Tol Dagor Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 33 minutes
Average # Mobs per pack: Coming Soon



We're going to skip most of the trash up until the first boss. You'll be walking through the water to keep your distance. Your options are:
  • Water Strider
  • Have a Death Knight or Shaman give you water walking
  • .... Swim
The Silt Crabs are great percentage and it's safer to clear them anyway so you have space to fight the boss. They cast Squeeze on random targets, rooting them and dealing damage. Safe your AoE stuns to disrupt them.
Don't stop for the Parasites. Just AoE them down.
If you have a Rogue, scribe or blacksmith then take the straight path and unlock the gate. If not, take the left path and clear the parasite / crocodile camps until you make it to the next section of the route guide. It isn't a very big detour but you'll be a little over in trash percentage by the end.
If you have a Rogue then you can sap the Vicejaw on the right, you won't need it for trash percentage. Otherwise just pull it with the Thug. 

Key Interrupt: Debilitating Shout (Irontide Thug, AoE damage + dmg dealt reduction)
The Strikers will chuck rocks at people. Honestly just rude. The Arsonists throw torches instead and you can dispel the DoT it leaves on the target. This pack isn't very dangerous.
The pack on the left is a common accidental pull so it doesn't hurt to pull it on purpose. You can give it a miss if you didn't use the rogue skip earlier.
Key Interrupt: Watery Dome (Bilge Rat Seaspeaker, big AoE DR)
You'll probably pull a few Despondent Scallywags as you go but do try to avoid them. Another Seaspeaker here so get your interrupts ready for the watery dome.
Double Seaspeaker pack. Assign an interrupt to each.
The Ashvane Jailer will put up a riot shield that reflects spells. You can stun interrupt the cast.
Key Interrupt: Handcuff (Ashvane Officer, Silence, Pacify, DoT)
This is actually quite a tricky pack to avoid. You have to hug right very tightly. The Spotter ignites a barrel when aggro'd so run past it into the corridor beyond.
Have the tank pull the two mobs past the cannon into the next pack. Have a DPS jump into the giant cannon and melt the mobs. The cannons deal friendly fire. You should CC the pack and let the cannon deal with them.

Healer: The person in the cannon will pull quite a bit of aggro and some of the mobs have ranged attacks. Keep them alive.
More of the same. Pull mobs. CC mobs. Blow mobs up with cannon. Res anyone that was a little too close to cannon.
You can have a DPS run down to the cannon on the next corner while the mobs are CC'd if you want some advanced double cannon damage.
Come to think of it the rest of the instance is just pulling mobs and then cannoning them down.
Take particular care to keep your distance from the wardens. They have a small AoE lockdown cast that'll root you - probably in the cannon blast.

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