Azerite Traits

Last updated 18th October. Last reviewed 31st October.

In Legion we had Legendaries, Tier sets and artifact weapons to mix up our gameplay from tier to tier. In BFA we have Azerite Traits. They function similarly to the Netherlight crucible that we played with in late Legion but the traits are a little more impactful. Here we’ll discuss our strongest traits for both raid and dungeons.

How do Azerite Traits work?

In BFA all helm, shoulder and chest slots have three to four rings of Azerite traits which are unlocked by collecting Azerite Power. You can pick one trait on each ring and the traits are predetermined for each piece of gear. You’ll aim to pick up gear with high ranking traits. The Azerite slots don’t have secondary stats, so it can be worth equipping a lower ilvl piece with good traits over a higher ilvl piece with bad or no traits.

You can read a full guide on Azerite Armor and the Heart of Azeroth on Wowhead.

The TL;DR Azerite Trait tier list

If you’re on an alt, play casually or have given up the min-max life to settle down then you can do pretty well by just picking the highest ranked trait available on the piece. There’ll be a very good spreadsheet available soon for those looking to squeeze every last percentage out of their character. When a trait states first or second and third some portion of the trait doesn’t stack and so the first one you equip is more valuable than the second and third. Aim to equip an Archive of the Titans or Laser Matrix trait at all times in raid. It unlocks the powerful Reorigination Array buff which gives you a big stacking secondary stat buff.

Ok but what’s our “Best in slot”?

Raid: One Archive of the Titan’s (or Laser Matrix if you don’t have one) plus two of your strongest Autumn Leaves, Archive of the Titans or Waking Dream pieces. Aim for no more than one Waking Dream.

Mythic+: One Grove Tending, Two Archive of the Titans

Useful stuff you should know

  • You can have more than one of each trait. You’ll just get two or three times the amount of healing depending on the number you equip. Effects outside of a number increase usually don’t stack. For resto this includes:
    • Ysera’s Gift will never proc more often than once every four seconds whether you have one Waking Dream trait or three.
    • Rampant Growth can only apply the free Regrowth to your lifebloom target once, having more than one of the trait won’t change that.
  • While levelling you can grab whichever traits you like. You’ll replace them five times over before you enter a level 120 dungeon.
  • You can respec pieces but there’s a pretty significant gold cost to doing so. It’ll be easier to collect multiple sets and just swap them depending on what you’re doing. A Mythic+ set, a raid set and a world quest or DPS set will keep you happy.
  • Some traits change your spell priorities (Autumn Leaves in particular).

Level Up

Autumn Leaves

Full Write up on Autumn Leaves here.

  • Does proc off Germination, but not if you’ve got Rejuvenation on the same target.
  • Non-resto specific HoTs also remove the bonus so you’ll want to avoid Concentrated Mending.
  • Autumn Leaves does scale with Mastery. The stat increases the healing of both the rejuvenation and Autumn Leaves portions.
  • Autumn Leaves makes a big impact on your talent choices, with Spring Blossoms, Abundance and Cultivation all becoming completely nonviable in raid.
  • Notably rubbish in dungeons, since you’ll need much more than just rejuv on any target taking substantial damage.
  • Nerfed several times since BFA release.
  • The strength of Autumn Leaves differs heavily between different fights. It’s incredibly potent on fights with sustained periodic damage like Zek’voz but much weaker when tank / debuff healing is key like on Fetid Devourer.

Waking Dream

  • The first trait reduces Ysera’s Gift to every 4 seconds, each additional trait increases the bonus healing per active rejuv.
  • Reasonably powerful in raid since it scales up with incoming damage very well.
  • Germination is included in the number of active Rejuvenations which is notable in dungeons if running a Germ build.

Grove Tending

  • The HoT does count toward our Mastery making this a potent choice in Mythic+ – particularly for tank healing.
  • Second and third Grove Tending traits will just increase the power of the HoT.

Special thanks to Torty for providing the spreadsheet that made trait evaluation easy.

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