Mythic+ Compendium

News: All Guides remain with season 2 routes. Most of the information contained with in is still valuable, but consider the paths to be for beginners only since they don’t consider emissaries. 


The Mythic+ Compendium covers specific dungeon routes and in-depth boss strategy including accompanying weak auras and Method Dungeon Tools strings.

The Dungeons



Kings Rest

Shrine of the Storm

Siege of Boralus

Temple of Sethraliss

The Motherlode!!

The Underrot

Tol Dagor

Waycrest Manor


Spec Utility (8.1.5)

(Click on the image to see the full version. Blue text indicates that a talent is required to unlock the ability)


The Mythic+ Checklist

  • Utility Potions: Skystep, Invisibility / Skaggldrynk / Dmitri’s Draught of Deception
  • Drums of Fury or Drums of the Mountain
  • Auto-Hammer (Repair Bot, for when… you know)
  • Buff scrolls for buffs you’re missing: War-scroll of Intellect, War-scroll of Fortitude, War-scroll of Battle Shout
  • The usual stuff (Flasks, DPS & health potions, food, Augment runes)

Mythic+ Discords

Looking for help getting started? Try

Already know every dungeon inside and out but need more groups to run with? Relic hosts some fantastic Mythic+ servers to find groups:




Useful Resources

  • QE Dungeon Tips: Tells you what every mob does as you progress through the instance. The compendium in addon form. Updated with all BFA content.
  • Heaps of quickly accessible mythic+ information including weekly affixes, instance timers, useful addons and more.
  • Method Dungeon Tools: Plan your route before you start then share it with friends.
  • Gotta go Fast: Addon that displays custom M+ timers, shows how much each mob is worth in the tooltip and auto-clicks various dialogs to save you useful seconds.
  • Angry Keystones: Does everything Gotta Go Fast does in a slightly different wrapper. Also shows you which affixes are coming up.
  • The QE Guide to Mythic+ Debuffs: Add them to your party frames and become intimately familiar with what they do.