Kings Rest Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Kings Rest Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 39 minutes
Average # Mobs per pack: Coming Soon



King's Rest is a mostly linear dungeon and you don't have much choice when it comes to where you get your trash percentage. We're opening with an invis pot. This trash isn't particularly dangerous but it's easy to skip and you'll appreciate saving two minutes here later in the dungeon. It does mean you can't wipe until you kill the Golden Serpent or you'll have to clear it anyway.

The Animated Guardians will turn to face random players and do a large frontal cleave that stuns. Rotate around the mob to dodge it.
If you're shrouding then walk around the edge of the Minions and then through the middle of the Animated Guardians. Distract can help but it shouldn't be dangerous if you're careful.
Bang the gong once your party is close to summon the next set of trash.
I strongly recommend pulling these packs one at a time. The Minions of Zul will occasionally patrol around and should be dispelled or chain CC'd since getting feared in this room is instant death (and you used your invis potion just getting here!).

The Shadow-Borne Warriors will send out little tornadoes. Dodge them and you'll do great. 
The Shadow-Borne Witch Doctors are a little more dangerous. You'll need to interrupt the 'Shadowbolt Volley' they cast or you'll find yourself in an infirmary. 
The Shadow-Borne Champions will cast a soothe-able enrage effect that greatly increases their tank damage. I did mention bringing a Druid, didn't I?
On Fortified this hallway might just be the biggest challenge of the instance. The order you'll fight each mini-boss is random but you'll always get all four. They'll glow briefly before becoming active so the tank needs to be really quick to pick them up. Ranged DPS and healers should stand near the center of the room so you don't get auto-one shot by a stray melee attack.
From left to right (but remember your order will look different):

The Council
  • King Rahu'ai: Channels a heavy AoE lightning around him. Move out of it. It'll destroy your soul.
  • Seneschal M'bara: Interrupt or Purge the Induce Regeneration cast. It's a big single target HoT.
  • Guard Captain Atu: Stun Interrupt: Axe Barrage (heavy AoE DoT)
The Kings Guard
  • King 'Aakul: Will put Hidden Blade on random party members. It's a poison dispel and causes the afflicted player to drop poison pools behind them. Dispel if you can, or run it away from the group.
  • Bloodsworn Agent: Move away from the purple swirls and AoE them down. Not that dangerous.
A Queen and her mount
  • Queen Patlaa: Don't stand in the big purple pools. Easy.
  • Skeletal Hunting Raptor: Will leap to a random player and spam cleave. Just move from it.
Pure chaos in Royal form
  • King Timalji: Bladestorm will wreck your life. Dread it. Run from it. Bladestorm arrives all the same.
  • Queen Wasi: Will Mind Control a random player. Dispel it. Don't kill them.
The Purification Construct will drop little lava pools that you'll need to dodge. It also does a large clockwise fire beam. Don't be lazy here because it will kill you. Follow it around. It's preferable to take a tick of the pool than a tick of the beam.
The Embalming Fluid pull in small packs of two or three but you can grab as many as you can handle. They'll drop poison pools that slow you and stack a heavy DoT. Dispel it - or better yet just don't stand in the puddles.

The constructs aren't too dangerous, but they'll shut someone in a coffin (horrifying, I know) and the rest of the party has to click it to break them out. This is basically practice for the boss.
This hallway is pretty nasty and your tank will really feel it in the morning. 

The Beserker will stack a heavy DoT on the tank, or whoever is closest to them. They'll need heavy healing. The Hex Priests aren't too bad. Just interrupt the Hex cast since it's a pretty long CC.
Honored Raptors will just cleave in a random direction, and the Brute will do a huge AoE slam that's easily dodgeable. You've got several seconds once the swirl appears so don't panic.
The Spectral Witch Doctors put down a Healing Tide totem that you need to kill. You can pull this as one big pack if low on time and if your interrupts are on point. Just be ready to kite it if necessary.
The two Beserkers actually pull separately so feel free to kill them one by one if you still have a lot of time left, or if you're having doubts about your tank.

Two Beserkers means twice the bleed stacks and if you kite them excessively they'll hit melee instead so you need to kite as a party or pop heavy tank cooldowns.
Cross the path toward the last boss.
Come to think of it, this just isn't a tank friendly instance. The Shadow of Zul will shred your tank - mostly through a persistent magic DoT. You'll also need one person to soak the black pool when it spawns. Run out the Dark Revelation debuff and kill or dispel the add that it spawns.

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