Mythic+ II: Villains

Note: This page is in the process of being updated. It’s currently still pretty good if you run the Germ build, but doesn’t cover the much more common Photosynthesis build. Updates coming soon.


Once you’ve covered the basics, the next step is to learn how to counter the most difficult bosses. This is the Resto Druid Rogues Gallery. Bosses that have you sweating before you’ve even started the key. In Legion we had Hyrja, Medivh and Shade of Xavius. In Battle for Azeroth we have:


Adderis and Aspix

Dungeon: Temple of Sethraliss

Key debuffs to add to frames: Conduction

  • Healing Advice

    • You badly need to be aware of what’s coming. Don’t just rejuv mindlessly. Grab the weak aura, and prep heavily for the 5 second period before Static Shock and Arc Dash to top the party.
    • Aim to double rejuv everyone before Static Shock / Arc Dash and the Conduction target. You also need to look after your melee when Adderis is not shielded since he’ll cast Arcing Blade.
    • The Conduction target takes heavy damage when the debuff expires. This is a great Ironbark candidate.
    • Lightning Shield deals heavy damage to all attackers (about 27k / tick). This unfortunately includes cleave abilities (but not DoTs) which means your party won’t avoid all damage from it but should aim to minimize.
  • Healing Cooldowns

    Tree of Life
    • Save Incarnation for when Adderis hits 100 energy. He’ll do a big blade dance that zips through everyone in the party. Like with Static Shock, feel free to cast Tree early so that you can top everyone up before it hits. It’s significantly less damage than Static Shock but still hurts. Cast Wild Growth as the boss hits 100 energy and use your instant regrowths for damage control. Drop back to rejuv as soon as everyone is safe. If you’re on a high M+ key consider saving Tree of Life for the second Static Shock and getting through Arc Dash without.

    • When Aspix hits 100 energy he’ll cast Static Shock. A huge unavoidable AoE nuke that will deal ~50k+ damage to the entire party. When he’s at about 95 energy start casting Tranquility to ensure everyone is topped before it hits. The Tranq HoT will help you recover afterwards before more damage hits. DPS want to use their defensive cooldowns here too since it’s likely to be a one shot on decent level keys.
  • Key notes for your party

    • You can’t DPS or cleave either boss while they have Lightning Shield active. You will die and I don’t want to be the one that has to tell your family.
    • Run out with the Conduction debuff. It explodes on expiry. You’ll notice a big ring around you when you have it so it should be an easy mechanic.
    • Save your defensive abilities for Static Shock. It deals damage as the giant blue ring hits you but isn’t dodgeable. Advanced players will run from it if low to buy your healer another GCD or two.
  • Useful Weak Auras

    Adderis and Aspix package:

    • Warnings when the bosses are near 100 energy so you can prepare your healing cooldowns and get hots out on the party.



Avatar of Sethraliss

Dungeon: Temple of Sethraliss

Key debuffs to add to frames: Snake Charm, Plague, Flame Shock, Pulse, Heart Attack

  • Healing Advice

    • Don’t get hit by the toads. They can be typhooned, you can drop an Ursol’s on them and you can jump away from them with Tiger Dash or Wild Charge. You need to use your full toolkit this fight.
    • The hexers reduce healing received by the Avatar by 100% each. You need to kill all four on mythic difficulty before you can start healing him. After they’re dead you have as much time as you need to heal the boss 30% life. So over three phases you’ll heal him from 10-40%, then 40-70%, then 70-100%. There is no value in throwing all of your mana / cooldowns into healing him more quickly. This is an incredibly poor use of mana on a fight where you can’t afford to lose any.
    • This is a long fight. Make sure you’re using your most efficient casts first. Get double rejuvs up on anyone taking damage (especially those with the Pulse debuff), keep your lifebloom uptime high, use Innervate early (you’ll get two) and don’t be afraid to use Incarnation and Tranquility purely for the mana savings.
  • Healing Cooldowns

    Tree of Life / Tranquility

    Don’t use your cooldowns during the ‘heal the avatar’ phase. You can only heal him a maximum of 30% per phase and our cooldowns are pretty bad for channeling healing into one target anyway. Use them during intermissions instead, when Pulse debuffs are murdering your party, your tank is hanging onto life with three Heart Attack stacks and that 3rd Hexer is still nowhere near death.

