There is an in-depth look at the Antorus trinkets at this link: They’ve also been added to the tier list below.


Comparing different trinkets has never been more difficult, with the Warforging system offering each trinket up at multiple different ilvls. To make analysis easier, trinket procs will be compared at 945 ilvl (Antorus Heroic). Trinket value differs depending on the specific encounter you’re progressing on so keep a set of high ilvl trinkets where possible. If you are a fresh level 110 looking to start raiding then pick up Darkmoon Deck: Promises and roll Relinquished trinkets until you get an A or B tier trinket below (stat sticks are very common).

This is a rough tier guide when trinkets are considered at equal ilvls:

  • S Tier: Aman’Thul’s Vision, Velen’s Future Sight, Highfather’s Machination
  • A Tier: Carafe of Searing Light, Garothi Feedback Conduit, Eonar’s Compassion, Fluctuating Energy, Sea Star of the Depthmother, All Stat Sticks
  • B Tier: Darkmoon Deck: Promises, The Deceiver’s Grand Design, Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter
  • C Tier: Tarratus Keystone, Vitality Resonator
  • D Tier: The rest

The following trinkets range from ‘pretty bad’ to ‘truly awful’ and should be avoided: Amalgam’s Seventh Spine, Archive of Faith, Astral Alchemist Stone, Barbaric Mindslaver, Bottled Hurricane, Conclave Reflecting Lens, Echo of L’ura, Faith’s Crucible, Horn of Valor, Mote of Sanctification, Naglfar Fare, Nether Anti-Toxin.


Static Stat Sticks

Including: Aman’Thul’s VisionUnstable ArcanocrystalRelinquished Stat Sticks

  • These trinkets are mostly even in strength, and are incredibly powerful throughput trinkets. They are great for starting out while you wait for the typically more powerful Antorus trinkets.
  • Arcanocrystal is overbudget and a decent ilvl Arcanocrystal is near unbeatable.
  • Aman’Thul’s Vision is the best stat stick we’ll ever have if you’re lucky enough to get one then equip it and never take it off.


Proc-based Stat Sticks

Including: Garothi Feedback ConduitChrono Shard, Flask of the Solemn Night, Dreadstone of Endless Shadows, Chalice of Moonlight

  • These are a slight step down (Garothi Feedback Conduit aside) from the static sticks above.
  • Garothi Feedback Conduit stacks up to 5 times and procs 6 to 8 times per minute depending on the damage doing out and is equivalent to 1594 to 1885 passive haste.
  • Chalice of Moonlight has 1.5 procs per minute, ~30% uptime and is equivalent to 1284 passive Haste or Crit.
  • Chrono Shard is 1 proc per minute, ~17% uptime and is equivalent to 1277 passive haste without the set bonus, and 1443 with.
  • Flask of the Solemn Night is 1 proc per minute, ~17% uptime and is equivalent to 1287 passive haste.
  • Dreadstone and Map are 2 procs per minute, ~27% uptime and have an equivalent to 1349 passive secondary stats.


Mana Trinkets

Including: Carafe of Searing LightDarkmoon Deck: PromisesFluctuating Energy, Memento of Tyrande, Astral Alchemist Stone

  • Carafe of Searing Light can be used once per minute and offers 4398 MP/5 which is incredibly competitive and you don’t have to deal with the downsides of the alternatives listed below. This makes Carafe our best mana trinket in most scenarios but you must remember to keep it on cooldown.
  • 900 ilvl Promises (current max) offers an average reduction of 1816 mana per spell. If you cast 30 mana-costing spells a minute this is 4540 MP/5. This is a lot of mana but it gets outclassed by Carafe of Searing Light since it falls behind heavily on intellect.
  • Fluctuating Energy procs twice per minute (more often with Haste) and is worth 4753 MP/5 if you catch every ball with 20% Haste.
    • You can modify the value by how successful you are at picking up the balls. At a 75% rate the value drops to 3565 MP/5.
    • Increased by 30% by wearing the Nightbane Chestpiece but it’s not recommended since it competes with a tier slot (and we have plenty to try and fit in already).
  • Memento of Tyrande drops in the Timewalking version of Black Temple and it’s basically promises-lite. On live it restores 11,165 mana per proc and you can expect 2.5 of them per minute (multiplied by your haste). With 20% haste this is 2,791 MP/5 which is significantly lower than Promises or Fluctuating Energy. Don’t use this.
  • Astral Alchemist Stone was added in 7.3 and can be upgraded to 935 ilvl. It’s the weakest of the mana trinket options and offers up about 2000 MP/5 over an 8 minute fight. The poor mana return, combined with most of its stat budget being taken up by its heavy Intellect proc makes this a poor trinket for us unless you’re just starting out.


