Resto Druids are blessed with a number of competitive legendary items. Here are my rankings, with a brief explanation for each. The relative power rankings change depending on the boss you are doing, so ranks are measuring general strength, and are geared toward raids.

7.2 Legendary Changes

The tier list below does not factor in the 7.2 changes. My thoughts on the changes can be found hereThe Tier List will be fully updated for 7.2 once we have more data on how each is performing with the changes.

The Big Three

  • Tearstone of Elune. Procs on initial Wild Growth cast, not each tick. There are several reasons why the ring is so strong:
    • It on average gives you 1.2 free rejuvenations per cast. This is a 26,400 mana boost to Wild Growths already impressive mana efficiency.
    • Wild Growth is a smart heal, which means that the free rejuvenation is likely to be added to a low HP target and is unlikely to overheal.
    • The rejuvenation immediately buffs the healing of the Wild Growth due to our Mastery (and is likely to add a Cultivation also).
  • Velen’s Future Sight. Strong in all aspects. Combines a heavy helping of secondary stats with a powerful on-use effect.
    • The on-use often makes up 5-7% of our total healing. This only includes the overheal redistribution making it very powerful.
    • The cooldown is a little awkward for us. Pairing the on-use with Essence of G’Hanir is often our best choice since Tranquility heals for enough as-is and Essence lines up best cooldown-wise.
  • Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus. The size of the shield (easily ~750k in good gear) makes this a strong option for progression raids.
    • Tends to be a stronger defensive option than Ekowraith unless you are taking a lot of damage, though Ekowraith offers more Intellect because it isn’t in a jewellery slot.
    • You can use a WeakAura to track the internal cooldown and then go into Bear Form just before it procs to make the shield even more ridiculous. You should do this as often as possible.


The Strong, but Situational

  • Edraith, Bonds of Aglaya. More of a tank healing legendary, but it will save you both mana and global cooldowns.
    • Extends all HoTs, including Spring Blossoms, Cenarion Ward(!), Cultivation, Rejuvenation, Regrowth, Lifebloom and Germination.
    • Very useful for getting maximum value out of some of your other talents. With Flourish you can get Cenarion ward to a 24 second duration! And you can do that once a minute. Sick of your tanks dying? Not anymore…
  • Sephuz’s Secret. This is the most situational legendary in the game.
    • On a fight where you can proc the effect on cooldown through a dispel or CC effect it is worth 8.3% flat haste (3100 Haste!)
    • Procs off the following CC effects: Mighty Bash, Entangling Roots, Mass Entanglement and Rake (while stealthed).
    • Does NOT proc off Typhoon.


The “I guess I’m ok with this”

  • Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds. A very boring, but pretty effective legendary.
    • Since we’ll be taking Guardian Affinity on most fights, Ekowraith is worth +4.5% damage reduction, as well as a nice boost to Ysera’s Gift.
    • The damage reduction is less than the shield Prydaz offers unless you are taking more than 250,000 damage per second (ow) and even then it’ll depend on your HP and if you’re using the Bear Form trick.
  • The Dark Titan’s Advice. Pretty good for Mythic+ but poor in raid.
    • Makes the Lifebloom bloom portion heal for a huge value, however you only have a 4.5 second window to refresh it in and there’s a high chance that most of the heal goes to waste, especially in raid where you’re likely to have it sniped by other healers.
    • As a healer we generally want reliability, and this legendary isn’t useful enough of the time.
  • Essence of Infusion. Currently weak in Nighthold. Here’s why:
    • While it gives your tranquility a boost on the people who actually need the healing, the damage patterns in Nighthold do not offer any clear avenues for its use. You may see slight benefit on Krosus but overall these are in a weak state.

The “I’m sorry to hear that”

  • Aman’Thul’s Wisdom. Pretty weak. There was a very cool idea here that just wasn’t executed well.
    • The target must be on 100% health when the spell is initially cast.
    • Useful for pre-hotting the raid before a big burst of damage, but since you’re only getting value out of it if they aren’t taking damage, it’s inferior except for dealing with big bursts. Even when it comes to that, we tend to have better tools.
    • Entirely useless on fights with aura damage like Nythendra or Cenarius aside from any pre-hotting you can do before the fight starts.
  • X’oni’s Caress. Turns Ironbark into a stronger tool against large burst damage. Weak at its niche and bottom two in almost all scenarios.
    • Heals for a few million over the duration of Ironbark.
    • A legendary that targets a single target cooldown should not be so tied to what buffs you already have up.
    • It’s weak in raid because the healing comes in too slowly to save a bad situation
    • It’s bad in M+ because you don’t tend to have as many Rejuvenations up at any one time and so it barely heals for anything. Skip this one if you can.


You have everything you need (unless you got the shoulders). Let’s take a look at what you’ll be fighting.