7.3.2 FAQ

We did it! We made it through Tomb and now we’re down to Legion’s final 11 bosses. Let’s answer some common questions about the upcoming raid. For stuff unrelated to Antorus, check out the regular FAQ. There’s also a detailed breakdown of recommended talents and legendaries for each fight in the Boss Guides.



It still depends on the fight! Alright alright, a little nondescript. Here’s a better breakdown (and we’ll have fight-by-fight recommendations in a few weeks). It’s worth noting that the top four are all close enough to each other that the ilvl of the pieces you’re replacing are relevant. Numbers are projections based off current logs and might change a little once the raid is live:


Top Tier


In contrast to Helm, Velens is our best tool against timed burst damage. There’s significantly more competition for our trinket slots in Antorus compared to Nighthold and Tomb with Carafe in particular being excellent, offering slightly less mana than Promises but with much more intellect. Your second trinket slot will definitely be taken by one of the two Pantheon trinkets so Velens isn’t quite the all-star it’s been in the past but it’s still a clear first choice whenever handling burst damage is more important than overall HPS. Current day Mythic Kil’jaeden’s a good example; if you can handle the DPS add sets and the Darkness casts in phase 3, then you’re unlikely to ever wipe to lack of healing.



Prydaz reaps large benefits from being an overbudget 1000 ilvl secondary stat stick, offering ~5% healing through stats alone compared to a 945 neck. It’s a very good general purpose legendary that you’ll pick if the other tier 1 legendaries don’t suit the fight. You might also choose it for its defensive potential if there’s a particular mechanic you need to soak or where you can’t afford to spend time in Bear Form. A ToS example is Fallen Avatar if you were required to take one of the soaks early in the tier.

Prydaz also has some synergy with 2T21 since staying at full health to spread the Dreamer HoT reduces the overhealing and increases the HPS of the new set. We’ll need to wait until live to see how significant this is.


Aman’Thul’s Wisdom

The once reviled shoulders have seen constant usage since their buff in Nighthold but it’s long been held that they’ll lose most of their power with the loss of 4T19. This doesn’t appear to be the case and they continue to shine with T20 and will continue to with T21. They are a little fight dependent with high Deep Rooted uptime lowering their value however they offer:
– Improved Flourish value.
– Higher average HoT count leading to greater Mastery value.
– Great synergy with the legendary helm.
Keep an eye on these. They could do great things… again.


Chameleon Song

Chameleon Song is unrivalled when it comes to handling sustained damage. The RNG factor is balanced against high average throughput stacked on a high budget helm slot. An attractive option for multiple fights. It does lose some muster from the loss of 4T19 however it still performs very well with T20 and should do even better with T21.
There is a weak aura to help track Helm procs here, though it is not usually necessary.


Honorable mention

Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds

Ekowraith has some nice synergy with T21 however it doesn’t buff the HoT portion of the set at all and doesn’t scale particularly well with incoming damage. That makes it a reasonable choice for heroic raids (especially early in the tier) but an average one for mythic raids.


Mid tier

Tearstone, Belt, Wrists, SotA


Just really really bad

Gloves, Boots


Give me the quick version. What are we actually wearing?

“I need to deal with high consistent damage”: Helm + Shoulders
“Handling burst damage is key to surviving this fight”: Velens + 1
“I am soaking, or am not sure what kind of fight I’m dealing with”: Prydaz + 1
“I don’t have Carafe / Pantheon trinket”: Velens + Helm or Shoulders or Prydaz
“I’m just getting started with raiding”: Prydaz + Chest  (or, whatever’s dropped for you so far)
“I am AFK”: Chest + Prydaz + Bear Form + Mark of the Ancient Priestess


Will we still wear 2T19 in Antorus?

Resto Druid T19 bonuses

The answer for 99% of the population is going to be no. For that one guy with the 940 T19 pieces you can stop reading now, you lucky bastard. For everyone else, offpieces from Antorus are going to be better and a high ilvl Jacin’s Ruse set is going to beat all but the mightiest T19 titanforges. 2T19 will still be fantastic in Mythic+ where Mastery is valued extremely highly.


How good is 4T21?

Resto Druid Tier 21 bonuses

It’s a very decent bonus that is more consistently useful than tier 20 while not reaching the heights of 19. In heroic raids you can expect 11-14% raw healing from the bonus, whereas Mythic will see the full set drop to about 7-9% depending on the fight. It’ll also be a reasonable bonus in Mythic+ with a Wild Growth providing an extra Mastery stack on all five party members.


Best in slot list??

Titanforging and legendaries ruined best in slot lists however if you must provide something to an overzealous raid leader then here’s your wish list:

  • Four pieces of T21. Getting it quickly is more important than the particular slots though you might find it more efficient to grab Chest, Legs, Gloves and Cape to keep Shoulders / Helm open for legendaries.
  • A decent healing trinket or two: Highfather’s, Carafe and Garothi Feedback Conduit are all excellent as are Eonar’s and Aman’Thul’s Vision.
  • Any high ilvl offpieces the DPS don’t want.



There’s a full post on Antorus trinkets here. Carafe of Searing Light, Highfather’s Medallion, Garothi Feedback Conduit, Aman’Thul’s Vision and Eonar’s Compassion are all solid options after the latest round of live tuning.


Talents & Stat Priority

No change. Talents are fight dependent and stat priorities are best answered with RDSW or WoWAnalyzer.


So when does the raid come out anyway?

It’s out now!