BFA Dungeon Debuff List

Battle for Azeroth has put a renewed emphasis on dispellable debuffs and you’ll want your cleanse equivalent to be on an easy to reach key. Debuffs listed near the bottom of each dungeon in italics are so low impact that it isn’t necessary to track them on your frames. You’ll want to be able to see the rest.

Dungeons on Kul Tiras

Dungeons on Zandalar



Debuff Breakdown

Total Magic debuffs: 36
Total Curse debuffs: 10
Total Poison debuffs: 14
Total Disease debuffs: 11
Total Soothe-able buffs: 10


Class Breakdown

Dispellable by Druid (Magic, Poison, Curse): 60
Dispellable by Priest (Magic, Disease): 47
Dispellable by Paladin (Magic, Poison, Disease): 61
Dispellable by Monk (Magic, Poison, Disease): 61
Dispellable by Shaman (Magic, Curse): 46

Now, it isn’t a competition and this doesn’t really tell the full story. Druids can also soothe, and Shamans and Priests have offensive dispels not to mention all of the other utility that each healer brings. The debuffs aren’t equal either. Several of the debuffs are relatively minor DoTs and others are interruptable.