Resto Druids are blessed with a number of competitive legendary items and you might find yourself swapping between them from fight-to-fight. 8.0 didn’t change our preferred legendaries much and you’ll be running Velens and Aman’Thul’s Wisdom on most fights.


Always Great

Velen’s Future Sight. Strong in all aspects. Combines a heavy helping of secondary stats with a powerful on-use effect.

  • The on-use often makes up 5-7% of our total healing, and the overheal re-distribution is great for us.
  • The cooldown is a little awkward at 1:15. Pairing the on-use with Flourish is often our best choice since Tranquility heals for enough as-is and Flourish lines up best cooldown-wise.
  • Mythic+: Top tier. The strong passive stats make Velens fantastic for both healing and Catweaving and the redistribution on-use is incredibly versatile.


Aman’Thul’s Wisdom. A significant extension to our filler spell.

  • Shoulders are most powerful in raids where your rejuvenation overhealing is high. You’ll get value out of these in every single fight.
  • You can expect the effect to contribute 7-10% of your healing.
  • Mythic+: Mid-top tier. With the duration change to Rejuvenation in BFA shoulders become reasonable options for Mythic+ since keeping the party blanketed in rejuv during heavy damage consumes far more GCD’s than before.


Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus. A strong defensive option that has a minor synergy with the T21 bonuses.

  • You can use a WeakAura to track the internal cooldown and then go into Bear Form just before it procs to make the shield even more ridiculous. You should do this wherever possible.
  • Prydaz is overbudget by ~800 secondary stats. This is worth an additional ~1.5% throughput in addition to any damage the shield absorbs.
  • With T21 staying at full health is of particular advantage since it’ll cause the Dreamer HoT to spread and Ysera’s Gift to get full value more often.
  • Mythic+: Top tier. Prydaz is a fantastic option for Mythic+ since it absorbs a lot of damage without the use of any global cooldowns, leaving you more time to DPS. In high end mythic+ it will also save your life from multiple mechanics that would otherwise one shot you.


Mid Tier

Chameleon’s Song. Big stats combined with high average throughput makes this a standout legendary on any fight with persistent damage.

  • The 12 second duration gives you enough time to get a tree-buffed Wild Growth out. You can expect a 12-20% uptime depending on how frequently you cast Wild Growth and how long the fight runs.
  • Chameleon’s Song uses a “Deck of Cards” system that will guarantee you exactly 3 procs from every 20 Wild Growth’s you cast. You can read more about the system here.
  • If you leave tree form while the buff is active you aren’t able to return to it (unless you are also running the Incarnation talent) which can be an annoyance but isn’t a significant power decrease.
  • Mythic+: Bottom tier. Poor interaction with Cat/Owlweaving and you really need reliability in Mythic+.


Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds. Reasonable with T21, awful otherwise.

  • Does not buff the T21 Dreamer HoT which makes up three quarters of T21’s value. This makes it an adequate but unexceptional choice with T21 however it can be potent in lower heroic raids where the flat healing Ysera’s provides can be more significant.
  • Since we’ll be taking Guardian Affinity on most fights, Ekowraith is worth +4.5% damage reduction.
  • Mythic+: Low tier. Big chunk of stats aside, the chest doesn’t do anything special in Mythic+ and since we commonly run Feral or Balance Affinity for Mythic+ we are mostly getting unnecessary advantages from the boost.


The Dark Titan’s Advice. A strong tank healing option.

  • Huge, but somewhat unreliable single target healing.
  • A solid option if you lack a healer better equipped for tank healing, or if there is a lot of single target damage going out through a long debuff or other mechanic.
  • Mythic+: Mid-top tier. Can almost single handedly take care of the tank on some packs, for a low global cooldown cost allowing you to spend a lot of time DPS’ing. Particular synergy with Photosynthesis.


Tearstone of Elune. Procs on initial Wild Growth cast, not each tick. The ring has several strengths:

  • It on average gives you 0.9 free rejuvenations per cast. This is a nice mana boost to Wild Growths already impressive mana efficiency.
  • Wild Growth is a smart heal, which means that the free rejuvenation is likely to be added to a low HP target and is unlikely to overheal.
  • The rejuvenation immediately buffs the healing of the Wild Growth due to our Mastery (and is likely to add a Cultivation also).
  • Currently overshadowed by stronger legendaries and the rejuvenation duration decrease in 8.0 further harms its viability.
  • Mythic+: Low tier. The free rejuvs are much less impressive in a Mythic+ environment where you can already drop double rejuvenations on everyone if the damage requires it.


