9.2 Mistweaver PTR Compendium

Patch 9.2 is slated for release some time early next year. We should have a better idea of release date in a month or two but it’s a good sign that they’re testing the raid already.


Stuff being added

  • Tier sets. These are special set items that give 2 and 4 piece bonuses for wearing items from the set. Discussed in detail below.
  • Double legendaries. Notably you are only able to wear your covenant legendary plus one other rather than any two you like.


Special Healer Weapon: Lathe of the Lifeweaver


“Granting the target exactly what they require” is a little cryptic so here are the three possible effects:

  • If the target is >90% health: A small absorb + a Speed buff.
  • If the target is between 40 and 90% health: A small HoT + a Leech buff.
  • If the target is below 40% health: A flat heal + an Avoidance buff.
  • Health ranges are all rough and need further testing.
  • The effect is free, even if minor. It’s biggest issue is that it’s attached to Enveloping Mist casts which we definitely aren’t using every 40 seconds. It would be better if it could also proc off Vivify. 
9.2 Tier Set

Mistweaver Tier Set

  • Despite the tooltip, you currently get 450 bonus healing while in the rune (rather than 123). This value will likely change over the PTR.
  • The 4pc bonus scales with Versatility and Crit.
  • The 4pc previously only applied to direct healing, but now includes nearly all healing events (technically it’s Monk only spells, so no sneaky trinkets).
  • The rune width is around ~20 yards.

While the 4pc bonus could be quite strong in it’s current form, it’s very heavily tied to Refreshing Jade Wind and Essence Font which make up the majority of our events. This pushes Mistweaver further into the current 9.1 playstyle where raid frame interaction is almost optional. I’d prefer Refreshing Jade Wind was removed from the 4pc spell list in exchange for a buff to the flat healing value on the set. Same flavor, but much more interesting to play around.

Complaints of a stationary rune being an odd fit for a high mobility healer are valid, though it’s likely to play ok given the very short cooldown.

The 2pc bonus is on the boring side, but does interact with the 4pc in a minor way. Given the huge strength of the 4pc, I’d be ok if the smaller bonus went live as-is.

Spell Changes

None currently, though there haven’t been many spells changes for any spec yet.

Best Covenant in 9.1

Venthyr is still an overwhelming favorite. It would likely require nerfs for other covenants to see any play. It’s just so far ahead.

Legendary Combinations

While there is no obvious synergy between them, Sinister Teachings and Ancient Teachings of the Monastery is hard to look past in raw power. As the PTR progresses and double legendaries become testable we’ll see if there are any other combos that might see play. There’s a decent list of legendaries that are almost strong enough like Yu’lon’s Whisper and Invoker’s Delight.

Quickfire Questions
  • Will we still be wearing Domination Socket gear in 9.2? The sets won’t be active, but Shard of Kyr is strong enough that you’d continue to use it for the tier. There is a very high chance they nerf these across the board before the patch goes live.


PTR: Other Specs

Mistweaver Monk | Resto Druid | Holy Paladin (Coming soon)

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