Queen Azshara (Eternal Palace)

Azshara has been a prominent lore character for as long as World of Warcraft has existed. She’s featured in novels, past expansions and more. We even fought her once in the Well of Eternity dungeon (she toyed with us then left). Now we get the proper fight we’ve waited so long for. It looks to be a complex, incredibly memorable fight that’s hopefully worthy of her history.


Notable Loot

  • Azerite: None
  • Int Weapons: Anu-Azshara, Staff of the Eternal
  • Trinkets: Azsharas Font of Power
  • Azshara also drops “Storm” gear in gloves, feet, legs and belt. These effects all proc at the same time across the raid every two minutes and have varying effects including stat buffs, damage and healing.


Queen Azshara

All mechanics are based off of PTR testing and will be updated upon raid release if Blizzard make any changes.


Previous Boss (Za’qul)