Tomb of Sargeras: You can find information on the new Tomb of Sargeras trinkets here.


Comparing different trinkets has never been more difficult, with the Warforging system offering each trinket up at multiple different ilvls. To make analysis easier, trinket procs will be compared at 900 ilvl (early Nighthold Mythic). Trinket value differs depending on the specific encounter you’re progressing on so keep a set of high ilvl trinkets where possible. As a healer I lean toward trinkets with 100% uptimes, or with on-use effects instead of proc based trinkets unless the proc is particularly strong. Unlike DPS we can rarely afford a trinket that is only active 15-20% of the time.

If you are looking for a quick answer, here is a rough tier guide:

  • A Tier: Velen’s Future Sight, Static Stat Sticks (including Arcanocrystal), Proc-based Stat Sticks
  • B Tier: Good Mana Trinkets, Perfectly Preserved Cake, Archive of Faith
  • C Tier: Charm of the Rising Tide, Horn of Valor, Barbaric Mindslayer, Seastar of the Depthmother
  • D Tier: The rest

The following trinkets are significantly worse than world quest stack sticks and should be avoided at all costs: Aluriel’s Mirror, The Deceiver’s Grand Design, Horn of Cenarius, Amalgam’s Seventh Spine, Bottled Hurricane, Mote of Sanctification, Naglfar Fare, Faith’s Crucible, Conclave Reflecting Lens, Ephemeral Paradox.

High level stat sticks can be obtained easily for Nethershards. If you are just starting out you should prioritise picking up two of them.


Static Stat Sticks. Rating: A+. 

Including: Unstable ArcanocrystalBrinewater Slime in a Bottle, Padawsen’s Unlucky Charm, Ethereal Urn, Relinquished Stat Sticks

  • These trinkets are mostly even in strength, and are incredibly powerful throughput trinkets.
  • Arcanocrystal is overbudget, and can be considered the strongest of the set.


Proc-based Stat Sticks. Rating: A. 

Including: Chrono Shard, Flask of the Solemn Night, Dreadstone of Endless Shadows, Etraeus’ Celestial Map, Chalice of Moonlight (ToS)

  • These are a slight step down from the static sticks as they lose a little reliability (and could proc at non-optimal times).
  • Chrono Shard is 1 proc per minute, ~17% uptime and is equivalent to 1073 passive haste without the set bonus, and 1239 with.
  • Flask of the Solemn Night is 1 proc per minute, ~17% uptime and is equivalent to 1087 passive haste.
  • Dreadstone and Map are 2 procs per minute, ~27% uptime and have an equivalent to 1140 passive secondary stats.
  • Chalice of Moonlight has 1.5 procs per minute, 25% uptime and is equivalent to 1085 passive Haste or Crit.


Good Mana Trinkets. Rating: B+

Including: Fluctuating EnergyDarkmoon Deck: Promises

  • Mana Trinkets get increasingly more powerful the longer the fight runs (since fewer of your casts fit inside your base mana pool). Fluctuating Energy tends to be better than Promises due to easy availability at a high ilvl but Promises is a decent alternative if you aren’t able to run around after balls.
  • Fluctuating Energy procs twice per minute (more often with Haste) and is worth 4493 MP/5 if you catch every ball with 20% Haste.
    • You can modify the value by how successful you are at picking up the balls. At a 75% rate the value drops to 3370 MP/5.
    • Increased by 30% by wearing the Nightbane Chestpiece but it’s not recommended since it competes with a tier slot (and we have plenty to try and fit in already).
  • Promises offers an average reduction of 1439 mana per spell. If you cast 30 mana-costing spells a minute this offers 3598 MP/5.


On-Use or Proc Based Trinkets. Rating: Varies

Perfectly Preserved Cake. Rating: B

  • Hits six targets for an average HPS of 36,226. Smart use will leave the Cake with a reasonable contribution.
  • Particularly powerful for fights like Gul’dan where it can be used to recover from a bad Fel Bond. Niche uses in high Mythic+ to survive high damage one boss abilities.


Horn of Valor. Rating: C

  • The versatility is weak but the on-demand intellect boost has some potential. It averages out to 1238 int but its on-demand nature means you can use it with Tranquility or EoG to greatly increase its value. Unfortunately it struggles to keep up with the static stat sticks.


Nether Anti-Toxin. Rating: C-

  • Procs three times a minute. Multiple procs can be active at once, and it can overwrite itself (rare).
  • Grants the equivalent of a low 272 passive Haste, and ~9390 Healing per second.
  • Not recommended in any situation.




Trinkets are fun. Legendaries are even better. Let’s take a look.