Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a lot of frequently asked questions in the Resto Druid community.



I just picked up a Drape of Shame, does it beat my higher ilvl cape?

The Drape of Shame effect is worth ~40-60ilvl depending on your crit rating. Even at 855 ilvl it is likely your best in slot cape. No exceptions. You will replace it with a better Drape of Shame when Karazhan Mythic+ comes out in a later patch.

You can run the following macro to tell you exactly how many ilvl the Drape of Shame is worth with your current stats:

/script local x,a,b,c,d,l,i;x=GetInventoryItemLink("player",15);a,b,c,d=GetItemInfo(x);l=0;x=GetCritChance()/100;i=GetSpellBonusDamage(4)*0.05*x/(x+1);while true do i=i-9.44-l*0.474;if i>0 then l=l+1;else print("Effect:", l, "Total:",l+d);break;end end


You need to add this result to the Drape of Shame’s ilvl. So if the macro told me the effect was worth 30 ilvl and I’m wearing an 870 Drape of Shame then I’d need a 900 cape to beat it. With the availability of higher ilvl drapes from Mythic+ Karazhan it’s still the best cape in the game however you shouldn’t give up a good legendary, tier bonus, or Jacin’s Ruse in order to equip it.


What are the current Resto Druid stat weights? Do you have a Pawn string for me?

There are actually no Resto Druid stat weights and I’ll explain to you why since it can seem quite strange coming from another class.

  • First of all, we have no dominant stat like some other specs might. All four secondary stats are strong for us.
  • We tend to want more of the stat that we have the least of which is the opposite of what Pawn will try and do for you.
  • Gear with higher ilvl tends to offer more Intellect which we scale very well with.

This actually makes us very easy to gear, and if you aren’t running cutting edge content then you can do very well by just equipping your highest ilvl pieces regardless of secondary stats. If you are looking to really min-max then you have two options:

  • The RDSW WeakAura (made by Manaleaf) which will analyse your stat weights in real-time as you kill bosses and give you stat weights based on your spell usage. After you have imported it into WeakAuras you will have to run some content (dungeons or raids) before it can calculate your weights.
  • The Resto Druid spreadsheet TwigIt (made by Torty) which lets you input your stats and spell usages and outputs your stat weights. You have to download the spreadsheet from Dropbox before you can make edits. You can always find the latest version from the Resto Druid Discord server.


What is Jacin’s Ruse? How good is it?

Jacin’s Ruse is a set bonus you gain from wearing Guileful Intruder Handguards (Court of Stars) and Tunnel Trudger Footguards (Arcway). They offer a 3000 mastery proc once a minute and are worth 750 flat Mastery. To wear them you can drop ~35 ilvl across two 885 ilvl pieces. If you have a lower set (say 840 ilvl) then you can drop a whopping 50 ilvl across the two pieces.



What’s our Best in Slot list?

The Warforge and legendary systems killed off Best in Slot lists and they aren’t useful for us. We can only say the following about best in slot pieces:

  • Drape of Shape from Maiden is our best in slot cape.
  • Some legendaries are better than others. A full tier list can be found here.
  • The tier is worth using, and you’ll want to pick up four of the five non-cape pieces.

If you have a raid leader that won’t let you loot anything until you provide a best in slot list, you’ll have to talk some sense into him, or find a better guild!



Is the Resto Druid Nighthold tier good?

The tier is strong, and certainly worth picking up for yourself. Most raid leaders will prioritize the DPS for tier sets first, and our set isn’t quite strong enough to argue against that.

The two set increases your mastery by 4000 for 7 seconds after you cast Wild Growth. This is about 6% mastery (with a potential, but unrealistic 70% uptime). We tend to have the most mastery stacks out immediately after casting Wild Growth so this becomes a very nice two set.

The four set gives Rejuvenation ticks a 1.5% chance to spread to a new target at full duration. This doesn’t remove the HoT that procs it, and does work with Germination. It is worth approximately 5% healing.



Is X legendary very good?

We have a number of strong legendaries, but Trinket, Shoulders, and Prydaz are particularly good. For the full tier list with rankings, click here.



Which talents should I use for M+ / Raids?

More information on talents can be found here but those looking for a quick answer will have reasonable success with:

Raid: Cenarion Ward, Displacer Beast, Guardian Affinity, Typhoon, Cultivation, Inner Peace / Spring Blossoms / Germination, Flourish

Dungeons / Mythic+: Cenarion Ward, Displacer Beast, Guardian / Feral Affinity, Typhoon, Cultivation, Germination, Flourish / Stonebark

Some encounters prefer certain talents over others. These are listed in the Encounter Guide.



Which neck enchant should I be using?

Ancient Priestess was buffed in 7.1.5 and is now much better. You should expect it to do between 1-2.5% of your overall healing. Trained Soldier takes over as the dominant choice for most Mythic Nighthold fights due to the high frequency of fights which favor Germination / Spring Blossoms but the two enchants are very close in power. Mark of the Claw is a distant 3rd.



What trinkets should I use?

There is a detailed trinket tier list here, and Mo has some great information in his document here. The warforging system makes it difficult to compare two trinkets however pure stat sticks (such as Ethereal Urn) are very strong for us. We tend not to like random procs unless they are very strong since as healers we value consistency (think of how many times in a boss fight a proc could be 100% wasted). There is an analysis of the Nighthold trinkets here, but after the recent hotfixes both Perfectly Preserved Cake, and Etraeus’ Star Map are very strong.



Which Relics should I be trying to pick up?

We want to pick our highest ilvl relics in almost all cases. The only exceptions are Persistence (worth 3 weapon ilvl) and Grovewalker (worth 1 weapon ilvl).

In cases where you have multiple relics of the same ilvl the rough order of priority is:



If you’re reading through the guide in order, Spells is your next stop.