Mythic+ Invitational Week One Recap

The China and APAC (basically Australia & Korea) regions went head-to-head over the weekend to decide the first four teams to make it to the global bracket for a piece of the $100,000 prize pool. Disqualifications and delays plagued day one and only three short dungeons were played in the first two hours. Day two was much better paced but rarely competitive with every set going 2-0 and one team dominating all others. In the Mythic+ Invitational weekly recaps we’ll look at some of the creative strategies teams pulled out, and how each spec compared to one another on win rate and DPS.

Invitational Standings

Invitational Standings

Of the teams we’ve seen so far Honestly was a stand out, making very few errors in the two clean sweeps they played in. They combined innovative strategies with the highest team DPS of the day and they should compete well with the European heavyweights in a couple weeks time. The other APAC teams were a little more volatile, often following up strong quarter final performances with shambolic semis.

The Chinese region didn’t look strong and they’re going to have to improve in leaps and bounds to avoid becoming the free-wins of the global bracket.


Unconventional Strategy

Court of Stars – Back Gate

As seen in: LSJ vs Mango Reapers Game 2
Advantage: Minor. Time saver, get to start on other side of the bridge

Here Mango Reapers doubled back after Gerdo in order to avoid the long walk through the building. You can duplicate the strategy like so:

  • After you kill Gerdo, have a druid / rogue stealth through the Guardian Construct and Sprint / Dash through the building while the rest of your team doubles back toward the gate near the start of the instance. They’ll need to cross the green line below, and they’ll get some RP once they do. The stealthed player continues through the instance in stealth and rejoins the party.
  • The Guardian Construct can see through stealth, but you should still have plenty of space to get around him. You can combine the strat with Roots / Blind for a Sephuz movement speed boost and to make it a little safer. Just don’t get too close to him.

Invitational CoS Skip


Cathedral – Perma Haste Buff

As seen in: Honestly vs Free Marsy Game 1

Perma Haste

Every ~30 seconds or so the Helblaze Felbringers will cast a giant green bubble, increasing the Haste of everyone inside by 50%. Since mobs don’t leash in dungeons you can drag a Felbringer through the entire dungeon for frequent haste buffs. The bubbles lasts for 30 seconds and you can keep the mob CC’d with Entangling Roots, Frost Trap or Banish after the bubble is up to stop it from hitting anyone in the face (and to reduce the amount of AoE damage its hit by). This is a pretty big power boost, but I’d still hesitate to recommend it for the average pug group since it’s pretty easy to screw up.

Class & Spec Breakdown

Click the image to make it larger

Spec Breakdown

Interesting Stuff
  • There was at least one Subtlety Rogue in all but one match. Unsurprising given the mix of high DPS, survivability and the utility brought by Shroud (AoE Stealth)
  • Every class saw play, as well as 20 of the 32 specs. It’ll be interesting to see if this increases over the rest of the invitational.


The QE Mythic+ guides are updated for 7.3 and can be found here.

You can read more about the Invitational on the Blizzard website.


3 responses to “Mythic+ Invitational Week One Recap”

  1. Kolee says:

    Would love to see summaries for other rounds of the tourney. I enjoy watching those videos, and reading your M+ guides. Bringing the two together, and seeing your insights from the videos, is good stuff!

  2. Hans says:

    For the Court of Stars shortcut, how do you stealth past the Guardian Construct? I believe they have True Sight. In the tournament, it was the Holy Paladin that activated the shortcut.

    • Voulk says:

      They do have true sight, but you can stealth around them anyway (I actually tested this myself on a druid just to make sure). The Paladin actually just pulls the construct through the building and dies after activating it. In the VoD Mango Reapers gains a death immediately after the RP bubble pops up and the Holy Paladin is waiting for them when they reach the second gate (where he would have respawned). Any class can pull this off, though by sending the healer they keep all of their DPS for the guard they kill.

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