Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions in the Resto Druid community, updated for BFA launch. Grab a coffee and we’ll get you up to date.


Which talents should I use for Dungeons / Raids?

More information on talents can be found here but those looking for a quick answer will have reasonable success with:


Dungeons / Mythic+


What are the best Azerite Traits?

Check out the Azerite Trait page to read through a full list of our traits and how they perform. You’ll be aiming to pick up:

For raid: One Archive of the Titan’s + 2x Archive of the Titans or Autumn Leaves. Your first Waking Dream trait is also excellent.

For dungeons: One Grove Tending, Two Incite the Pack / Tradewinds / Archive of the Titan’s.

Autumn Leaves does change our spell priorities and talent setup a little. You can read more about it here.


What trinkets should I use?

There is a full trinket tier list hereThe warforging system makes it difficult to compare two trinkets however there are a smattering of stat stick trinkets that are very strong for us. The latter is a random world drop so you might have to spend a few dollars to pick one up on the auction house. Failing that, grab a high ranking dungeon trinket from the tier list above.


 What are the current Resto Druid stat weights? Do you have a Pawn string for me?

There are actually no default Resto Druid stat weights and I’ll explain to you why since it can seem quite strange if you’re coming from another class.

  • First of all, we have no dominant stat like some other specs might. All four secondary stats are strong for us.
  • We tend to want more of the stat that we have the least of which is the opposite of what Pawn will try and do for you.
  • Gear with higher ilvl offers more intellect and more total secondary stats.

This actually makes us very easy to gear, and if you aren’t running cutting edge content then you can do very well by just equipping your highest ilvl pieces regardless of secondary stats. If you are looking to really min-max then the best choice is:

More on stats here.


Where’s our Best in Slot list?

The Warforge system killed off Best in Slot lists and they aren’t useful for us. We can only say the following about best in slot pieces:

  • Some Azerite traits are much better than others.
  • Some trinkets are much better than others.
  • The Alchemist Stone is very good.
  • Picking the highest ilvl pieces in your other slots is the best decision most of the time.


What’s the optimal way to DPS as resto now? Are we still Catweaving?

Birdweaving (DPS’ing with Balance Affinity) and Catweaving (Feral Affinity) are closer than in Legion but Catweaving is still solidly ahead in DPS.

Birdweaving pros and cons

  • Birdweaving is a ranged spec, which is usually safer.
  • You can heal in Moonkin form with Regrowth.
  • Your AoE damage when there is a priority target is very high due to Lunar Strike.
  • Birdweaving is much easier to play.
  • The moonkin Wild Charge disengage is a great mobility tool.
  • Most of your AoE damage is in a 5 yard radius around your primary target which can be incredibly inconvenient.

Catweaving pros and cons

  • Significantly more damage.
  • Innervate can be used as a DPS cooldown since it reduces energy costs to 0 (this is a bug but they haven’t fixed it yet).
  • Your AoE damage is much stronger on spread out packs where bleeds are still very effective.
  • Most of your damage doesn’t cost mana, which is sometimes important.
  • Melee. Not always more dangerous but you definitely need to know which mobs have cleaves.
  • More difficult to play since you have to manage multiple bleeds in addition to Moonfire / sunfire and your healing.

You’ll find a Catweaving guide here.


Which weapon enchant should I be using?

Quick Navigation is a strong general purpose weapon enchant. It’s strong in raid, strong while healing dungeons and strong while contributing DPS. Mastery Navigation will provide more raw HPS in dungeons and Mythic+ if you’re struggling. Coastal Navigation / Siphoning (100 leech) are a whisker behind but are very competitive. The Coastal Surge HoT doesn’t count toward our mastery. You’ll also want a couple of ring enchants – Haste is again a solid all-rounder. There are no neck or cape enchants this expansion.


Are we using two handed weapons this expansion or one handed weapons with an offhand?

Run with whatever you can get your hands on. The stat budget is identical between them so the highest item level combo you have will almost always be best.


Where can I grab max level water?

Most innkeepers will sell a type of water which restore 83k mana over 20 seconds. That’s inferior to both Sugar Fish Feasts and mage food but it does the job if you don’t have a mage or don’t want to splash out.


How good is Seabreeze?

Seabreeze is a staff with a large haste proc but no flat secondary stats. It’s weaker than weapons of equal ilvl since the uptime on the proc is poor and we prefer some semblance of reliability as healers. If it’s your highest ilvl weapon then feel free to use it, but if not then take it to the scrapper.


What raid frame is best?

Grid2, Vuhdo and ElvUI are the top 3 raid frames. The default blizzard raid frames aren’t recommended but if you must use them then pick up BigDebuffs so that you can see more than three buffs at once. Then throw the whole thing away and get one of the three I listed. QE has premade Grid2 profiles here. They are updated for 8.1.


Is Darkmoon Deck: Tides worth buying?

Tides is a great starter raid trinket but it’s stuck at 355 item level and you’ll replace it very quickly. If you find it in the auction house for a couple of thousand gold then pick it up to boost your item level.



If you’re reading through the guide in order, Spells is your next stop.