Tol Dagor Mythic+ Dungeon Guide

Instance Breakdown

Instance Timer: 33 minutes
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The Silt Crabs are great percentage and it's safer to clear them anyway so you have space to fight the boss. They cast Squeeze on random targets, rooting them and dealing damage. Safe your AoE stuns to disrupt them. I recommend clearing both packs so we can skip more trash later.

Don't stop for the Parasites. Just AoE them down.
If you have a Rogue, scribe or blacksmith then take the straight path and unlock the gate. If not, take the left path and clear the parasite / crocodile camps until you make it to the next section of the route guide. It isn't a very big detour but you'll be a little over in trash percentage by the end.
If you have a Rogue then you can sap the Vicejaw on the right, you won't need it for trash percentage. Otherwise just pull it with the Thug. 

Key Interrupt: Debilitating Shout (Irontide Thug, AoE damage + dmg dealt reduction. Yes, that's right. If you don't interrupt it you'll do less DPS)
The Strikers will chuck rocks at people. Honestly just rude. The Arsonists throw torches instead and you can dispel the DoT it leaves on the target. This pack isn't very dangerous.
Skip the Patrol on the bridge if you have a lockpick or blacksmith key but not a Rogue. It's commonly accidentally pulled anyway so if you're playing safe then grab it. If you have a Rogue then kill it because we'll be Shrouding a pack later.
Unlock the door and go up the stairs to your right.
Key Interrupt: Watery Dome (Bilge Rat Seaspeaker, big AoE DR)
You'll probably pull a few Despondent Scallywags as you go but do try to avoid them. Another Seaspeaker here so get your interrupts ready for the watery dome.
Double Seaspeaker pack. Assign an interrupt to each. You don't want to let a single bubble cast through.
The Ashvane Jailer will put up a riot shield that reflects spells. You can stun interrupt the cast.
Key Interrupt: Handcuff (Ashvane Officer, Silence, Pacify, DoT)
Have a Rogue? Then we're skipping both of these packs. Lockpick the door and then vanish the aggro from the pack on the right while your party stands near the back. Shroud through both packs into the corridor beyond the Spotter.
Don't have a Rogue? Unlock the door with a Blacksmith or Scribe, and then kill the Flamecaster pack to the right. It isn't worth burning your potion cooldown on one mob so kill the Ashvane Spotter as well.
Have the tank pull the two mobs past the cannon into the next pack. Have a DPS jump into the giant cannon and melt the mobs. The cannons deal friendly fire. You should CC the pack and let the cannon deal with them.

Healer: The person in the cannon will pull quite a bit of aggro and some of the mobs have ranged attacks. Keep them alive.
More of the same. Pull mobs. CC mobs. Blow mobs up with cannon. Res anyone that was a little too close to cannon.
You can have a DPS run down to the cannon on the next corner while the mobs are CC'd if you want some advanced double cannon damage.
Come to think of it the rest of the instance is just pulling mobs and then cannoning them down.

Method Dungeon Tools Strings

Classic Path (pictured above)



  • The Sand Queen

    Give me a second to put Soothe back on my bars

    Dungeon Journal+

    Sand Trap   Magic Damage   Debuff (Stun)   Dodgeable

    Sandstorm   AoE Magic Damage 

    Upheaval   Magic Damage   Knock Up   Dangerous

    Itchy Bite (Buzzing Drone)   Physical Damage   Debuff (Minor DoT)


    You should know

    • Let’s start with an essential and then dive into some proper strategy. The Sand Traps are giant brown mounds on the ground. If you stand on them they’ll stun you and there’s a reasonable chance you’ll die or owe your healer a beer. Similarly when the Buzzing Drones spawn give the tank half a second to pick them up before you drop all the AoE.
    • Sand Traps are always created underneath a player and Drones will spawn whenever she creates a set. It’s therefore better to have your party all stack on top of each other. When the Sand Traps spawn move to a new spot as a team. When the boss burrows separately slightly so that whoever is targeted by Upheaval is able to run from the party before it hits. By doing the fight this way you give yourself much much more room since Sand Traps all end up on top of each other instead of spread around the room. It also greatly reduces the chance you walk over one when running out upheaval because they’ll all be in one place. Yet another advantage is that it keeps the Drones in one place as well and makes it easier for the tank to pick them up.
    • Reminder: The boss enrages whenever a Drone dies. You can Soothe this off if you like but only bother if she has more than 3-4 stacks. It’s a very very short buff.
    • Defensive: Upheaval does incredibly high damage and when targeted you should pop a defensive as you run from the group. This will actually one shot you in higher keys. Live.


  • Jes Howlis

    This guy lets his brother out of prison half way through the fight. If we don’t arrive does he just leave him in there? 

