Questionably Epic: Addon updated for Burning Crusade Classic

You can pick up the addon on Curse. It is also available through your favorite addon clients and at leading retailers everywhere. Full support for both Shadowlands and Burning Crusade Classic.

You have the QE written guide, the QE beach towel and the QE action figure. Now pick up the QE dungeon tips addon. The new addon displays useful information inside mob tooltips – never again forget which mob has that massive AoE that dumpsters your party. As a beginner it will hold your hand through your first few dungeon runs; if you’re closer to intermediate, use it to tell similar mobs apart and perfect your dungeon performance.

The addon automatically adjusts to whatever role you are playing. Are you the next big thing in tanking? You will see tank specific stuff like when to face mobs away from the party or deadly mechanics that require a cooldown. Prefer healing your team through the 6847th fire they stood in just this week? You will see healer specific tips like which debuffs you need to dispel and mobs or bosses you will need your big healing cooldowns for. You will always see key bits of information, no matter your role, like:

  • Stuff you need to dodge
  • Mobs you should skip entirely
  • Must interrupt spells
  • Mechanics requiring defensive cooldowns
  • What to CC and when

Parjesh holds such a warm place in my heart that I won’t replace his image, even two expansions later.

The Shadowlands version is now live. Become the expert that fills your group in on all the mechanics they have been slacking on. Lead.


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95 responses to “Questionably Epic: Addon updated for Burning Crusade Classic”

  1. Torghin says:

    Does this include dungeons in previous expansions on retail?

    • Voulk says:

      It includes everything from Legion onwards but not MoP / WoD / Cata. There’ll be a WotLK version shortly.

  2. Globalduck1313 says:

    Hi, thanx for this amazing and amazingly useful addon. Any chance this will be updated for TBC Raids like Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep?

  3. Sunny says:

    Could you please use translated version of the spells to interrupt/avoid etc? They would be different for each region. The rest of the text can remain in English

  4. Sepha says:

    Is it possible to have a readable version of this addon outside the dungeons ? I have difficulties to read the tips while playing and I would love to study mobs/boss and all the given tips before running the dungeon.

    Thanks for the work anyway 🙂

  5. mik says:

    Found these stuff on reddit, hope those tips can be included, specially the last bit on percentages for M+

  6. Talon says:

    How the hell do you change any of the options on this addon? There is no menu.

    • Voulk says:

      Hi! You can find the menu in the games Interface options which you can access by hitting Esc -> Interface -> QE Dungeon Tips.

  7. Lousyplayer says:


    thank you for this great AddOn.

    Since I did not find anything concerning a german translation I started one (Just Shadowlands):

    If you have improvements – please change the text – it is open source and has no copyright at all.

    Since my time is limited I cannot be the supervisor of the translation project, but I am willing to provide.


    —– Mists —– —– Die Nebel von Tirna Scithe —–

    —– De Other Side —– —– Die Andre Seite —–

    —– Sanguine Depths —– —– Die blutigen Tiefen —–

    —– Halls of Atonement —– —– Hallen der Sühne —–

    —– Plaguefall —– —– Seuchensturz —–

    To do:

    —– Theater of Pain —–

    —– Necrotic Wake —

    —– Spires of Ascension ——-

    My wishes:

    Multi Language support

    Possibility to post the Tips to various channels.



    • Lousyplayer says:

      Update 5.2.3 :

      —– Mists —– —– Die Nebel von Tirna Scithe —–
      —– De Other Side —– —– Die Andre Seite —–
      —– Sanguine Depths —– —– Die blutigen Tiefen —–
      —– Halls of Atonement —– —– Hallen der Sühne —–
      —– Plaguefall —– —– Seuchensturz —–
      —– Theater of Pain —– —– Theater der Schmerzen —–
      —– Spires of Ascension —– —– Spitzen des Aufstiegs —–

      To do:
      —– Necrotic Wake —–

      • Lousyplayer says:


        thank you for this great AddOn – helps a lot.

        I translated some dungeon texts to german – Shadowlands only

        —– Mists —– —– Die Nebel von Tirna Scithe —–
        —– De Other Side —– —– Die Andre Seite —–
        —– Sanguine Depths —– —– Die blutigen Tiefen —–
        —– Halls of Atonement —– —– Hallen der Sühne —–
        —– Plaguefall —– —– Seuchensturz —–
        —– Theater of Pain —– —– Theater der Schmerzen —–
        —– Spires of Ascension —– —– Spitzen des Aufstiegs —–
        —– Necrotic Wake —– —– Die Nekrotische Schneise —–

        You find the texts here:

        Make sure you backup your current “QEDatabase.lua”.
        Then replace the contents with the text.

