Mistweaver Monk in Five Minutes

This is a quick reference sheet that offers a quick way to get into the spec. For the full Mistweaver guide, read through these:


The reference guide is unlikely to offer the best strategy for any particular fight, but should be ‘pretty good’ across the board. Mistweaver Monks are strong in almost all areas and particularly excel in single target healing. They’re mid-high tier in raid and a top three mythic+ healing spec.

Core Healing Spells

  • Essence Font. Your most efficient spell and a large portion of your overall healing. You’ll want to cast Essence Font whenever there are 6 or more injured allies nearby. It’s ok to hold it for a few seconds if there’s some significant damage coming up.
  • Renewing Mist. A smart HoT that automatically bounces to a nearby ally if the target is at full health. You get two charges and you can pretty much throw them out on cooldown.
  • Vivify. A powerful medium-efficiency single target heal that cleaves to any allies with a Renewing Mist.
  • Enveloping Mist. A powerful short single target HoT that buffs all of your healing on the target while active. Expensive. You’ll use this when a tank or prominent debuffed ally is taking huge damage.
  • Soothing Mist. A channeled single target heal that allows you to cast other single target heals on the target without breaking the channel. It’s tempting to cast soothing on a target before every Vivify but it isn’t particularly efficient to do so unless you plan on spam healing the target for an extended time.
  • Mistweaver also has fantastic utility and mobility with Leg Sweep, Ring of Peace, Chi Torpedo and Transcendence all being top of their respective classes.



  • Revival. The Mistweaver raid-wide cooldown. It isn’t quite as powerful as a Tranquility or a Holy Word Salvation but it’s instant. Your raid leader is likely to assign this to a specific moment in the fight.
  • Life Cocoon. A huge single target absorb. Don’t save this for your worst pull of the night. It’s a powerful life saving tool that you should be using frequently.
  • Fortifying Brew. A powerful personal defensive. You’ll get another from your talents which makes Mistweaver one of the most durable healing specs in the game. Like Life Cocoon you want to be using this regularly. If you’re a star player who never stands in the fire then use it to mitigate damage during high damage phases.


The raid spec is reasonably fixed, though you might consider Mist Wrap and Lifecycles if you’re spending a significant portion of your time healing the tanks. Refreshing Jade Wind and Jade Serpent Statue compete for the slot in Eternal Palace. You can read more about our talents here.



Our best raid traits are Font of Life and Secret Infusion. You’ll fill in your other slots with strong stat traits. Loyal to the End is fantastic if you’re not using the Conflict & Strife essence. Arcane Heart is only mid-tier. You can read more about our azerite traits here, and our trinkets here.

Aim to wear your highest item level pieces in your other slots. We don’t really have a bad secondary stat and intellect is very good for us (particularly while you’re gearing up).



You have two options for your major essence:

  • Conflict & Strife
  • Memory of Lucid Dreams

You’ll use the following in your minor slots. Ranked from strongest to weakest.

  • Conflict & Strife
  • Ever Rising Tide
  • Well of Existence


Quickfire Tips

  • A significant portion of our healing comes from Essence Font. Don’t let its high mana cost fool you, it’s incredibly efficient. You can cast it whenever six or more allies are injured. 
  • You’ll use Jade Serpent Statue for many raid fights. Make sure it has 100% uptime on a target. A weak aura can help you keep track of it. This one is very good: https://wago.io/jadeserpentstatue.
  • Get into the habit of casting Thunder Focus Tea on cooldown. In raid you’ll want to use it with Vivify most of the time but if no nearby allies are injured then you’re better off using it with Renewing Mist than letting it sit unused.
  • As a Mistweaver you have powerful defensive cooldowns in Fortifying Brew and Diffuse Magic. Use them liberally and you’ll survive through a ridiculous amount of damage. They have very short cooldowns; don’t save them just for your worst pull of the night. Use them frequently.
  • The WoWAnalyzer Mistweaver module is excellent. Use it to improve your play.

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