Mistweaver Monk Stat Priority

Stats change in value depending on what content you are doing and how your spell distribution looks. I don’t have generic stat weights for you or a pawn string you can use. Anyone who does is misleading you.


Stat Weights TL;DR

Your gearing strategy should revolve around picking your highest item level pieces where possible. Our secondary stats are reasonably close together which means that getting more stats is more important than which individual stats you get.


So why is gearing for item level so much better than aiming for specific secondaries?

There are a couple of things that makes picking your highest ilvl gear a strong strategy. First, our secondaries are all close in value and your best secondary will often change from fight to fight. Furthermore, the more you get of any secondary stat the more valuable all of the others become. You also get a huge helping of intellect when you increase your item level and because your secondary weights are so close together this int increase outweighs everything else. Optimizing secondary stats is a small gain only and you’re usually better off spending your time improving your playstyle or looking through logs.


What about the Healer Stat Weights addon? Can I use that?

HSW is once again in development and you can trust it for Mistweaver stat weights. An update to include Essences is coming very soon. You can find a link to the addon and a full guide to it here on QE.


Stats in Mythic+

Gearing for item level is still the dominant strategy in Mythic+. Every stat is good, and Stamina is worth a premium. You get crazy amounts of extra health from higher item level gear and you’ll need it to survive your next Nettles or dodge-able cleave *cough*. Mastery notably doesn’t add any DPS value but it’s one of your strongest M+ healing stats. How you play is much more relevant than what you’re wearing.


Stat Quick-Facts

  • Intellect was our strongest stat at the start of the expansion but is now significantly lower. This tends to happen every expansion as we get far more intellect on gear than secondaries.
  • Each secondary stat goes up in value the more you have of the other secondaries, which lends further credence to picking your highest item level gear.
  • There are no stat caps or breakpoints to aim for.
  • Crit and Versatility both buff every spell in our kit. Haste increases the Healing per Mana of the following: Essence Font (HoT portion), Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist and Jade Serpent Statue. It also increases how much healing you can fit into any given window significantly.
  • Leech gives you significant self-healing when you heal other people. This improves the quality of your teams smart heals, keeps you topped up and scales well with the incoming damage of the fight. It’s value does vary depending on what you’re fighting. Orgozoa for example is a perfect fight for Leech because you’re almost never full health and the healing challenges of the fight are almost all AoE throughput. Rastakhan on the other hand has significant tank healing and low overall HPS. Leech still has some value here but you shouldn’t give up as much for it.

Enchants and the Rest

Flask: Greater Flask of Endless Fathoms.

Gems: Socket your highest stat weight. Crit is a decent general purpose gem if you’re not looking to min-max. You’ll want one 120 intellect gem and one 80 intellect gem (you can use both).

Enchants: Enchant whatever your highest stat weight is. If you’re a little relaxed on min-maxing then Crit is a safe choice. Your weapon enchant should be Machinists Brilliance but the Navigations aren’t too bad either if you’re looking for a cheap option while gearing up.

Potions: The BFA instant mana restore variant is the Coastal Mana Potion. You’ll mostly be using Potion of Replenishment which restore twice as much, while putting you to sleep for 10 seconds. Potion of Wild Mending aren’t worth your gold.


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