        If you find bugs or nonsense – please correct or drop a note.
        Licence is GNU General Public License v3.0 – do whatever you want with it.
        If the licence is too restrictive, let me know – it is in fact Public domain, since I only collected/translated existing sources.



  8. Sai says:

    Really loving this tool – the one thing that I think would make it really nice is being able to copypaste or post the messages into the chat for pug groups.

    • Conocobhar says:

      Can’t agree with this comment more. A post feature for parties or instance groups would go a long way to solving the issues of knowing mechanic already and reporting them to new players who haven’t installed addons/are unfamiliar with the dungeon. The time saves potential is massive.

  9. Faid says:

    Love it, simple and very useful. The only thing I’d love more is if we got some more visual customization; ability to change font, window, etc. to help it look cleaner with things like ElvUI. Even just a font changer would be amazing.

  10. RebelPoet says:

    Hey man,

    Is there ever going to be a similar page like:

    but for Shadowlands? That page was a great help in getting my grid2 setup just perfect.

  11. loupgris says:

    hello, i’d like to help with the french translation if its still in your plans ^^ i sent you a invite on discord

    thanks for your great job, it helps alot!

  12. Sagekur says:

    Yeah!!! My favorite addon updated for Shadowlands. I missed it so much these first few days of doing Mythic dungeon, trying to keep the Adventure Guide up and never finding useful info there.

  13. Jon says:

    Is this going to get updated for 8.2?

    • Voulk says:

      There is no immediate update coming but I’m open to it in future if I can find some time to bring it up to speed. It’ll definitely return in 9.0 if not sooner.

  14. Scatach says:

    Nice addon, it would be great if I could post all (some) explanations to /party or instance chat. Something like shift click?

    • AJ says:

      This is actually a really good idea, but I guess if peeps aren’t reading up on mechanics you probably don’t want to push with them anyways :^)

  15. Vins says:

    Hey Voulk, i just wanted to know if there’s a way to donate 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Tia says:

    Would be nice to be able to turn this off in raids without have to disable and reload my UI. Is that option available or in the works?

    • Voulk says:

      I’ve added this in version 4.8. It’s live now and should be in the Twitch client within the hour. It can be found in the options panel.

  17. Mercy says:

    I see that we should be able to switch to having the information in a tooltip instead of the window but I do not see an option for that in the addon settings. Is this coming, or am I missing something. Btw, thanks for a terrific addon, great work!

    • Voulk says:

      Thanks! If you untick “Show in separate frame” in the addon options menu the tips should appear in the mob tooltips when you mouse over them. You can find the menu by hitting Escape -> Interface -> Addons -> QE Dungeon Tips.

  18. beepbeepherecomesthehealtrain says:

    Much appreciated addon, i’ve always found it easier to memorize things by working directly with them rather than reading lengthy descriptions or watching tutorial videos. Also looking forward to custom window sizes. Is there gonna be an option to toggle repositioning outside of dungeons, too? I tend to end up in groups that rush through content so fast i can’t really keep an eye off their health bars long enough to position it sensibly.

    Part of me REALLY wishes i’d be able to post infos in the group by shift-clicking lines, it’d be a significant qol improvement. Sounds like a lot of work, though, and i’m immensely happy with the current addon already. Thanks for the work, man!

    • Voulk says:

      Printing to chat is coming very soon. Adjusting the window outside of a dungeon I’d like to include eventually but it isn’t on the short-term to-do list. Thank you so much for the support.

      • beepbeepherecomesthehealtrain says:

        Seriously? That’s amazing! Thanks again for the time and effort you put into this addon, it’s making up for an absurdly flawed and lackluster adventure guide.

      • Josh says:

        Any update on being able to print to chat? I just downloaded this addon and love it but it was definitely my first thought when I used it for the first time – would love to be able to take control of a PUG by posting in chat some basic commands. Great work on the useful addon.

  19. T says:

    Love this addon is there going to be a raid version and is there a way to increase the text inside the addon? keep up the great work

  20. Aka says:

    Can we get an option to remove some of the fluff text? I’ve seen a few instances of Stories (something about your first time in there) and jokes/fluff (removing my dungeon pass) that aren’t critical information. Having a wall of text is already a lot to review and removing as much of the fluff would be a option I would appreciate.

    • Voulk says:

      Yeah that’s fair. There’s a ‘fluff’ toggle in the settings menu and in the next update I’ll move more of the text there so that it can be toggled on or off.

