Waycrest Manor Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 39 minutes
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  • Heartsbane Triad

    Be nice to your healer. They do a lot to keep you alive.

    Dungeon Journal+

    Sister Briar

    Bramble Bolt   Physical Damage   Interruptible

    Jagged Nettles   Physical Damage   Debuff (DoT, removed above 90%HP)

    Aura of Thorns   Physical Damage   Reflect


    Sister Malady

    Ruinous Bolt   Magic Damage   Interruptible

    Unstable Runic Mark   Magic Damage   Debuff (Curse, DoT, Damage on Expiry)

    Aura of Dread   Magic Damage   Debuff (DoT, removed on movement)


    Sister Solena

    Soul Bolt   Magic Damage   Interruptible

    Soul Manipulation   Debuff (Mind Control, removed below 50%)

    Aura of Apathy   Debuff (-50% healing taken)


    You should know

    • Each Sister has a single target “bolt” spell that they’ll cast on random party members. You’re going to interrupt the sister holding the Focusing Iris 100% of the time. You can pretty much ignore the two without it but it doesn’t hurt to kick a few of those too if you’ve got an interrupt-heavy comp.
    • The witches will pass the Focusing Iris around whenever you deal 50% of their maximum HP in damage. When one hits 100 energy they’ll cast Dire Ritual which on a medium-high key is a one shot. This is your DPS check and it’s a tight one.
    • You don’t have to play around the auras too much except for Aura of Dread which requires you to shuffle your feet every few seconds. Aim to stay below two stacks of the debuff since this is already a very difficult fight to heal.
    • You do want to play around Soul Manipulation though which will mind control one of your party members until you reduce them to below 50% health. They’ve got a nasty habit of instantly popping your huge defensive which both drags out the Mind Control and costs you serious DPS time on the boss. You can avoid this by popping them before you start the boss fight. Divine Shield and Ice Block are the main culprits.
    • If you’re a DPS with the ability to remove Curses (Mage, Druid, Shaman) then you should do so when the Unstable Runic Marks go out. You’ll still take the big damage burst from it but it’s one less DoT that the healer has to heal through. Make sure nobody is in the circle before you dispel.


    Healing the Triad

    • Expect 1-2 Jagged Nettles casts every time Sister Briar is holding the Focusing Iris. It hits like a train but thankfully she’ll target her upcoming victim a few seconds before she throws it. This gives you time to use your external abilities to soften the blow. Save your Ironbark, your Pain Suppression, your Life Cocoon for these. On high keys you need to communicate with your DPS and find out which have defensives up and which don’t. The first damage tick occurs 1 second after the initial damage and you’ll often need to deliver some kind of healing in that time (or they’ll need to Health Stone). The Mirror of Entwined Fate trinket is a perfect counter and Ward of Envelopment isn’t too bad for it either.
    • Minimize your healing during Sister Solena. Aim to top the party up before phasing and then spend most of the phase DPS’ing. You can keep throwing out efficient heals like Efflorescence and Essence Font but at -50% healing you’re not really doing much here. It’s critical that you don’t have any Jagged Nettles debuffs active because healing them back up under the aura is near impossible.
    • If you can dispel Curses it’s usually worth insta-dispelling an Unstable Runic Mark when the set goes out. It deals more damage over its duration than you’ll heal in one global cooldown and it lets you better focus your heals on the remaining three. Save your big AoE healing cooldowns like Revival and Tranq for this phase.


  • Soulbound Goliath

    Literally multiple souls stitched together. Major Black Rook Hold flashbacks

    Dungeon Journal+

    Soul Thorns   Physical Damage   Debuff (Stun)

    Crush   Physical Damage (Tank only)

    Burning Brush   Magic Damage   Avoidance

    Burning Fists (Burning Soul)   Magic Damage   Dodgeable


    You should know

    • There’s actually very little to add to this boss. He’s ultra straightforward and aside from managing his stacks there aren’t too many places you can go wrong.
    • Aim to drag him over the fire when he hits 12-15 stacks. This is a good balance between tank and party damage and should keep either from overwhelming you.
    • Healer: When the boss is dragged over the fire a bunch of little red ghosts will start hunting you down. They can technically target anybody but healing aggro pulls them all to you. Dance around the arena until they disappear.
    • Tank: Try and have a medium-good defensive ready whenever he goes above 8ish stacks of the buff. The healer doesn’t have anyone to focus on aside from you but the more time you can give them to DPS and prep to heal the party the better.


