Resto Druid Legendaries in 7.2

Blizzard have released a set of 7.2 legendary changes that very interesting. Some are quite significant (shoulders) while others are smaller and just push items further into their niche. Some brief information on each is included below, but this post will change throughout the week as firmer numbers come in. The changes can be found here.

Tearstone of Elune. NERFED.

  • Still a strong raiding legendary, but this does kick it down the ladder a fair bit.
  • Adds 0.9 Rejuvenations on average per Wild Growth cast.


Sephuz Secret. BUFFED.

  • This is still situationally amazing – similar to how it sits now. They have made it stronger during the times when the buff is not active. This lowers the uptime required to make the ring an effective choice.
    • With a 30% uptime (near perfect) – The ring offers 9.6% haste (3600) on average.
    • With a 15% uptime (dispels close to every minute) – The ring offers 6.3% haste (2363) on average.
    • With a 5% uptime (rare dispels / CCs only) – The ring offers 4.1% haste (1538) on average.
  • You can feel a little less bad about using this on every fight if it’s the only one you have – for those with multiple legendaries we will likely switch this in for Dispel / CC heavy fights like we currently do.


The Dark Titan’s Advice. BUFFED.

  • A 5% chance to proc the bloom on tick is a funny way to buff the belt. It fixes none of the problems it has in raid and makes it slightly better for M+ where it’s already decent.
  • Consider how often you’re dangling your tank at half health. Not very often? I’d hoped not. Even if it procs you probably just sniped your Paladin.


Ekowraith. BUFFED.

  • Ekowraith has already been hovering as a strong option if you don’t have a set of top tier legendaries and it gains even more power with the 650 Haste they’re adding to it. This is effectively ~+1.5% healing and given it’s a Chest slot it will gain quite a few stats from the ilvl upgrade if we assume legendaries will get boosted to 970 in Tomb.
  • Likely not enough of a buff to make it worth equipping as a priority, but increasingly useful as a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ option.


X’oni’s Carress. BUFFED.

  • The 25% reduction currently applies after Stonebark. This means we get a ~68s cooldown without the talent, and 45s with.
  • In a raid scenario (where Stonebark is almost out of the question) the gloves will remain a weak choice since they still offer too slow a stream of healing to act in an emergency and more frequent Ironbarks is a small contribution overall (when you consider how many single target cooldowns your raid has as a whole).
  • In a M+ scenario they might pick up some niche uses when tank cooldowns are required frequently. Consider Ymiron in Maw of Souls, or Oakheart in DHT. You should still be able to swap them in for these fights, and then back out again afterwards.


Aman’thul’s Widsom. BUFFED.

  • Where to begin. The shoulders have become somewhat of a meme the past few months with the previous clunky design making them a legendary booby prize. The new iteration look much nicer to use.
  • I had ~300 overheal ticks on Mythic Botanist. The new shoulders would have bought me an insane 800-900 extra ticks.
  • Still weak on fights where the raid can’t stay at 100% (Cenarius comes to mind) but on most other fights these should be quite strong.
  • Will have an interesting interaction with our new gold trait Deep Rooted with the gold trait refreshing rejuvenation when the target is low, and the shoulders adding to the duration when the target is high. These are going to be some efficient Rejuvenations.
  • UPDATE: On the PTR the shoulders are adding 1x Rejuv tick to the target instead of 3 seconds as the tooltip reads and similarly can be extended up to 5 ticks instead of 15 seconds. This introduces a negative interaction with Haste to the shoulders and will reduce their overall power by a moderate amount. This may not be intentional so we’ll have to wait and see.


Essence of Infusion. BUFFED.

  • A nice little change that will do nothing to make them more desirable outside of a few niche fights. We still need two things to be true for these to provide value:
    • Incoming damage needs to have been sufficiently high to drop most of the raid below 60%.
    • More damage is due immediately and these low HP people need immediately triage or will likely die.
  • Nighthold had very few of these fights, and so we’ll have to wait and see what damage patterns Mythic Tomb brings us.


8 responses to “Resto Druid Legendaries in 7.2”

  1. Cinnstrasza says:

    So are the top three legendary items still going to be Velens, Tearstone and Prydaz?

    • Voulk says:

      Not always, and it’s going to be nothing like 7.1.5 where we had somewhat of a Holy Trinity of legendaries. Tearstone is definitely losing its place at the top, and Velens should be our all-round best in slot. After Velens (and probably Prydaz) we’ll see a broad middle tier where different fights favour a different legendary set. They’ve actually done a pretty good job with the buffs and almost all of them should find a fight in which they excel.

      Except the gloves. The poor poor gloves.

      • Meaho says:

        The gloves are incredibly strong in high M+. I absolutely love them. On trash pulls I aim to keep 2 Rejuv’s up on everyone, then if someone gets in an emergency Ironbark almost seems like Lay on Hands. With the recent changes to the shoulders, it will be much much easier to keep 2 rejuv’s up on everyone, so I am eager to test out the shoulders/gloves combo for M+.

  2. Duiden says:

    I have personally tried this combo with abundance and stonebark. It is extremely effective in M+ 48 second cd on ironbark.

  3. Decaiden says:

    Coming here, even if it’s only a few opinions, makes me feel a little better about having the shoulders and gloves. >_<

    • Meaho says:

      The shoulders are BiS at the moment (my opinion). But, to back up that opinion, look at the top 100 healing parses for each fight in Nighthold since 7.2. The shoulders are the new most used legendary. Once I get the legendary trinket, I’ll be dropping Tearstone and running shoulders/trinket.

  4. Smitty says:

    I currently have 8 of the legendaries.
    Sephuz’s Secret
    And trinket.

    The only 2 left is tearstone and Prydaz.
    All I want is tearstone.

    Guess whos gonna be farming nethershards.


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