Talents & Builds

Last Updated: January 25th for patch 10.0.5.

Resto Druid spec talents are quite good and we get some interesting choices to make. Our class tree is a little bit rougher on pathing, but does include some very good talents throughout.


The Nuts and Bolts

  • Raid Talents


    Breakdown of some of the choices

    • We take Starsurge in the Class tree because it no longer requires Moonkin Form and does a ton of damage. We’ll include that in our raid DPS rotation if we have any spare mana.
    • The talents at the bottom of the spec tree are reasonably fixed with the exception of Power of the Archdruid. You can put that point basically anywhere that you like for little difference.
    • Regenesis and Harmonious Blooming are both ultra low value talents. You can take either with minimal difference in throughput.
    • In the class tree we’ll take mostly defensive talents, combined with DPS powerhouse: Nature’s Vigil. Protector of the Pack was also a great choice last patch but was stealth nerfed going into 10.0.5. While we’ll take Heart of the Wild, it isn’t core to the build and if you don’t feel you’ll use it much it can be traded out – the alternatives for the point though are similarly mediocre.
    • Germination is a very strong talent now it isn’t competing against Photosynthesis and Flourish. Make sure you don’t leave it out. The 2 second extension to Rejuvenation helps enable the build and the ability to put two on one person is very useful since we will sometimes have more than 20 rejuvenations out at once.


  • Mythic+ Talents


    Breakdown of some of the choices

    • We can flex Thick Hide and Ironfur into Skull Bash if we’d like an interrupt. It’s an awkward one that requires us to be in Cat Form but if you’re running a group that’s light on interrupts it might well be worth it.
    • Protector of the Pack is currently bugged and dealing 50% less damage than it did prior to the patch. We might swap back to it if and when it’s fixed.




Talents sorted? Let’s check out some stats.