Atal’Dazar Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Atal’Dazar Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 39 minutes
Average # Mobs per pack: Coming Soon



The Atal'dazar boss order is flexible but we'll be starting with Rezan.
You can clear this pack now, or run to the right of them and kill them after Rezan. The latter can be smarter from a Bloodlust perspective. The Toxic Saurids will jump random targets and deal damage in a 5 yard AoE. Stay lightly spread and pump our AoE CC and DPS. They actually really hurt on higher keys.
Kill the oversized dinosaur and then make your way up the northwest staircase. Chop down the Saurids on your way back to the main path.
So we're doing something a little weird here. We're going to pull half of the left-hand side for trash percentage and then head right to kill Vol'kaal. This way we avoid the horrifying Colossi while still getting the required number of enemy forces.

Stay spread so the Juggernaut charge only hits one player. Soothe or kite it during Fanatic's Rage. Interrupt the Confessor's Bwonsamdi's Mantle and Mending Word casts or they'll put up big CC immunity bubbles and heal. The Honor Guards are useless.
Key Interrupt: Fiery Enchant (Dazar'ai Augur, buffs nearby Juggernaut to throw fire).

As advertised earlier, turn and run back toward Volkaal. There's a stealth mob on the stairs so let your tank lead. The Honor Guards are effectively immune to damage until you kill their Reanimation Totems. Once you do they'll start spewing heavy AoE damage. Use your healing cooldowns, use your defensives. SAVE YOUR POTION COOLDOWNS.
The double shieldbearer pack will pat up and down. Try and grab them separately unless you've equipped your balls of steel. 

The Shieldbearers channel big damage reduction shields that protect nearby enemies. You can knock them back or displace them. They also shield bash the nearest target so make sure the tank is nearby.
This pack is disgusting. If you're an organised group then pop an invis potion here and run through to the boss. There's a mob in the first pack that can see through invis so you have to stick hard to the left. Follow the arrows and he won't pull.

If you're in a more casual group then you'll have to clear both of these packs. Save your cooldowns for the second since the two Reanimated Honor Guards deal insane AoE damage.
If you've used your invis pots then be very careful not to pull the pack behind you when fighting the boss. It'll only ever be a risk if you're careless.
So your invisibility potion is still on cooldown and this pack is clearly still a big threat. You can get past them with one of the following methods:
  • Put up a warlock gate to the right of the mobs and port through the wall.
  • Sap / Imprison the two mobs on the right and walk through, hugging the wall.
  • Run through and die and burn a battle res / ankh to reset the pack.
  • .... Or just kill it.
The guide assumes you won't need them for trash percentage but there'll be notes on other mobs you can skip if you do take them down.
There are two more stealth mobs on the stairs. Let the tank lead and spam AoE's to prevent them opening with a stun. You should dispel the poison effect if possible.

The pack at the bottom of the stairs is pretty tough and you'll need to interrupt or decurse the Unstable Hex cast from the Witch-Doctors to clear it efficiently. It's a very long CC. It'll spread to nearby allies when it ends so move out if you're hit.
Key Interrupt: Terrifying Screech (Feasting Skyscreamer, AoE Fear)
Avoid the dinosaurs in the middle. Just walk around the side of the platform. These mobs will be killed so rarely that by the end of the expansion we won't have any idea what they even do. Honestly though we just don't need them for percentage.
Interrupt what you can. Not particularly dangerous.
The eyes in the mask will light up before it starts to spit fire. Try not to die to these. This is the 'really embarrassing death' of the expansion.
Really rough pack. Not a bad candidate for bloodlust on Fortified weeks. The Gilded Priestesses are reasonably useless but will heal if you don't stand in the blood pools they put down. 

Don't stand in Sanguine thinking it's a blood pool. That's almost as bad as dying to the flaming masks on the stairs.
Grab this pack if you still need trash. You'll need them if you invis potted the packs earlier but can skip them if you didn't.
The path to the last boss is in the middle. Make sure you don't pull the Dino tamer on your way through.


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