Vault of the Incarnates

Vault of the Incarnates is a new eight boss raid. Blizzard is releasing this raid with all difficulties unlocked at the same time, including Mythic (starting December 13th on NA realms).

As always, these guides are subject to change as they are based on PTR testing, and will be updated ASAP upon hitting live servers. The final boss wasn’t available to test on the PTR and the guide for it will release a little later.

Useful information

  • Vault is not a linear raid and you have some choices over which bosses you take on when.
    • You must kill Eranog first, and then you can choose between two 3 boss wings.  The first boss of each wing does not drop tier, while the remaining bosses after that will drop tier.
      • Wing 1 (Left) – Terros, Sennarth, Kurog Grimtotem.
      • Wing 2 (Right) – The Primal Council, Dathea, Broodkeeper.
    • Finally, you face Raszageth, the final boss.
    • We’ll add a recommended kill order once the raid is live.
  • Key consumables
    • Phials (the new flask)
    • Food (usually feasts provided by your guild)
  • QE Live will be updated for Dragonflight the day the patch goes live, for all of your healer gearing needs including Top Gear, trinket graphs and more.