  • Key Notes for Your Party

    • Priority kill order is Heart Guardian > Toads > Plague Doctor > Hoodoo Hexer.
    • The Heart Guardian stacks a damage taken increase on your tank. They must be eliminated quickly because you can’t afford to pour half of your mana bar into the tank.
    • Toads apply a moderate DoT and a 50% healing dealt reduction to whoever they hit. Your party should be using their full array of CC to give you room to move. They can also crash into the toads to blow them up but the DoT is extra damage so use it as a last resort. Monks and Paladins can dispel diseases and should do so if a toad hits the healer and inflicts Plague.
    • Run over the green orbs during the boss healing phase (Life Force). This makes all of our HoTs (and any other source of healing) heal for 1000 more. This is particularly powerful with a resto druid healer since we have multiple healing events every second.
  • Useful Weak Auras

    Avatar of Sethraliss package (coming soon):

    • Warning when the Avatar is healable.
    • Screen blur when you’re afflicted by Plague.


Heartsbane Triad

Dungeon: Waycrest Manor

Key debuffs to add to frames: Unstable Runic Mark, Jagged Nettles

  • Healing Advice

    • Aura of Apathy reduces healing dealt by 50%. Your aim is to top everyone before it hits and then conserve mana through the phase.
    • Aura of Dread hurts most. As soon as it begins you need double rejuvs out on the entire party. When the Unstable Runic Mark go out cast Wild Growth. The marks deal splash damage within 6 yards on dispel or expiry so position yourself away from the party when they go out. Immediately dispel yourself to save a bit of healing.
    • Track Aura of Dread on your frames and whip your DPS if they get more than three stacks. You can’t carry them here. They need to do the mechanic.
  • Healing Cooldowns

    Tree of Life

    Use Incarnation during Aura of Dread to help heal through the Runic Marks and Aura. The extra mobility it gives you is invaluable since you can’t stand still.


    Use Tranquility during Aura of Thorns when standing still is acceptable. You can also use it during Aura of Dread with Tree if you’re desperate but you’ll take heavy damage due to standing still for the channel.

  • Key notes for your party

  • Useful Weak Auras

    Heartsbane Package (coming soon):

    • Countdown when phase is about to change.
    • Warning if you go above 3 stacks of Aura of Dread, disabled during Tranquility. I understand, friend.
    • Dire Ritual warning.


Sporecaller Zancha

Dungeon: The Underrot

Key debuffs to add to frames: Decaying Spores

  • Healing Advice

    • This is an easy or a hard fight depending on how well your party do the mechanics. Every player should aim to stay below 3 stacks of Decaying Spores at all times.
    • Rule of thumb: One rejuv per Decaying Spores stack. Add a Regrowth if they take three, and Ironbark if they cop four. If they take five then Lifebloom them, spam regrowth and replace them next dungeon.
    • Use Wild Growth to mop up any leftover damage. Your tank will take reasonable damage so don’t neglect them.
    • Efflo: There’s a bit of movement but you can still get good value out of your Efflorescence. Encourage your party to stand in it in between mechanics.
  • Healing Cooldowns

    Tree of Life / Tranquility

    Cooldown usage here depends heavily on how much you trust your group. In a pug run, or with less satisfactory friends, you’ll want to save both cooldowns for Festering Harvest. It’ll add a stack of the debuff to every party member for every mushroom still alive. This can easily be 5-6++ stacks depending on how poorly you handled the mechanics and without cooldowns you have little chance of surviving it.

    If you trust your party then use your cooldowns to cover damage in fewer GCD’s. This gives you more time to DPS. Pop them whenever a few stacks are out.

  • Key notes for your party

    • The tank should face the boss toward a group of mushrooms. When he casts shockwave move to the side and he’ll clear a patch of shrooms for you.
    • When any party member is targeted by Upheaval, run to a set of mushrooms. This also clears them.
    • Manually run into any shrooms that are alone, or that don’t get cleared by the above two mechanics.  Avoid taking more than 1-2 stacks at a time.
    • You can use immunities to clear most of the mushrooms at once. Cloak of Shadows and Divine Shield are perfect for clearing multiple sets at a time.
  • Useful Weak Auras

    Sporecaller “The mushroom boss” Zancha package (coming soon):

    • Countdown for Festering Harvest