    Dungeon Journal+

    Flashing Daggers   Physical Damage   Dodgeable (Line of sight)   Dangerous

    Crippling Shiv   Magic Damage   Debuff (Poison, Slow, DoT)

    Howling Fear   Debuff (Fear, long)   Interruptible

    Motivating Cry   Boss Buff (+10% dmg, stacks)   Interruptible

    Blade Turning (Bobby Howlis)   Shield   Interrupt Immunity

    Vicious Mauling (Bobby Howlis)   Physical Damage   Debuff (Stun, long)   Interruptible


    You should know

    • Phase one (we’ll call it the pre-smoke bomb phase) is super straightforward. Interrupt Howling Fear and hide behind a pillar when he casts Flashing Daggers. That’s the entire fight until 70%.
    • At 70% the first Worgen boss since Shadow Fang Keep will stun the party and take off down the hallway. AoE down the adds as you chase him and interrupt the Motivating Cry channel as soon as you reach him.
    • Phase Two is a little like phase one with the notable addition of his baby brother Bobby Howlis. Bobby is going to smash a Power Word: Shield on himself and then try and mug a random person in your party. You’ll need to damage through his shield and interrupt the channeled cast. It isn’t particularly difficult but you’ll need to do it quickly because it stuns the player and makes them susceptible to Flashing Daggers.


  • Knight Captain Valyri

    Where are these barrels even coming from??

    Dungeon Journal+

    Burning Arsenal   Magic Damage   Dodgeable   Dangerous

    Ignition   Magic Damage   Dodgeable   Fatal

    Cinderflame   Magic Damage   Dodgeable   Dangerous

    Fuselighter   Magic Damage   Debuff (Magic, Minor DoT)


    You should know

    • We’re going to do this fight a little different than you might be used to. Instead of moving all of the barrels out of her fire we’re going to throw them all in one corner and let her blow them up. This is much more efficient from a DPS perspective because we’re not spending so much time moving barrels and it keeps the fight under control from beginning until end. When she goes to blow them up, simply move to the corner on the opposite side. The healer should move as many of the barrels as possible since there is very little else for them to do.
    • Obvious Dodge: Cinderflame. This can be fatal and you should be in your ‘safe corner’ anyway so no excuses.
    • Healer: Dispel the Fuselighter debuff. There honestly isn’t much else for you to do on this fight anyway so spend the rest of it contributing damage.


  • Overseer Korgus


    Dungeon Journal+

    Cross Ignition   Magic Damage   Dodgeable   Fatal

    Explosive Burst   Magic Damage   Debuff (Delayed Damage)

    Deadeye   Physical Damage   Debuff (Deadeye deals +500% damage)   Interceptable

    Incendiary Rounds   Magic Damage   Debuff (Moderate DoT)

    Massive Blast (Cannons)   Magic Damage   Dodgeable   Fatal


    The Basics

    • Cross Ignition is marked with big black lines on the floor. You need to rotate around the boss until you’re in a clear space. You have a couple of seconds to do so. It’ll kill you on any reasonably high key.
    • The Massive Cannons will also one shot you but by using the Corner Strat below they’ll be unable to hit you at any point in the fight.
    • The first Deadeye shot anyone takes is near-harmless. The second is a one shot. The debuff actually lasts for a very long time so you’ll need most of the party to be aware of the ability and actively soaking for each other.
    • A more advanced tactic is to use a Demon Hunter to soak every Dead Eye with Blade Dance since the shot is 100% dodgeable (like most physical damage abilities).


    The Corner Strat

    By using the corner strat you become immune to the annoying boss knockbacks and are permanently out of reach of the Massive Cannons. Tuck in tightly with your backs against the wall and you shouldn’t move. When the Cross Ignition black lines go out rotate around to a safe space. The vision isn’t great in the corner but the advantages are worth it.


    Healing Korgus

    This boss is tough and I don’t have a secret strategy that’s going to make him easy to heal. Instead we’ll look at where most of the damage is coming from so we can prepare for it accordingly. We’re going to assume your party dodges Cross Ignition, Massive Blast and multiple Deadeyes since if they don’t they’re going to die regardless of what you do.

    • Track Explosive Burst on your frames. This is 80% of the fights damage and will go out on three randomly chosen targets at a time. It’ll never target the tank. You can expect them to go out about every twenty seconds.
    • If the boss has the Incendiary Rounds buff then they’ll take moderate ticking damage after the blast.
    • The tank isn’t going to need you much. They’ll already benefit from any AoE heals you throw out and should otherwise be able to look after themselves.
    • Druid Specific: You have four seconds from when the Explosive Burst debuffs go out to pre-HoT. Keep rejuvs on everyone at basically all times and Wild Growth as the debuffs expire. Make sure you’re hidden tight in a corner so that the knockback doesn’t interrupt your casts. Keep Efflorescence down and Lifebloom on yourself at all times. Use Regrowth on anyone below 50% after your Wild Growth cast. Swiftmend is your emergency cast. You’re going to use it if anyone dips below 20% with the DoT still ticking.
    • Monk Specific: Renewing Mist on cooldown. Cast Essence Font two seconds before the Explosive Bursts expire and cancel the cast as the damage hits. This will give you double mastery value on all allies as you start spamming Vivify. Don’t cast Soothing Mist before you Vivify. Here we want a Vivify on everyone hit as soon as possible and Soothing Mist is going to slow you down. Remember to use your powerful arsenal of defensive abilities to keep yourself healthy. The fewer heals you require yourself the more you can give your party. This can be a very long fight so if it’s a high tyrannical key consider using Thunder Focus Tea charges on Vivify. The Mastery boost it’ll give you from any Secret Infusion traits is already incredibly strong.

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