Ny’alotha, the Waking City Boss Guides

Ny’alotha is a new twelve boss raid, coming in patch 8.3. It features corrupted versions of past bosses including Ra-den, Il’gynoth, a chained Queen Azshara and culminates in a two-boss face-off against N’zoth himself.

Ny’alotha, the Waking City

All bosses now live!


Useful information

  • The instance portal can either be in Uldum or the Vale of Eternal Blossoms depending on where N’zoth is attacking that particular week. Yes it’s a bit of a pain. Befriend your warlocks.
  • Key consumables
    • Flasks (Greater Flasks remain the go-to).
    • Food buffs (no new food in 8.3).
    • Potions (Abyssal Healing Potion (these are huge), Potion of Replenishment (Healers), Potion of Unbridled FuryStat potions)
    • Augment Runes. You will replace these with the new infinite runes when you get exalted with Rajani.
    • Ny’alotha Vantus Runes (usually provided by your guild)
    • Tome of the Quiet Mind (so that you don’t accidentally run your Mythic+ talents for the first farm boss).
  • Healers: Questionably Epic Live is updated for 8.3 for all of your gearing needs.