  21. AB says:

    Is it possible to resize the window, it’s taking a lot of space on my screen not sure where to put it, and when it’s on tooltip it’s also a bit distracting

  22. Mario says:

    Hello! I love your addon and recommend it to guildies whenever I get the chance.

    The problem is not everyone can read English, so I’m offering to translate it into Portuguese.
    I have a lot of free time in the next couple weeks, so please contact me so I can help you reach more people!

    Add me on Bnet or send me an email.
    [email protected]

    Best Regards

    • Voulk says:

      I’ll be in touch later this week. I really appreciate it.

      • Mental says:

        Do you have all the tactics in some big file or everything in small files? I might be able to translate for my guild, cause most of them are not that good in English also. My language is Czech.

        PS: love this website, was my go to in legion, can’t wait for BFA mythic dungeon guides 🙂

  23. Brian says:

    how do i load the addon onto the screen?
    any / command?

  24. Krystine says:

    Is there a way to donate to this project? I could just kiss you! I often see people posting on social media about not wanting to do dungeons because they aren’t confident and are afraid of screwing up and getting kicked. I think this will definitely help with that. Thanks for your work!

  25. Raeana says:

    I have a bug to report. I have ElvUI and when I have the QE add on enabled, I cannot set a focus target. But when I disable the QE addon, i have no problems setting a focus target. What is the best way to report this?

    I absolutely LOVE this addon but can’t use it if I can’t set a focus target since most of my healing weakauras need the tank as focus target (esp for Necrotic).

    Thank you!!!!!

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  27. Makutos says:

    Any chance to get a share button?

  28. Anony says:

    I enabled this addon and the its frame (like the little notepad thing with the current targeted mob’s name on it) appeared when I went into dungeons, however no info was shown at all – literally just the mob’s name. I turned on All Roles/All Classes and still nothing.

    The only other addons I’m using are Fishing Buddy, Leatrix Plus, Auctioneer and Skada. Help?

    • Voulk says:

      Hey. Which dungeon were you in at the time? The addon only supports Legion and BFA dungeons but the frame will pop up in all. That’ll be changed in the next version.

  29. SomeDude says:

    Awesome addon I just discovered, good job!
    any plans on making it localisation ready? I’ll gladly help translate to french

    • Voulk says:

      Cheers. Localisation is definitely on the short-term to-do list. Find me on discord and we’ll talk soon. Voulk#1858.

  30. Hotsup says:

    Hey Voulk,
    thank you so much for that Add On. Even as someone who did a lot M+, this saved me and my premade group a lot of time since i had no beta access in BfA. The ingame Dungeon Journal is “okayish” but doesn’t cover trash and has no quick and easy explanation of the Bosses like you included. Was a breeze to rush through the M+0 with this Masterpiece.

  31. caner says:

    Just wanted to drop byto say this is the best addon ever after vuhdo! great job

  32. Grepsedawk says:

    Is this open source? I would love to contribute!

  33. Cyrann says:

    This addon is a miracle in dungeons! Raid version possible for BfA?

  34. Kise says:

    is there anyway to reduce the frame width and height? on my desktop the size is kinda fine, however on my laptop it takes way too much space. Thanks

  35. Dodgy says:

    Silly question but can I turn this on for Heroic/Mythic “0” ? Its kind of handy at lower difficulty and walking guildees through H / M0 to be able to call out mechanics. Even if some of the mechanics in the addon are only in mythic difficulty, still helps with building that muscle memory for when M+ goes live.

  36. trolly says:

    hello thanks for this great addon, but where can we report bugs? 🙂

  37. WG_l says:

    Fantastic add-on, please keep working on this, especially for BFA! Thanks for the hard work.

  38. not rewt says:

    This is such a godsend, thank you so much!

    I get anxiety trying dungeons I don’t know 100%(layout, pulls, percent, dangers etc) & this has given me the courage to try more m+.

    I feel empowered & this addon is EPIC! no Question about it!

  39. Mekc says:

    Hey!) Great idea for an AddOn.

    Does it support any languages except English? If not, can I do a Russian translation? (have lots of experience in Eng to Rus)

  40. Nittykitty says:

    Doesn’t work for me at all… (or I don’t know hwo to use this add on)…

    • Voulk says:

      Have you jumped into a dungeon with it? Did you get a frame popup? Feel free to add me in game Fury#1573 if you’d like help.

  41. Laini says:

    Even as someone who does do a lot of M+ this is super useful, saves a lot of alt-tabbing 😛
    Many thanks for it!

  42. JH says:

    Love the addon. As someone who only casually does mythic +, and never higher than 15s this is blessing.

    Thanks for the hard work.

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