Atal’Dazar Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Atal’Dazar Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 30 minutes
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Method Dungeon Tools Strings

Classic Path (pictured above)
Newbie Path (no invis pots or big skips)



  • Priestess Alun’za

    Easy fight. Just lather yourself up in blood. Wait…

    Dungeon Journal+

    Transfusion Magic Damage

    Gilded Claws Buff (+50% physical damage) Purgeable

    Molten Gold Debuff (Magic, DoT)

    Corrupted Gold (orbs) Dodgeable Debuff (Non-dispellable, DoT, -dmg dealt)


    You should know

    • The Tainted Blood debuff lasts 15 seconds so you can pick it up long before the Transfusion cast. This is usually easier than having all five party members rush toward the same pool as the cast begins. You know the one, where four people get pools and one guy looks like an idiot as he turns around and hopelessly tries to get to the one that’s two and a half miles away.
    • If all five party members do the mechanic correctly the boss will lose 25% of her health per transfusion cast. She has much higher HP than other dungeon bosses so if screw this up you’re in for a long fight.
    • You need to either kill the Spirit of Gold adds or keep them CC’d. I’d recommend killing the first one or two and CC’ing the rest though ultra-coordinated groups will CC all of them for a quicker boss kill. Tank the boss on top of them for bonus cleave.
    • Standing in the golden pools reduces your damage dealt by 30% for 10 seconds! I thought that might get your attention.
    • Healer: You need to dispel the Molten Gold debuff but it’s a long, low damage DoT so you can take your time.


  • Vol’kaal

    The natural evolution of the shaman class. Totems? Check. Voodoo? Check. Decaying Flesh? …Soon. 

    Dungeon Journal+

    Noxious Stench Magic Damage Interruptable (Channeled) 

    Lingering Nausea Magic Damage Debuff (Disease, DoT, Stacks) One stack per 2s of Noxious Stench cast

    Rapid Decay Magic Damage Boss Buff (+50% phys dmg done)

    Reanimate (Reanimation Totem) Full Heal

    Toxic Leap Magic Damage Leaves Toxic Pool

    Toxic Pool Magic Damage Dodgeable (Floor effect)


    You should know

    • Key Interrupt: Noxious Stench. Every two seconds he’s allowed to cast will apply another disease stack to the party. Let the tank take this one since the DPS will be focused on their totem. You’ll get one stack always.
    • The three totems must die within 7 seconds of each other. The boss will auto-heal to full until this is done so don’t multi-DoT or worry about cleave. Save your padding for your random heroic later.
    • Standard groups should assign one DPS to each totem. Watch all three and slow down if your totem is going down faster than the others. If you’re contributing DPS as a healer then try and do so somewhat evenly, or focus on whichever has the most health left.
    • You technically want to be spread 8 yards in phase one to avoid sharing Toxic Leap but because you’re all on separate totems this is rarely a problem. Just don’t stand on top of each other.
    • Tank: During phase two (after the totems have died) kite the boss on a circular path around the edge of the arena. He’ll drop pools behind him and the melee will need somewhere to stand.


    Bonus: Healing Tips

    • This is either an easy or horribly difficult fight to heal depending on how well your party interrupts the Noxious Stench cast.
    • If interrupts are going well: Add some damage to any totems lagging behind.
    • If interrupts are going poorly: Noxious Stench hits every 20-25 seconds. Start prepping for the damage before the cast goes out because three stacks of the disease is rough.
    • Expect to have to move a lot in phase 2. You’ll need to save your healing cooldowns for here.


  • Rezan

    The loa of kings! A giant dinosaur! Annnnnd the easiest boss in the dungeon.

    Dungeon Journal+

    Terrifying Visage Dodgeable Debuff (Magic, Fear)

    Pursuit Debuff (Non-dispellable, Run!)

    Devour Physical Damage Debuff  (Non-dispellable, Heavy DoT)

    Serrated Teeth Tank Only Physical Damage Debuff (+50% damage taken)

    Tail Physical Damage Knockback 


    You should know

    • Tank and fight the boss next to one of the pillars that surround the room. Use them to line of sight the Terrifying Visage cast.
    • By fighting the boss against a pillar you don’t have to worry about the bone piles at all – reducing the encounter to two easy mechanics.
    • Targeted by Pursuit? Run toward the far end of the room, attempting to stay within the confines of the river. This stops the boss himself from disturbing any bone piles.
    • Get caught? Apologise to your healer, pop a defensive and then keep hitting the boss. Devour doesn’t interrupt casts. You can also pop Iceblock / Turtle here.
    • Healer / Tank: The tank will get savaged during the Serrated Teeth debuff. Save your big defensive cooldowns and externals for this. There isn’t otherwise much damage in the fight.
    • Sneaky Shadowmeld: You can shadowmeld the Pursuit cast once he starts chasing you. It’ll cancel it entirely.


  • Yazma

    Scared of spiders? You. Will. Be.

    Dungeon Journal+

    Soulrend Debuff

    Echos of Shadra Magic Damage Dodgeable 

    Shadowy Remains Magic Damage Dodgeable (floor) 

    Skewer Physical Damage Tank Only 

    Wracking Pain Magic Damage Interruptable Debuff (Curse, DoT)


    You should know

    • Key Interrupt: Wracking Pain. It’s a heavy DoT on one player that can also be decursed if available.
    • Tank the boss on one side of the room and put a marker on the other. When Soulrend goes out (arrows above your head) run toward the marker and stack tightly as a group of four. The tank won’t get it.
    • When the adds spawn, use AoE burst damage and CC to kill them quickly. You’ll take moderate ticking damage until they’re dead.
    • They must die before they reach the boss or you’ll take a very heavy AoE DoT and die until you’re dead. Yes. It’s that bad.
    • Dodge the spiders. Stop DPS’ing if you have to, you’ll die very very quickly if you get hit by any.
    • You can use immunities to “soak” the spiders and force them to explode. This clears the area very effectively.
    • Healer: There’s moderate tank damage but little otherwise so make sure you’re DPS’ing.



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