Uldir Boss Guides

Waiting until the last minute to research the new raid again? Scared of what your raid leader will do to you when they find out you’ve been leveling alts instead of learning the fights? Come here. It’ll be ok. We have one page guides that you can read in two minutes to get you up and ready. Click here to take a look, or keep reading to learn more.



All the facts and mechanics, none of the 20 minute boss videos. Learn everything you need, quickly, then use them as a reference in between pulls.


Mobile Friendly

Read them on a bus, read them on a train, read them at work while your boss isn’t looking.



Hit the download button and take them home. Just be sure to check back after a few weeks in case we update any with live data.


Click here to grab a link for your raid team.


21 responses to “Uldir Boss Guides”

  1. Shalashin says:

    Very good work on the guides. Thanks for all the time and effort invested for everyone out here ^^

  2. palmal says:

    Are the boss guides for M+ coming anytime soon? I know it had said late October a while ago, just wondering if they are coming

    • Voulk says:

      It’s next on my to-do list after a big resto project that I’ve been working on. I’ll put them up dungeon-by-dungeon instead of waiting for all 10 so you should start seeing them from next week. I’m so sorry about the wait.

  3. caner says:

    Is the site abandoned? No updates for some time.

    • Varg__ says:

      The mythic+ guides have been released literally yesterday…

    • Voulk says:

      Like Varg mentioned Mythic+ guides were released yesterday along with the revamp of the core compendium page (check out the BFA spec utility graphs in particular). The Resto Druid content is also updated almost daily. Plenty more to come.

      • caner says:

        Oh, I was checking the main page for updates and since there was no “news” for some time, didn’t see updates.

  4. highty says:

    Any idea when the mythic+ compend will be released?

  5. Nazzler says:

    Thanks for all the effort put into this guides. Do you feel there will ever be space for encounter based tips for restodudu in these uldir guides? For instance when to cast which cd, common mistakes, mana management tips et similia.

  6. Ascendant says:

    Regarding Vectis and the Gestate spell – the stun is instant, target cannot run out with it – only other people can run away from the target.

  7. G-dog says:

    Hey! When will the m+ compendium relase? Highly anticipated!

    • Voulk says:

      Within the next few days. Unfortunately Blizzard changed all of the trash values when Mythic+ went live, invalidating most of the work so it had to be retooled.

  8. Caprix says:

    Very nice work, thanks a lot !

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