Waycrest Manor Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 39 minutes
Average # Mobs per pack: Coming Soon



Waycrest is a difficult instance to plan for if you like specific trash routes because one of four doors is open at the start of the dungeon and you'll take drastically different paths depending on which you get. The route guide will be a little different from the rest - we'll cover the essential trash that you'll automatically pull just walking between bosses and then mark out where you can get the rest of your percentage. If you have more than 70% when you head to the basement then you'll do reasonably well. 

The Soul Essence aren't very dangerous and picking up all five isn't a terrible idea.
This trash is pretty awful and I highly recommend sticking hard left to skip it. If someone staggers into it then you'll need to avoid the red and blue traps on the floor. It can be much much easier if you drag them back into the foyer so that everyone has room to move.
You're unable to take the piglets home as a pet so you'll have to clear them for trash percentage. 

Key Interrupt: Infest. Will be cast by the maggot with the Parasitic debuff. If you miss it then someone will get a debuff which drops two fresh maggots on expiry. 
... lovely.
Continue busting out your AoE.
It's pretty easy to pull the boss accidentally here and he's so easy that it might not even be a bad idea but if we rein it back in for a minute then you'll want to interrupt the Dinner Bell cast.
The only pack you must pull here are the two patrolling Jagged Hound packs (a three and a four). They hit your tank pretty hard but don't do any other notable mechanics. It isn't a bad idea to grab the pack in the middle of the room as well. You'll need the percentage and it's a common accidental pull. 

Key Interrupt: Effigy Reconstruction (Coven Thornshaper, Big AoE heal)
Matron Bryndle deals ruthless tank damage through her uninterruptible Thorned Barrage cast. Use externals, use defensives, use big heals. This is a bad place for your healer to stop and drink.
The Heartsbane Soulcharmer will drop a ring of candles that buffs nearby mobs. Just drag them all out of it. This instance is spooky enough as-is. Interrupt its Soul Volley cast - it's a pretty big AoE nuke.

The Bewitched captain / guard duo's have a frontal cleave but otherwise aren't dangerous.
There are two ways to enter the cellar and mobs guarding each. Make sure you're 70% before you head down here. You'll usually be higher than that, think of it as a minimum in order to not have to travel back upstairs.
This pack is optional and if you're above 84% then just head straight to your left and go down the stairs. You'll get the rest down there.

Matron Alna will hit the party with Dread Mark which works similarly to the Heartsbane Triad version. Afflicted party members should spread so that nobody else is in their circle.
The mobs down here do hit hard so use your remaining time left to judge how many you have to pull at once.
Gloom Horrors will leap to the furthest target and deal damage in a 5 yard AoE. Stack very loosely and bust out your AoE CC. You'll usually want to pull these in two separate groups unless your AoE damage is particularly strong.



Coming Soon.