  • Raal the Gluttonous

    His lore is that he’s been feeding pieces of himself to guests. What is wrong with this instance!?

    Dungeon Journal+

    Tenderize   Physical Damage   Dodgeable

    Rotten Expulsion   Magic Damage   Dodgeable

    Consume Servant   Boss Buff (+5% dmg)


    You should know

    • Tenderize hits in a large cone and you’ll get three of them per cast. He will always target it in a random players direction so by spreading across the room you’ll minimize overall movement (and chance of getting hit at all).
    • He’ll eat any servants that reach him for a 5% damage boost per consume however 99% of the fights damage is 100% avoidable so we’re not afraid of this like we usually would be. Kill the first set of servants summoned, CC the second and ignore the third. If it’s a high Tyrannical key then kill the first two sets instead. You’re strong players who are going to avoid the Tenderize so the damage boost isn’t a big deal. Just keep some extra heals on the tank. In an unstructured pug it might be easier to just kill all but the last set to keep it cleaner. They don’t heal him in any way.
    • Cleave down the Oozelings.


  • Lord and Lady Waycrest

    This is taking “in sickness and in health” to an extreme

    Dungeon Journal+

    Virulent Pathogen   Magic Damage   Debuff (Disease, Slow, Heavy DoT)

    Wasting Strike   Magic Damage (Tank only)

    Discordant Cadenza   Magic Damage   Dodgeable (Purple Swirls)

    Wracking Chord   Magic Damage (Tank only)


    You should know

    • Similar to Soulbound Goliath, there isn’t a lot to min-max here. You’re going to run out the disease, dodge the purple swirls and pop defensives as they become available on the Virulent Pathogen.
    • Focus down Lady Waycrest quickly when she joins the fight at the end. She has a little more health than Lord Waycrest will but she’s also in execute range and is far more dangerous. You can cleave or multi DoT her late husband but your single target DPS is on her.
    • Everyone should take a step back when you’re expecting Lady Waycrest. The tank might take half a second to pick her up and she will one shot you.
    • Healer: The Virulent Pathogen does very high damage. Not quite Jagged Nettles level but you’ll still lose people to it if you aren’t paying attention. If you’re able to dispel diseases then you can do so on cooldown but they must run from the group first.
    • Tank: Save your biggest strongest defensives for when you’re tanking both of them at once. This is incredibly high tank damage. The healer can save an external for you to help out but until Lady Waycrest dies you’re going to be living rough. Make sure you pick up Lady Waycrest immediately when she joins the fight. She’ll one shot your healer and you’re so close to the end.


  • Gorak Tul

    Too good a villain to waste in a dungeon. I hope he returns

    Dungeon Journal+

    Darkened Lightning   AoE Magic Damage   Interruptible

    Dread Essence   AoE Magic Damage   Avoidance

    Dark Leap (Deathtouched Slaver)   Physical Damage   Dodgeable

    Death Lens (Deathtouched Slaver)   Magic Damage   Debuff (Stun)   Interruptible (Stun, Knockback)


    You should know

    • A straightforward fight if you follow a few keys to success.
    • You must burn as many Deathtouched Slavers as you can with the Alchemical Fire. Most of the time you’ll only want to have one alive at any one time. Certainly never more than two.
    • Stop them from ever casting Death Lens. They’re susceptible to basically every kind of crowd control. Stun them, paralyze them, ring of peace them to the other side of the building crypt. If you’re comfortable with this then you don’t have to focus them down too hard. They just must die before Gorak Tul reaches 100 energy and casts Dread Essence.

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