Soul of the Archdruid. A mid-tier option with T20, and awful without.

  • The legendary ring added in 7.2.5 is missing around ~1000 secondary stats compared to its fellow legendary ring brethren. This is 2-2.5% throughput lost before we look at the proc.
  • The Soul of the Archdruid free talent is worth 3-6% healing in most cases if you’re spending every proc on Wild Growth. That’ll vary based on how much HPS you’re putting out and how frequently you’re able to cast the Swiftmend -> Wild Growth combo. This would be reasonable except that it isn’t anywhere near high enough to make up for the lost stats.
  • Mythic+: Top tier. Mythic+ is a different environment to raid and SotA is actually good here since it gives you a potent way of dealing with frequent AoE burst damage now that you don’t have your raids shaman or priest with you.


Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya. More of a tank healing legendary, but it will save you both mana and global cooldowns.

  • Extends all HoTs, including Spring Blossoms, Dreamer, Cenarion Ward(!), Cultivation, Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Lifebloom and Germination.
  • Very useful for getting maximum value out of some of your other talents. With Flourish you can get Cenarion ward to a 24 second duration! And you can do that once a minute. Sick of your tanks dying? You should probably get them a good guide, but these will help for now.
  • Struggles to keep up with the raw HPS the belt can put out which makes this a second class choice, even in its niche.
  • Mythic+: Bottom-Mid tier. Decent, reliable single target healing is pretty valuable in Mythic+ however the Belt is still a more attractive option.


Sephuz’s Secret. Incredibly situational.

  • On a fight where you can proc the effect on cooldown through a dispel or CC effect it is worth 9.6% flat haste (3600 Haste!) but on a fight where you can’t it drops to near-worthless. We’re still waiting for a fight where it’s even usable. Imonar is probably the closest we’ll get in Antorus.
  • Procs off the following CC effects: Mighty Bash, Entangling Roots, Mass Entanglement and Rake (while stealthed).
  • Does NOT proc off Typhoon.
  • Mythic+: Mid-top tier. A reasonably decent Catweaving legendary since it can be procced every pull for a big DPS boost. Reasonable for healing also, but make sure you’re using your CC effects.


“I’m sorry to hear that”

Insignia of the Grand Army. Not very good – but you’ll get it for free at least.

  • The Insignia gives you +2% damage and healing which is miles behind our good legendaries.
  • The Insignia is a quest reward for completing the Argus content and then finishing the Antorus raid.


Essence of Infusion. Mediocre. Not better in 8.0.

  • While it gives your tranquility a boost on the people who actually need the healing, the damage patterns in Antorus do not offer any clear avenues for their use.
  • Two conditions need to be true to make the boots not awful:
    • Incoming damage needs to have been sufficiently high to drop the raid below 60%.
    • More damage is due immediately and your raid is likely to die if they do not receive significant immediate healing.
    • No fights meet these criteria or can’t be handled with smarter usage of raid cooldowns!
  • Mythic+: Low tier. There are only a few specific pulls where a big tranquility is necessary, and the Boots can be swapped in for those scenarios. Even then, you are likely to survive fine without them.


X’oni’s Caress. Turns Ironbark into a stronger tool against large burst damage. Weak at its niche and bottom two in almost all scenarios.

  • Heals for a few million over the duration of Ironbark.
  • A legendary that targets a single target cooldown should not be so tied to what buffs you already have up. An emergency cooldown that relies on what you did in the last 10 seconds is poor.
  • The healing frequently comes in too slowly to save a bad situation anyway.
  • The 25% reduction currently applies after Stonebark. This means we get a ~68s cooldown without the talent, and 45s with.
  • Mythic+: Low tier. Unfortunately you don’t tend to have many rejuvs up at a time in Mythic+ chopping down any potential. Has some niche use on tyrannical boss fights that require frequent tank cooldowns (Oakheart, Ymiron) – especially now that it can be paired with Stonebark.


Other Legendaries

Boomkin Boots. Fun to play with, but weak as a competitive Resto legendary.

  • At max stacks your regrowth will heal for 600% and be instant cast.
  • It’s too slow a wind up to be a good general purpose spot heal, and you’ll reset the stacks every time you get an Omen of Clarity proc which makes saving it for an emergency a little too problematic.


You have everything you need (unless you got the boots). Let’s take a look at what you’ll be fighting in Antorus.