The Battle for Azeroth talent revamp has made little difference to the best picks for raid. Wild Charge fills the role of the newly deceased Displacer Beast and Inner Peace rises to the top of the level 90 row.

The Nuts and Bolts

  • Raid Talents

    Strong on all fights but not necessarily best for any individual fight.

  • Mythic+ Talents (“The Germ Build”)

    For when you aren’t sure whether you can successfully heal the key or not, or if you don’t trust your group. Swap Guardian Affinity for Feral Affinity if you want to add DPS (recommended). Read more about Mythic+ talents here.

  • Mythic+ Talents (The GCD-efficient Photo Build)

    For when you want to minimize the number of GCDs you spend healing to give you more time to DPS. The level 90 row is pretty flexible. Read more about Mythic+ talents here.

Decisions, decisions

When to deviate from the core build

Abundance vs Cenarion Ward

There’s an in-depth article on the level 15 talent row in Mythic+ here. Find out why Prosperity is such a bad decision. 

Consider Abundance if you need efficient single target healing. After the 8.0 changes it’s a very competitive talent since the mana cost reduction greatly improves the HPM of Regrowth. Points in favor of taking Abundance include:

  • Your raid comp is a little wonky and you lack other strong single target healing options.
  • The fight consists of spiky burst damage that needs immediate triage.
  • The damage is on reasonably few targets.

If you go Abundance then aim to keep 4+ rejuvs out on the raid before you start chaining regrowths. Not sure what to pick? Go Cenarion Ward. It’s a stronger default choice. Consider a Weak Aura to ensure a high uptime.

Prosperity still isn’t viable at this time though it’s slightly stronger than in Legion. It’s become a bit of a trap talent in BFA, commonly overvalued by those starting out. The truth is that you don’t get many more of them over a boss fight or even dungeon because the two charges share a cooldown. Over a 30 minute dungeon you can either choose to get an extra 11 swiftmends from Prosperity or 60 Cenarion Ward casts. The choice is clear.


Wild Charge vs Tiger Dash

Wild Charge is more generally useful but Tiger Dash is much easier to use. Consider it when you’re new to the spec or encounter. Tiger dash (which replaces your regular Dash) can also be a better pick when getting out of the raid with something is more time critical than getting back in. Renewal is only ever good when a fight has zero mobility. We haven’t had a fight like that in BFA yet (though Vectis is close).


Cultivation vs Incarnation: Tree of Life

Tree of Life is a strong default choice. It competes closely with Cultivation in overall HPS and big healing cooldowns are usually more useful in Uldir than persistent healing. Plan your Tree of Life usage before the fight to make sure you’re squeezing in as many casts as you can.


Inner Peace vs Spring Blossoms

Inner Peace is a stronger talent in general however Spring Blossoms can be the better pick if all of the following criteria are met:

  • You need Tranquility to cover specific boss abilities which are three minutes or more apart anyway (no good examples in Uldir).
  • The raid is stacked for enough of the fight that no Spring Blossoms hots go to waste (you want to aim for 6-9+ people in your Efflorescence whenever the incoming damage is relevant).
  • You’re not the type of person to forget to drop Efflorescence (seriously, consider a Weak Aura).
  • You are not running Autumn Leaves.

Stonebark has a place in Mythic+ but the alternatives are miles ahead in raid (aside from on Fetid Devourer).


Flourish vs Germination vs Photosynthesis

Flourish is an easy default choice in raid since it’s a powerful cooldown and you often need more of those. Photosynthesis is much more competitive after its recent buff and should stack up well HPS-wise if a fight is unable to give you good Flourish usage (too few places to cooldown, awkward damage timing) however in Uldir the additional cooldown is almost always better. Germination and Photosynthesis share first place in Mythic+ but you can read more about Mythic+ talents here.


Talents sorted? Let’s check out some stats.