Talents & Builds

Last Updated: September 7

Resto Druid spec talents are quite good and we get some interesting choices to make. Our class tree is a little bit rougher on pathing, but does include some very good talents throughout.


The Nuts and Bolts

  • Raid Talents


    You have two key decisions to make in your spec tree. Neither is particularly substantial.

    Spring Blossoms vs Reforestation

    This is primarily a sustained vs burst HPS comparison. Spring Blossoms adds a lot of sustained healing on fights that are stacked or even semi-stacked whereas Reforestation increases the power of your ramps by a significant amount. You can make this decision on a fight by fight basis or even depending on your comp. Neither choice is wrong, though you’re likely to see more Spring Blossoms in logs since we’re quite deep in farm now. Reforestation is also somewhat more difficult to play since timing your Tree proc with Convoke (and Flourish) is quite important.

    Circle of Life and Death vs Embrace of the Dream

    Photosynthesis is one of our strongest talents which means we have to pick a pathing node to get there. Thankfully we have two fairly decent choices in Circle of Life and Death and Embrace of the Dream. This can be a difficult equation to simulate or model precisely since Circle ends up having a ton of flow on effects. The advantages of Circle are roughly as follows:

    • Your rejuvenation will tick more times on average compared to without since Flourish / Nurturing Dormancy are not reduced in duration (thus adding ticks).
    • This effective increase in tick rate will lead to more full rejuvenations due to Luxuriant Soil.
    • Increased value when you cap out at 40 rejuvenations across the raid which is quite common during Flourish with good play. At this moment any duplicating rejuvenations are replacing other rejuvs which means you are no longer losing duration.

    It also has some disadvantages like:

    • Requiring 15% more Lifebloom refreshes in order to maintain Photosynthesis.
    • A slight reduction in average mastery stacks before the advantages above are taken into account.
    • Worse pathing if you’re looking to take Reforestation which is a great choice in a lot of fights.

    Embrace of the Dream is a more straightforward package to evaluate and you’ll generally expect 4-5% from it. I’d recommend Embrace to most players, and Circle to top end end players who are comfortable with fundamentals like Lifebloom uptime and sufficiently wide ramps.


  • Mythic+ Talents


    Breakdown of some of the choices

    • We can flex Thick Hide and Ironfur into Skull Bash if we’d like an interrupt. It’s an awkward one that requires us to be in Cat Form but if you’re running a group that’s light on interrupts it might be worth it.




Talents sorted? Let’s check out stats & gearing.