficient Photo Build)

    For when you want to minimize the number of GCDs you spend healing to give you more time to DPS. The level 90 row is pretty flexible. Read more about Mythic+ talents here.

Decisions, decisions

When to deviate from the core build

Abundance vs Cenarion Ward

Consider Abundance if you need efficient single target healing. Points in favor of taking Abundance include:

  • Your raid comp is a little wonky and you lack other strong single target healing options.
  • The fight consists of spiky burst damage that needs immediate triage.
  • The damage is on reasonably few targets.
  • You have very high Haste.

Not sure what to pick? If you’ve finished gearing up go Abundance, while gearing they are about even.

Nourish is not competitive at this time.


Wild Charge vs Tiger Dash

Wild Charge is more generally useful but Tiger Dash is much easier to use. Consider it when you’re new to the spec or encounter. Tiger dash (which replaces your regular Dash) can also be a better pick when getting out of the raid with something is more time critical than getting back in. Renewal is only ever good when a fight has zero mobility. It’s also very good in Mythic+.


Cultivation vs Incarnation: Tree of Life

Tree of Life is a strong default choice but Soul of the Forest is now viable with the reduced Swiftmend cooldown in 9.0. Soul of the Forest is likely to be better at level 60 if you want to start practicing that playstyle now. It competes closely with Cultivation in overall HPS and big healing cooldowns are usually more useful than persistent healing. Plan your Tree of Life usage before the fight to make sure you’re squeezing in as many casts as you can. In Mythic+ you will take Cultivation most of the time.


Inner Peace vs Spring Blossoms

Inner Peace and Spring Blossoms are both fantastic picks, but Spring Blossoms is the current incumbent in both Ny’alotha and Mythic+. In raid you’ll consider Inner Peace instead when:

  • The raid isn’t stacked for the majority of the fight (like Il’gynoth).


  • Taking Inner Peace gives you really good Tranquility timings that you wouldn’t get with a three minute Tranq.


Flourish vs Germination vs Photosynthesis

Flourish is an easy default choice in raid since it’s a powerful cooldown and you often need more of those. Photosynthesis actually puts out competitive HPS now but the extra cooldown (and ability to combo with Tranq or Tree of Life) is usually more useful than persistent throughput, even on fights with very consistent damage like N’zoth.

For Mythic+ take Photosynthesis for all content levels.


Talents sorted? Let’s check out some stats.