An Introduction to the Mythic+ Compendium

We’re almost a year into Legion now and Mythic+ dungeons have changed the 5 man landscape with increasingly difficult content giving many a sense of expansion-long progression. Despite the popularity of the new format, decent guides have been hard to find with most focusing on the M+0 dungeons. They leave out key aspects like Trash percentage and how to handle high Tyrannical bosses. The Mythic+ compendium fills those gaps by providing optimal trash paths, advice for all bosses, useful weak auras and a quick-guide to what each spec brings to the table. You can find the table of contents by clicking here: Mythic+ Compendium. All dungeons are live.


List of features

Full Trash paths

Ever made it to the end of an instance and find you still need enemy forces percentage? The compendium trash paths are designed to get you exactly 100% trash (sometimes a little over), clearing as much easy trash as possible. Decent opportunities to skip or use invisibility potions are highlighted, and tricky packs are explained in detail. We can’t make Chess suck any less though. Sorry about that.

M+ Trash Paths


Improved Boss Information

There are several M+ bosses with dodgeable abilities that most of us still get hit by because we never knew we could dodge it. Similarly, the avoidance stat can make a few high Tyrannical bosses much easier to deal with if we know what it’s actually doing for us on the fight.

Make M+ a breeze with full boss information

There’s advice for all bosses, providing a mix of basic tips for each mechanic and more advanced advice for high keys where some bosses can become near impossible. Did you know that Avoidance gear double dips on Hyrja, providing 50-60% more damage reduction than normal for Eye of the Storm? There are also Weak Auras to help you tackle some of the harder M+ boss mechanics.


Shareable notes for Trash

A big problem with pug groups is that you’re kind of at the tanks mercy when it comes to pulls. Reading through the compendium isn’t very helpful if the tank is going to pull half the instance anyway. Shareable ERT notes keep the group on the same page and make sure you aren’t grabbing more than you need.

Linkable Trash Paths


Full affix information

Most of us have a pretty good handle on what each affix does at this point but the tooltips leave out quite a bit of essential information. We fill in some of those gaps.

  • The cast time of the explosion is six seconds.
  • Explosive damage is reduced by Avoidance gear (though it’s rarely worth stacking it since we’re killing the orbs right?). Damage does not scale with instance level and is always fixed to 50% of your max HP before avoidance / versatility reductions.
  • Orbs have about 104,000 base HP but benefit from the M+ health multipliers. At M+10 that’s about 250,000 each – more on Fortified.
  • The following weak aura will show you how many explosive orbs are currently up: 


Build better M+ comps


All dungeons are live. You can access them from the M+ landing page by clicking this link.


12 responses to “An Introduction to the Mythic+ Compendium”

  1. Fringe says:

    I’m sorry this is a basic question, but how do you set up the ERT notes? I mean, give it a title (BRH Notes), paste in the string but do you load them manually before starting the dungeon? Or is there a way to get autoload to work?

    Thank you for all this work — and for sharing with wowhead, apparently!

    • Voulk says:

      You have to load them manually before the dungeon sadly. The auto-load only works for raid bosses. Other than that you’ve got it right – paste in the string, give it a title and then hit ‘Make a clean copy and save’.

  2. Hera says:

    Is chucknourish a good resto druid name?

  3. Cat says:


    Really nice guides all around, many useful bits of info and a pretty fun read too.

    I noticed your comp-summary of all classes and what they bring is missing a super important defensive for feral druids, that is, protection of ashamane. 100% dodge&armor for 5seconds on a 30sec(crazy, right?!) cooldown is soooo useful in a lot of dungeons for consistently avoiding dodgable mechanics, and an amazing necrotic-reset/emergency offtank support for your tank as well:)

    I think that this is a pretty unique defensive~utility tool that a feral druid brings to the party and it would be nice if you can add it to the list.

  4. Reldeif says:

    Very good source of information. I love to play resto druid in m+ and push higher keys and this is very handy. If i can add a thing from myself – a lot of people check wowprogress or other websites to find valuable players in their groups. I know m+ score is not the best way to evaluate player, but we do it anyway. I found very good website + addon (Mythic Plus Helper) []. It allows you to check multiple group applicants at the same time – you just copy everything from in-game addon and paste it in their website and it shows you a lot of things like: ilvl / traits / keystone achievements / amount of +2/5/10/15 in time / m+ score [based on, not wowprogress] and most importantly for me: easy access to wowprogress / / wowarmory / racraftlogs of this character. Maybe it’s worth adding to “Useful Resources”

  5. Dungeoneer says:

    Love these guides, thanks! Are you planning on adding a guide for Seat of the Triumvirate as well?

  6. christophe royer says:

    Thanks for all the good work. I hope you will be around for the foreseeable future as guides of this standard (especially for resto druids) are becoming scarce.

  7. Odaseia says:

    Thanks for this!! Great guide and much easier and clear cut then other websites that pretty much copy and paste whats already in your dungeon journal!

  8. Faeylin says:

    Wonderful resource. I love your site tremendously and I’m very thankful for all the work you do. <3

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