On-Use or Proc Based Trinkets. Rating: Varies

Highfather’s Machination. Rating: S. Drops from: Coven (Antorus)

  • Highfather’s was buffed several times and is now an absolute machine. It’ll only proc when your allies are below 50% life, which means that the trinket never overheals.
  • You can expect a monstrous 76k+ HPS from the trinket assuming you use every charge which is very likely in a progression raiding scenario (especially in Mythic). It’s also almost all useful healing since your allies are most vulnerable when low.


Eonar’s Compassion. Rating: A. Drops from: Argus (Antorus)

  • Blossoms:
    • The trinket procs 1.2 times per minute and doesn’t appear to scale with haste.
    • The Blossom heals for 192,937 per tick in reasonable gear and we get 6 ticks per proc for a total of ~1.15m healing per proc.
    • This puts the trinkets healing contribution at a low 2.3% (@1m HPS) which is a little disappointing compared to its earlier PTR iteration. Like most proc trinkets it won’t scale quite so well as the incoming damage rises but even on a fight where we’re sitting around 1.5m HPS the trinket contribution is still at a not awful 2.2%. Remember that we haven’t looked at the Pantheon proc at all yet.
    • At 1000 ilvl the Blossom heals for ~337,449 per tick and we get 6 ticks per proc for a total of ~2m healing per proc.
  • Eonar’s Verdant Embrace (Pantheon Proc)
    • The Pantheon proc shields for 250,782 and you get 4 of them per proc for a total of just over 1m healing.
    • If we assume the trinkets line up once per minute this brings the trinket to 3.96% healing contribution on an average heroic fight.
    • At 1000 ilvl the proc shields for 438,619 and you get 4 of them per proc for a total of ~1.7m healing. This brings the trinkets healing contribution up to 4.1% at 1m HPS.


Sea Star of the Depthmother. Rating: A. Drops from: Mistress Sass’zine (ToS)

  • Procs off 50% of Wild Growth casts which means an average of about 2 procs per minute for most. Sea Star uses a Deck based RNG system which gives you a guaranteed 5 procs out of every 10 Wild Growth casts. You can track how far through the deck you are with this Weak Aura:
  • The trinket scales with both Crit and Versatility so with reasonable gear you can expect 56,944 * 32 healing per proc. That’s just over 60k HPS over the duration of the fight which is really excellent.
  • The range is 15 yards, and it is a smart heal which will prioritize the lowest health ally in range.


Ishkar’s Felshield Emitter. Rating: B. Drops from: Antoran High Command (Antorus)

  • Allows you to drop a big shield on an ally once a minute. This isn’t usually as useful as it might sound and so this trinket falls behind the stronger options in ToS.
  • If used on cooldown the shield contributes about ~52k HPS and 26k DPS (if your target is standing near an enemy).
  • The damage when the shield explodes is sadly shared between nearby enemies. The crab packs in EoA rejoice.


Tarratus Keystone. Rating: C. Drops from: Portal Keeper Hasabel (Antorus)

  • A giant burst of healing that does too little healing to justify usage. It’s not even very interesting!
  • You can expect ~27k HPS from the trinket.


The Deceiver’s Grand Design. Rating: B. Drops from: Kil’jaeden (ToS)

  • The HoT scales with Crit, Haste and Versatility. The shield portion just scales with Versatility.
  • You can expect the HoT to tick for an average of ~167k every ~2.5 seconds with reasonable gear. This is a large injection of tank healing which is situationally powerful but often unnecessary. You can also drop it on raid members that you expect to take big hits to maximise the HPS the trinket can provide. Ultimately outclassed by most Antorus trinkets.




Trinkets are fun. Legendaries are even better. Let’s take a look.