Azerite Traits

Last updated 13 October.

In Legion we had Legendaries, Tier sets and artifact weapons to mix up our gameplay from tier to tier. In BFA we have Azerite Traits. They function similarly to the Netherlight crucible that we played with in late Legion but the traits are a little more impactful. Here we’ll discuss our strongest traits for both raid and dungeons.

The TL;DR Azerite Trait tier list

If you’re on an alt, play casually or have given up the min-max life to settle down then you can do pretty well by just picking the highest ranked trait available on the piece. When a trait states first or second and third some portion of the trait doesn’t stack and so the first one you equip is more valuable than the second and third.

I have these Azerite Pieces. How do I know which is better?

QE Live is an online app that’ll tell you which pieces are best and which traits to unlock in under two minutes. Input all items in your bag and it’ll tell you what to wear. It’s free and fast.

Do my traits stack if I get more than one?

Every Azerite trait in the game stacks in some way. The following parts specifically:

  • Damage and healing increases, stat increases.

This also happens to be the part of the trait that scales with item level. On the other hand, the following aspects do not stack:

  • Duration increases, cooldown reduction, proc chances, number of targets, damage taken increases.


Master the Spec

Stackin’ Leaves: The Restoration Traits

  • Autumn Leaves

    What stacks with multiple traits? The healing bonus stacks, the rejuvenation duration increase does not.


    • Does proc off Germination, but not if you’ve got Rejuvenation on the same target.
    • Non-resto specific HoTs also remove the bonus (Concentrated Mending and Self Reliance are the obvious examples) but the interaction is so weak that you shouldn’t avoid either trait because of it.
    • About two thirds of Autumn Leaves strength comes from the rejuvenation extension which doesn’t stack. This makes your second and third Autumn Leaves much weaker than the first.
    • Mythic+: Quite poor. You’re never benefiting from the bonus heal so you’re relying on the bonus rejuvenation increase and with so few party members you’re better off taking something else.
  • Waking Dream

    What stacks with multiple traits? The healing bonus per rejuv stacks, the Ysera’s Gift reduction does not.


    • Germination is included in the number of active Rejuvenations which is notable in dungeons if running a Germ build.
    • Your first Waking Dream isn’t bad, but it’s still beaten in raw power by a number of other traits.
    • Mythic+: Rubbish. Your average rejuv count is very low and it’s slow healing with no DPS value. You’ll get more value from a damage trait (or any other healing trait).
  • Grove Tending

    What stacks with multiple traits? The heal over time portion stacks, but you still only get one HoT so the first is more valuable because of our mastery.

    • Top shelf for Mythic+ since it gives you a significant healing boost on the target you swiftmend via our mastery. This lets you better counter high single target healing windows like Nettles in Waycrest Manor, Spit Gold in Kings Rest and general high tank damage.
    • Strong from a single target healing perspective in raid. Its value varies from fight to fight.
  • Rampant Growth

    What stacks with multiple traits? The increase to Regrowths healing stacks, but you still only get one extra HoT on your lifebloom target.

    • The extra HoT it adds to your lifebloom target is literally the regrowth HoT so it’ll overwrite any already existing.
    • Playstyle Change: With a Rampant Growth you’ll want to keep your lifebloom uptime high, and you’ll cast a Regrowth on anyone injured every 12 seconds to keep the regrowth HoT active on your tank. I know that you’ve trained yourself to avoid Regrowth as a mana hog but casting one every 12 seconds is more efficient than Rejuvenation – so long as it won’t overheal.
    • Mythic+: It’s tougher to take advantage of the free HoT in Mythic+ since you often need to cast Regrowth on the tank anyway. The regrowth heal boost isn’t that significant. Consider it mid-tier.
  • Early Harvest

    What stacks with multiple traits? The healing bonus at the end of Wild Growth stacks, the Innervate cooldown reduction does not.

    • Wild Growth is already one of your best casts with or without this trait so it doesn’t really change your playstyle. Continue Wild Growthing regularly and you’ll get slightly more out of it.
    • Mythic+: There are fewer targets to hit with Wild Growth in Mythic+ which slightly dents its potential however the innervate reduction is more DPS and it isn’t up against quite as much competition as in raid. Not bad. Not bad at all.
  • Lively Spirit

    What stacks with multiple traits? The intellect bonus after Innervate expires stacks, the mana gain does not.

    • The key to maximising this trait is to fit as many spells into Innervate as possible. Aim for 8 as a minimum but depending on your haste you might get more.
    • Avoid casting Innervate before you hit 85% mana or less. You’ll regenerate 9,600 mana naturally over the Innervate duration and then Lively Spirit will return you another 4,000+.
    • Include Innervate as part of your ramp for big damage. Cast Innervate 10 seconds before it hits and you’ll be able to take advantage of the free Wild Growth, the rejuvs you put out and the big intellect buff.
    • Mythic+: As of 8.1.5 you can no longer use Innervate in Cat Form so Lively Spirit picks up some value as a healing cooldown again. It’s particularly good in high Tyrannical keys (where mana is a factor) and Bursting (where you can use it to prep for 6 or more stacks).

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